Snapshots of Recent Days

Just a few photos on my phone that I like. Thought I’d share. Cause my family is cute.




And in case you’re wondering how I spend my evenings:


Every day I tell myself I’ll be productive after Gwen goes to bed. Get stuff done that I wasn’t able to get done throughout the day. But then, this happens instead. I have zero energy. My whole body hurts. I’m sleepy. So to the recliner I go. This is definitely the home stretch of pregnancy. Only 1 month left until my due date! Woooo! We just had a doctor’s appt. today and I’m already 2cms dilated, 50% effaced. Which is totally normal for 2nd pregnancies. It doesn’t mean I’m about to go into labor any day, but once I do start labor, things should move along fairly quickly. For me it also means that progress has been made- only 8 cms to go. And that knowledge helps me psychologically 🙂 2 cms down without laboring….I like that. Must keep up my walking routine (er, waddling rather). The doctor is predicting that he’ll be about 6-6.5 lbs based on her measurements today..which is kinda surprising. That’s smaller than Gwen was…and I predicted he’d be bigger. But who knows…it all depends on how long he decides to stay inside. We’ll find out soon enough!