A Gwen Update

The name of my blog was inspired by my fierce little daughter, Gwen. It’s from the Shakespeare quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” As she’s getting older she lives up to the title more and more 🙂 She’s doing and saying so many things lately that I don’t want to forget. So I’m going to take a moment and write down as many things as I can (though it really won’t scratch the surface) to sum up who she is at this moment.

I apologize now if the following seems very haphazard and random. We’re all sick with colds and I can’t formulate coherent thoughts.

Name: Gwendolyn Jane Griffiths

Age: 2.5

Favorite Foods: Berries, greek yogurt, bananas, apples, peanut butter, bread, avocados, cheese, black beans and rice- basically all things Mexican.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Super Why, Frozen, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Shrek, Sing-a-long Songs on Netflix

Things She Says (this is where it gets random):

“I got diapers for everyone!”- in the morning after she wakes up, she gets out of bed and gets diapers ready for when I come in. One for her, one for Ivor Baby (she’s not potty trained yet….we’re working on it)

“You’re so silly!”

“It’s so cute!”

“Gig girl bed!” – she’s now in a big girl bed, but confuses the “b” with a “g” most of the time

“Brush my teeth, wash my hands and SPIT!”- part of her bedtime routine, which isn’t actually in that order, but that’s how she says it every night (Spit comes after brushing teeth, obviously)

Whenever she’s really upset about something but can’t quite find all the words to express it, she just yells “I NOT!” or “I DON’T!”…just getting across the point that she has very negative feelings about something. Usually with a pouty lip, on the verge of losing it.

“Hey! I need kisses and hugs”

“It goes… ::insert sound effect or animal sound:: ….like that, mommy”

“I do it all by myselfs!” (she’s very independent these days)

When I say “no” to her, sometimes she responds with “NO?!!”, like she can’t believe I just denied her.

This morning she asked me where something was and I said “I don’t know”, then she responded with “What do you mean you don’t know??”

Other things she does: 

Picks out her own clothes in the morning, before I even come into her room. And she has surprisingly good style- everything always matches!

Puts stuffed animals in the high chair- and buckles them in.

Sings and dances with her microphone.

Kicks the soccer ball around and plays catch (she’s got a great arm, but needs a lot work with the catching part)

Plays puzzle games on the tablet.

Voice searches on YouTube for her favorite song “Wet it Go” (“Let it Go”…from Frozen…)

WUVS everything. “I WUV the dentist”….”I WUV cheese!”….”I WUV those pants” ….and so on and so forth

Enjoys playing with friends at MOPS and church.

Her favorite part of every playground is the slide. Over and over and over…and over again, she slides.

She likes to brush her hair and FINALLY lets me “do” her hair (pigtails, braids, etc.) without a fight.

Right before bed, when giving daddy hugs and kisses, she apologizes for bad things she’s done, and/or thanks us for doing something she enjoyed doing that day. I have no idea where that came from (we never really made her to do that as part of a nightly routine), but thank you Jesus!

She’s very much a leader and likes to tell people what to do. She’s passionate and feels very strongly about things. But she’s also a great encourager- which is a good trait for a leader to have 🙂

Don’t ever change, little fierce one!

DSC_9990 copy DSC_9991 copy

Dear Gwendolyn

You are 2 years old today! I can hardly believe how much you’ve grown since March 23rd, 2013 when you first arrived and turned our worlds upside down. From the very beginning you’ve been a passionate, spirited little thing. As you’re getting older and leaving babyhood behind, that loud & fiery personality is coming out even more. It can be quite a challenge sometimes for me and Daddy to reign you in, but we never want that spark in you to go away. You’ll learn, we hope, to use that passion for good someday and not evil 😉 But you have another side to you too, that’s sweet, caring, compassionate and polite.

You love your little brother and love to help me take care of him. You tell us when he’s crying. You bounce him. You give him his pacifier, and lots of hugs and kisses. You’re not a huge fan of sharing toys with him right now, but we’ll work on that. He is very lucky to have a big sister like you!

Speaking of hugs and kisses, you have made it your duty to ensure that Daddy always gives kisses to every member of our household before he leaves for work in the morning. “Ivor kisses!” “now, Mommy kisses!” “now, Gwen kisses!” and occasionally, “Mooltin (Milton, the cat) kisses!” Same at bedtime.

You’re going through a “helping” phase that I hope lasts a long time 🙂 You love to help me clean the floor after you throw food on it (sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally). You love to help me with laundry (handing me the clothes out of the laundry basket so I can fold them). You love helping Daddy cook in the kitchen (homemade granola is your specialty). And recently, you’ve even tried undressing your brother so that you could help change his diaper. Thankfully, you were caught in time.

Whenever someone coughs or makes a loud noise of some sort, you always ask with concern, “okay mommy?” (“are you okay?)

You’ve become a backseat driver. “Whoa daddy, whoa!” “Careful daddy, careful!”. I have no idea where you got that from…………………

You have very good manners. Sometimes you need to be prompted, but most of the time you say “please” and “thank you” all on your own.

You still love food. It’s very rare that you won’t eat something. However, the other day you did try some sushi for the first time (not w/raw fish, it was a California roll and a Chicken Teriyaki Roll), but you weren’t a big fan. You tried a few bites and then said “no fanks daddy, I don’t yike it” in the sweetest little voice. It was adorable. You then asked for celery and bell peppers instead (!) We’ll never force you to eat something you don’t like, as long as you at least try it first. Thankfully, you like most things, so we lucked out on that one with you 🙂

Speaking of your vocabulary and all the things you say, here are some of our favorites:

“Hmm lemme fink” while you place one finger on your chin.

“Oh yes! Great idea!”

“I poop everywhere!” ….at every single diaper change, whether you actually pooped or not.

“Fank you mommy, fank you daddy”

“Fank you God”


“Oh boy!!!”

“Meelk time!” (“meelk” = milk)

“My fav-a-wite cowor” about ALL the colors

“I jump in waah-er too-day”

“O-gain” (again)

“I kick a ball too-day?”

“Yay! I see ’em ah-fwiends!” (translation: Yay! I’m going to see my friends)

You love Daniel Tiger (borderline obsessed). Elmo. Puppies. Soccer. Playing with sticks and grass. Fishies and the ocean. Music (you memorize and sing along to songs, but you can sometimes get shy like mommy does when someone’s actually paying attention to you). You love to draw and color. You know the alphabet and can count to 20 *almost* perfectly (the teens throw you off sometimes). You know basic shapes and colors and so much more. We are so amazed by how quickly you’ve learned those things and how much you continue to learn every day. You are an amazing little girl and we love you very much!

Happy 2nd birthday Gwen!


Daddy, Mommy and Ivor Baby (and Mooltin)

gwen1stpic  906140_577803596502_675517651_ogwen21974321_611885690712_555809364_o1907387_623689785212_7938167824624969877_n10898134_645704986572_2776521092151811764_n13418_651765985282_1528999073895880558_n

Vacation Recap!

Our vacation week is (almost) over. It was partly a staycation to work on house projects and partly day trips. What family chooses to work on house projects during their time off?! We do 🙂 Keeping up with dishes and laundry is difficult enough for me with 2 kids. Decluttering and organizing is just impossible on my own (there’s never enough uninterrupted time!) So we took advantage of having Ivor home to get stuff done. And it actually made us happy. Seriously. I feel less anxious in a decluttered house. Toys are one thing, but our own clutter is just unacceptable and really does give me anxiety. Anyway, that said…we made a lot of progress downstairs. We still have to tackle our bedroom and closets, then we’ll be set. Oh, and the garage…but since that’s not a living space I don’t mind as much.

Anyway, moving on to the fun stuff!

We spent a day/night in Napa and tried out 2 new wineries. We ate at The Farmstead Restaurant because they have my favorite burger in the entire world. It’s a “farm to table” place, so every part of the burger is fresh. Homemade buns, fresh arugula, grassfed beef cooked and seasoned perfectly, white cheddar cheese, homemade mustard and ketchup. Basically, it’s the best thing ever. Gwen is also apparently a fan of the restaurant. Well, she’s a fan of food in general. So she was very good and kept asking for “mo”.

Then we tried out the wineries: Conn Creek and Alpha/Omega. The kids started getting a little antsy during the 2nd winery visit, understandably. So we left, checked into the hotel, and headed back out for dinner in downtown Napa at a place called Grace’s Table. Another fantastic restaurant. Really great food, and they were very welcoming of our 2 munchkins. Gwen had figured out by this point that the server is the one bringing the food (not mommy or daddy), so she started asking her (our server) for “mo please” (using both sign language and her own language). It was hilarious. Little Ivor had been sleeping most of the time but woke up and started screaming just in time to order dessert to-go!

I was really worried about staying in a hotel with a baby who hasn’t been sleeping through the night, but he surprised us and slept straight through, from about 9pm to 7am (whew!…I don’t *think* anyone complained about us). Although we were on the 3rd floor and whoever was below us might’ve complained about my toddler sprinting back and forth across the room at 7am. Sorry, 2nd floor dwellers! She’s hard to contain. Also, it was the first time we ever shared a bed with Gwen. Amazing how a tiny human can make a King sized bed feel like a twin….

We headed home Tuesday morning, worked on more cleaning and then went for a family run later in the afternoon. Running Update: my pace is picking up and I met my 3 mile goal! I think I would’ve been able to hang a bit longer if I didn’t start off so fast…need to work on pacing myself a bit more.

I digress.

Wednesday was our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Ivor and I had visited there a few years ago, before we had any kids. It wasn’t as fun then. We got there just in time for the Open Sea feeding. Gwen said “wow” at first, but then seemed to get grumpy/scared (it was kind of dark in there). But after diaper changes we moved on to some other exhibits and she really started enjoying herself. A lot. Her “wow”‘s got a lot more frequent and a lot more enthusiastic. She ran all around, bouncing from one exhibit to the next. Little Ivor thought the open sea feeding was pretty cool too. After a quick stop for lunch we headed home because they were both tired and cranky (slept the whole way home!)

Later that day we checked out the pumpkin patch right around the corner from us. They had hay tunnels, farm animals, a little train for kids to ride, and of course, pumpkins. Gwen was only interested in running around and watching the train. She didn’t care to see the animals (which was surprising), and she just viewed the pumpkins as running obstacles. But she had fun 🙂

The last part of the week was set aside for relaxing at home and getting projects done. And unfortunately, we got sick 🙁 Gwen was first, then me, now little Ivor. We all have annoying colds. Boo. But we’re thankful Daddy is home and taking good care of us.

Another huge bonus to having Ivor home this week was all the wonderful meals he made us. I took a lot of pictures and will post them with recipes eventually. Keep an eye out for those.

Overall, it was a great week with lots of sweet moments with the kids, amazing food, and house productivity. We so needed that time together. I wish it could last longer, but now we’re looking forward to Ivor taking the rest of his paternity leave in a few months. I’m already making plans!

1609758_637387025832_2268333228962716808_n 10395827_637387275332_435591847504736092_n

18-Month Update (Gwen)

Our Gwendolyn is a year and a half old now! She keeps us on our toes, keeps us entertained, and of course tests our patience on a daily basis. It’s a very challenging time, but it’s a lot of fun too. She’s learning so much every day. Using more words. But usually not pronouncing them correctly. She has something against the first letter of every word for some reason. She just leaves it off most of the time. Except for “more”…she says “mo” …and it’s adorable. But if you happen to hear her repeating “ass” over and over again…please know that she is not referring to her behind, or insulting you. It’s just how she pronounces any word with an “s” sound in it (pacifier, house, mouse, horse, etc.) We’re working on that.

She loves her little brother a lot. When he cries, she says “uh oh!” and goes over to him to cover him with a blanket, or try to put his pacifier (“ass”) in his mouth. She gives him kisses unprompted and says “hey lil guy!” She also tries to make him laugh by tickling him (like she sees me do). But she also pours water on him sometimes and let’s him know who’s boss (she’ll jabber with attitude while pointing her finger at him). He just smiles at her.

She’s recently learned how to climb furniture. So we’ve had to toddler-proof yet again. She’s all over the place.

She’s at the top of the growth chart for her age. She must get that from Ivor’s side of the family. Since I’m the tallest female in my family (and I’m 5’4…heh)

She still eats everything. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t wake up one of these days and decide she doesn’t want to eat anything anymore. I was reading somewhere that a lot of babies/kids need to be exposed to a new food 15-20 times before they’ll eat it. Gwen eats it the first time. We are so lucky! Here’s hoping little Ivor is the same way.

Happy 18-months little girl 🙂 We love you and your spunky personality so much!

DSC_0016 copy

Playground Newbie

Staying home is easy. I like it. No rushing around to look  presentable and get somewhere on time. I can stay in my pajamas. Be productive (sometimes) with chores, etc. Not worry about schedules and fitting in whatever “out of the house” activity we’re doing around said schedule. But then after awhile I feel like a bad mom for keeping the kids inside all day. Especially  now that Gwen is super mobile, with lots of energy. She needs to run, explore and socialize with other kids. So, I’m making an effort to put on my real clothes and get out of the house more often (and not just to go to the grocery store). But actually attend the playgroups I get invited to that I’ve been avoiding for so long. In my defense,  Gwen’s naptime was always during these playgroups. And then I had another baby. And well, I haven’t felt like doing a whole lot because I’m exhausted most of the time. But today, we went to a playground. With other moms and kids. I RSVP’d “maybe”, allowing myself the opportunity to back out, but I actually showed up. Progress!

Here is what I learned:

1. It’s stinking hot. Where is the cool Fall weather, California????? What gives. I miss PA during this time. You’re not helping me get out of the house with this heat….

2. Always remember to bring sunscreen for your extremely fair-skinned child.

3. Gwen is more interested in the wood chips, bark and dirt than the actual playground equipment.

4. She loves to walk right in front of, or behind, moving swings. But refuses to get in one.

5. She occasionally seems interested in the other kids, but is totally content wandering around and exploring on her own.

6. She likes to snoop in other people’s diaper bags and play with other kid’s toys without asking (we’re working on the whole possession thing, “this is yours, that’s his, you need to ask to use something if it belongs to someone else, etc.”…but she is only 18 months old.

7. Wearing a baby in an Ergo while chasing a toddler around the playground, in this HEAT, will cause major boob sweat. And stomach sweat. All around sweat.

8. It is a little difficult to have conversations with the other moms while trying to keep an eye on your toddler, while she’s running behind/in front of swings, eating wood chips, snooping in other people’s bags, etc.

BUT, I’m glad we did it. And we’ll do it again. Gwen had so much fun, and she was pooped by the time we got home so she took a fantastic nap! That alone is reason enough to do it, right?

And she’s just so darn cute. I love watching her explore and check things out 🙂


Life with 2 Under 2, So Far

Now that we’ve got 3 months under our belts and we’re starting to get into a routine, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on things.

The other day I was thinking about the emotional breakdown I had right after finding out I was pregnant with little Ivor…when Gwen was just 6 months old. SIX MONTHS. Mind you, hormones and emotions while pregnant are not to be trusted. Everything seemed worse than it really was. Everything was heightened. I was a crazy person, not gonna lie. But I was terrified. It wasn’t that it was going to be hard, it was going to be IMPOSSIBLE. Thankfully, those thoughts didn’t last long and I was able to quickly change my attitude and start enjoying my pregnancy and looking forward to the new little life entrusted to us. I look back on that breakdown now and laugh.

Here we are now, almost a year since I saw that positive test (October 4, 2013…I’ll always remember the day!) Is it hard? At times, yes. Of course it is. But impossible? No. We’re surviving. And some days, even thriving! We have many days of dirty dishes and backed-up laundry, seeing more toys on the floor than carpet, dried up milk spots and leftover lunch scraps on the dining room floor. All while kids are screaming in the background. But then we have other days where the house is clean (it does happen, it does…I’ve just had to accept that it doesn’t last long), the kids are happy, we’re all well-rested and we survive a trip to the grocery store. I have to admit, that was one of the biggest hurdles (in my mind at least) that we have overcome. The first trip out of the house, alone, with both kids.

For awhile it was just logistically difficult. The only way it works is to have one kid (Ivor) in the Ergo and the other (Gwen) in the cart. I could’ve used the double-stroller but the basket isn’t big enough for any worthwhile food shopping. So wearing one and pushing the other makes the most sense to me. But until Ivor was big enough to fit in the Ergo without the infant insert, I avoided it. It’s been an extremely hot summer so baby-wearing isn’t a lot fun. And that insert made him even more hot, and he was so tiny he’d curl up into the fetal position, burying his head in my chest, and sweating like crazy. I was convinced he wasn’t breathing. So I didn’t go out until I could safely wear him in the Ergo without that blasted insert. And right now it’s working perfectly for us. Gwen still loves sitting in the cart and hasn’t tried to protest, preferring to walk/run around the store.

I time the trip so that they’ve both eaten and had a diaper change RIGHT before leaving the house. Ivor just sleeps peacefully in the Ergo and Gwen is her usual happy, friendly, loud self when we’re in the store. I make a list and stick to it, so I’m in and out quickly. The only minor issue we’ve run into is going through the checkout line, sometimes Ivor starts to get antsy (he prefers constant motion while being worn. If I stand around for too long he’s not happy). But at that point, I’m on my way out of the store and I don’t really care. Also, he spit-up right down my shirt once as we were walking into the store. But the beauty of the wearing him is that no one else could see it 🙂

Anyway, I say all this to say: there are challenges and hurdles, but you figure it out. You just do what you have to do, because you have to. No one else will do it for you (unless you have that kind of money, we don’t.) And the confidence you gain when you accomplish those things keeps you going and gets you over the next hurdle. I say to myself “hey, remember that time when you thought going to the store alone with the kids was impossible…well, you did it…you can do this too”.

This life with 2 under 2 really isn’t AS difficult as I thought it was going to be. It didn’t help that I read horror stories all over the internet when I first found out about little Ivor. Seriously, the first Google search I did resulted in one of those Yahoo Answers. A woman asked something like “I’m pregnant again right after having my first baby, what do I do? Any tips??” and the “best answer” was “don’t ever do that again.”

Seriously? How is that even remotely helpful???

Sorry. I get annoyed by those kinds of people. Especially after having encountered one directly (read about that here).

So let me be the one to encourage you if you find yourself in my situation (first of all, don’t listen to those internet trolls who will try to scare you, or condemn you). Having kids close together is not just do-able, it can be really enjoyable too. I think of all those other moms who have 3 under 3, or even 4 under 4, and they’re getting along just fine and wouldn’t have it any other way. Our homes may be full of chaos, but it’s a happy chaos. And I know it’s cliche, people say it all the time, but seeing your kids interact and play together “makes all those difficult times worth it”. It really does.

Gwen is starting to interact more with Ivor and it just melts my heart 🙂 I see them and think, “wow, what a blessing it is to have a sibling/playmate”. By having them close together, we’ve given them someone to grow up with, play with, fight with, scheme with, learn from, protect, defend, and love.

IMG_20140905_093638 IMG_20140905_093319

There’s really a lot more to say about this and I’m sure I’ll write more posts. This is just a summary really of what life is like. There’s the whole jealousy issue we’ve dealt with, figuring out a daily routine, having 2 in cloth diapers, bedtimes, what do I actually do when BOTH kids are crying at the same time, how DOES any cleaning get done, etc. Stay tuned!


Gwen’s Language

Gwen is 17-months old now and her vocabulary is suddenly exploding. She’s learning new words every day it seems, and speaking in sentences that SOUND like they make sense, to her anyway. Like she’s getting the hang of this “conversation” concept. I just wanted to take a moment to write down all the words she says, some correctly, some in her own little language 🙂

Words she says correctly:

Daddy (well, “daaa-eeeey”…but close enough)
Hi (also means “bye” according to her)

Words she says incorrectly (and what they really mean):

Aff (bath)
Ack (snack)
Wawa (water)
Ock (sock)
Hop (help)
Dis (this)
Ook (book)
At (for both cat and hat)
Ot (hot and out)
Gee (cheers!)


der ee is! (“there it is”, or “there he is”)


boo! (for peek-a-boo)
*gasp*, complete with gasp face, when something exciting is about to happen (like the Cat in the Hat coming on TV, or daddy getting home from work)

She’s still using sign language occasionally for “please”, “milk”, “thank you”, and “sleepy”.

I think that’s all of them. It’s been so fun to watch her learn new things and grow into a little person. It’s an extremely challenging time, with all the meltdowns and whining and screaming and crying, BUT it’s also a time of crazy growth and exciting new things. The talking in real words thing is just blowing my mind. Because just last year she was a tiny little baby that cooed and babbled (like her little brother), and now she communicates with me. With words. How does that happen so fast!?

Tonight she grabbed a book off the shelf and sat in her chair. It was daddy’s book on Biblical Eldership, lol. Once she realized there were no pictures, she lost interest 🙂



16 month update (Gwen)

I don’t give very many official updates on Gwen anymore but every once in awhile I just have to write down the things she does. Because she’s awesome. And I want to remember it.

Shoulder shrugging. Recent development. Sometimes it’s a double shoulder shrug, conveying something like “whatever…it’s cool…nbd mom”. Other times it’s a single shoulder shrug, shoulder touching her chin, with a sneaky smile like, “yeah…I’m cute…and I’m going to get away with whatever I just did that you may or may not know about.”

Being in the water. She’s always loved bath time, but swimming in pools and rivers is not quite the same thing. I was nervous about how she’d like it, but she loves it.! After being in the River for awhile last week she decided she had no fear, and actually tried swimming away from me! What?! No. Not yet grasshopper.

Kissing her brother unprompted and going over to him whenever he’s crying. She won’t say “baby” or even attempt to say “Ivor”….instead she calls him “Da-Da”. Not to be confused “DAA–EEEYYY” (which is “daddy”, she just doesn’t pronounce the 2nd d sound).

The facial expressions. A new one every day. Lord help me when she starts talking in real words and sentences. The girl has things on her mind and opinions to express!

Sitting in her chair and crossing her feet while she “reads” to herself. Books are her favorite.

Running. She gets her little arms going, leans forward ever so slightly and it’s the cutest sight ever. Until she crashes into you and her very hard head hits your shin, because she doesn’t have enough control to stop herself in time. Ow.

She’s growing up and developing a little personality that challenges and inspires me. She is fierce. She is passionate. She is full of life and energy. She is my Gwendolyn and I love her so!






Embracing the Crazy

Today was the doctor’s appointment. Gwen’s 15-month checkup and Ivor’s 1-month. Big Ivor was at work. So I was on my own with both kids. It started off well:



Look at her, sitting there all happy and content eating her snack during her brother’s part of the visit.

I wish I could say she stayed this happy the whole time.

Once the doc left the room after Ivor’s exam and I started getting his clothes back on, Gwen decided to hop off the chair and start exploring the office.


Then when the doc came back in for Gwen’s portion of the visit, little Ivor started screaming his head off. So first I tried rocking his carseat with my foot, while trying to hold Gwen still and keep her from opening drawers, pulling things off shelves, etc. all while attempting to listen to what the doc was saying. He still screamed. She still squirmed. So then I decided to pick him up and hold him while the doctor examined Gwen. She was less than cooperative for most of her exam. Swatting away the doctor’s hand, thrashing her body all around, screaming. Especially when she got her shots.  I had switched out little Ivor for Gwen at that point, so he was back in his carseat screaming, and she was in my arms screaming, while the nurse poked her with a needle.

Then I got them both strapped into the double stroller and out we rolled through the lobby, with every eye on us. Thankfully it’s a pediatric doctor’s office, so everyone there was a parent and “got it”. Still couldn’t help but feel like quite the spectacle though lol.

All that to say, it didn’t upset me or stress me out (surprisingly). Was it fun? No. Would I want to do it again? No. But we survived. And I don’t have unrealistic expectations of a toddler and a newborn in a doctor’s office getting poked and prodded.

The scene in that office is my life now. Sure, it’s a little crazy. But instead of fighting it or letting it ruin my day, I’m embracing it! We have lots of great moments (yesterday’s church outing, for example, couldn’t have gone smoother!) Right now they’re both content and quiet, allowing me to write this post.

Gwen has started *attempting* to say “I love you” (after you say it first). And little Ivor has started smiling at us.

As someone recently said in a comment on a friend’s facebook page about having kids, “yes, my hands are full, but my heart is fuller.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!




2 Weeks, No Sleep

I had forgotten certain things about having a newborn/baby. Yes, Gwen is still my baby…but she’s more of a toddler now. And her toddler activities and the whole pregnancy thing made the last year a blur. So as I’ve been spending the past few nights awake with a tiny human feeding off of me ALL NIGHT, wondering what in the world was going on…it became clear and I remembered those pesky things called…growth spurts. Brief periods of time during a baby’s first year that they act like they’re STARVING and need to eat 24/7. Growing is a good thing. Meeting milestones is a good thing. I get that this needs to happen and the result is good. But for a nursing mama it’s kind of an exhausting process. As my toddler and my husband snooze away at 3am, I’m awake…sitting up in bed with a baby on my boob. Hoping that maybe THIS time when I lay him back down he’ll actually sleep for longer than 1 hour. A solid hour is all I ask for at 3am. Is it too much to ask?


It goes by quickly. It goes by quickly.

Fortunately at his 2-week check up this morning it was confirmed that he has indeed grown. He’s up to 8 1/2 lbs now and 21 1/4 inches long. His head is bigger too. Always reassuring. I’ll be taking BOTH kids in for a check-up in about 2 weeks. It will be Gwen’s 15-month and Ivor’s 1-month. It will likely be the first time taking them somewhere by myself too as that day is also (big) Ivor’s first day back to work. Waa. Pray for me.

Aside from the lack of sleep, we are doing well. He’s such a sweet, handsome little guy. He loves to cuddle and poop in clean diapers 2.5 seconds after I put them on him. When he’s awake, he’s very alert and looks all around and studies faces and objects. He makes lots of funny faces and noises (grunts and squeaks). He doesn’t seem to be phased at all by his sister’s loudness. Speaking of, Gwen has started giving him kisses! I melt.

Also, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has brought a meal to us. We appreciate it SO much! I especially love when these meals include cookies…and wine. Seriously, it’s the best ever. THANK YOU 🙂