Things to Remember

I just wanted to jot down a few things Gwen is doing that I find cute/amusing/etc. I’m not doing the monthly updates with her anymore, but that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally mention the crazy things she does. Because I want to remember stuff. I have a feeling once her brother shows up, another fast-forward button is going to be pressed, time will fly and I won’t stop to appreciate the little things she does or I’ll just plain forget them (or when they happened). I already can’t remember when exactly she started crawling, for example. But I’m fairly certain I mentioned it in a post somewhere…so I can always look it up 🙂

Moving on!

*Walking- pretty big milestone, sure. But along with that came something pretty darn adorable. Ivor started it with her one night- asking her to hold his hand and walk down the hall with him, over to the stairs, to go up to bed. Now whenever it’s bedtime (or even nap time), I’ll ask her “are you ready to go upstairs for nap/bedtime?”….then she’ll grab my hand and start leading me down the hallway. Even CUTER though is when Ivor and I are both home, she’ll grab BOTH of our hands and want to walk with both of us. I can’t even stand how adorable that is.

*I taught her “cheers” recently (when you clink your drinking glass together with someone), and now she wants to do it all the time. Several times in a row (once is not enough for her, she thinks it’s hilarious). She, with her sippy cup of milk, and me with my mug of coffee. It’s a special thing we do in the morning.

*She likes to pick up trash/crumbs off the floor and hand it to me. I suppose I should be thankful she’s not eating it. But it makes me feel like I never vacuum. I swear I do! lol….but ya know….she makes messes faster than I can clean them up.

*Dancing- happening more frequently these days. The girl loves a good beat. She’ll stop whatever she’s doing when she hears music to get her groove on. Be it the “Go Go Go Go, on an adventure” song from The Cat and The Hat show on PBS Kids, the current pop hit on the radio, or any of Daddy’s songs…she loves it all!

And we just love the little person she is becoming…



Lifesavers (part 1)

Just thought I’d share a few of my favorite things. Things that have come in super handy during these first few weeks of mommyhood. I’m sure I’ll be adding more as time goes on.

For Mom:

Lanolin Cream– Couldn’t imagine life without it during the first weeks of breastfeeding. A little goes a long way. It’s super effective and safe for baby (you don’t have to remove it before baby nurses).

Soothie Gel Pads- Also for breastfeeding. Use them in between feedings for instant relief! Only drawback is that you have to wipe off any gel residue before baby nurses. Which is just a little annoying.

Erase Paste- My concealer of choice for the past few years. But after becoming a mom, WOW- what an amazing difference. It makes my sleep-deprived face look human again.  It’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way and lasts a very long time. It will forever be a staple in my makeup bag.

Fruit Bar Popsicles– I started craving these in the 3rd trimester and it hasn’t gone away since. I found comfort in these during my postpartum infection/fever. If you’re a coconut lover, try the coconut one. It’s all sorts of wonderful. Every new mom needs a favorite snack, this is mine.

 For Baby:

Avent Soothie Pacifier– this seems to be her favorite one. We try not to use it too often (only for sleepy/fussy times), but darnit, it works!

Swaddle Blankets– she loves it, sleeps better with it, and it’s easy to use for those of us who aren’t quite skilled enough to swaddle with a regular blanket (cause in the words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that!“)

CB Calendula Cream- love this stuff! Gwen developed some dry skin recently and a bit of cradle cap, and this stuff works wonders. I use it too for my hands. Gwen is cool with sharing.  Again, pricey, but goes a long way.

Snugabunny Swing and Bouncer– because sometimes she just needs to be in something other than my arms! She loves the vibration of the bouncer and the swinging of the swing (imagine that!). She prefers the swing when sleeping and the bouncer when awake. And most of all, she’s made friends with the little birds (she’ll stare at them intently, smile and try to talk to them…it’s adorable). It’s also super soft and gender neutral in color so we can use them again someday, should we ever have a boy.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more (eventually).

In other news, Gwen somehow managed to pee on her face this morning. How is that even possible?! It may have happened when I quickly tried to cover her lady parts with the diaper before pee got everywhere, causing a splash of some sort…in the direction of her face. But again I ask, ….how?!