Vacation Recap!

Our vacation week is (almost) over. It was partly a staycation to work on house projects and partly day trips. What family chooses to work on house projects during their time off?! We do 🙂 Keeping up with dishes and laundry is difficult enough for me with 2 kids. Decluttering and organizing is just impossible on my own (there’s never enough uninterrupted time!) So we took advantage of having Ivor home to get stuff done. And it actually made us happy. Seriously. I feel less anxious in a decluttered house. Toys are one thing, but our own clutter is just unacceptable and really does give me anxiety. Anyway, that said…we made a lot of progress downstairs. We still have to tackle our bedroom and closets, then we’ll be set. Oh, and the garage…but since that’s not a living space I don’t mind as much.

Anyway, moving on to the fun stuff!

We spent a day/night in Napa and tried out 2 new wineries. We ate at The Farmstead Restaurant because they have my favorite burger in the entire world. It’s a “farm to table” place, so every part of the burger is fresh. Homemade buns, fresh arugula, grassfed beef cooked and seasoned perfectly, white cheddar cheese, homemade mustard and ketchup. Basically, it’s the best thing ever. Gwen is also apparently a fan of the restaurant. Well, she’s a fan of food in general. So she was very good and kept asking for “mo”.

Then we tried out the wineries: Conn Creek and Alpha/Omega. The kids started getting a little antsy during the 2nd winery visit, understandably. So we left, checked into the hotel, and headed back out for dinner in downtown Napa at a place called Grace’s Table. Another fantastic restaurant. Really great food, and they were very welcoming of our 2 munchkins. Gwen had figured out by this point that the server is the one bringing the food (not mommy or daddy), so she started asking her (our server) for “mo please” (using both sign language and her own language). It was hilarious. Little Ivor had been sleeping most of the time but woke up and started screaming just in time to order dessert to-go!

I was really worried about staying in a hotel with a baby who hasn’t been sleeping through the night, but he surprised us and slept straight through, from about 9pm to 7am (whew!…I don’t *think* anyone complained about us). Although we were on the 3rd floor and whoever was below us might’ve complained about my toddler sprinting back and forth across the room at 7am. Sorry, 2nd floor dwellers! She’s hard to contain. Also, it was the first time we ever shared a bed with Gwen. Amazing how a tiny human can make a King sized bed feel like a twin….

We headed home Tuesday morning, worked on more cleaning and then went for a family run later in the afternoon. Running Update: my pace is picking up and I met my 3 mile goal! I think I would’ve been able to hang a bit longer if I didn’t start off so fast…need to work on pacing myself a bit more.

I digress.

Wednesday was our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Ivor and I had visited there a few years ago, before we had any kids. It wasn’t as fun then. We got there just in time for the Open Sea feeding. Gwen said “wow” at first, but then seemed to get grumpy/scared (it was kind of dark in there). But after diaper changes we moved on to some other exhibits and she really started enjoying herself. A lot. Her “wow”‘s got a lot more frequent and a lot more enthusiastic. She ran all around, bouncing from one exhibit to the next. Little Ivor thought the open sea feeding was pretty cool too. After a quick stop for lunch we headed home because they were both tired and cranky (slept the whole way home!)

Later that day we checked out the pumpkin patch right around the corner from us. They had hay tunnels, farm animals, a little train for kids to ride, and of course, pumpkins. Gwen was only interested in running around and watching the train. She didn’t care to see the animals (which was surprising), and she just viewed the pumpkins as running obstacles. But she had fun 🙂

The last part of the week was set aside for relaxing at home and getting projects done. And unfortunately, we got sick 🙁 Gwen was first, then me, now little Ivor. We all have annoying colds. Boo. But we’re thankful Daddy is home and taking good care of us.

Another huge bonus to having Ivor home this week was all the wonderful meals he made us. I took a lot of pictures and will post them with recipes eventually. Keep an eye out for those.

Overall, it was a great week with lots of sweet moments with the kids, amazing food, and house productivity. We so needed that time together. I wish it could last longer, but now we’re looking forward to Ivor taking the rest of his paternity leave in a few months. I’m already making plans!

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