Pregnancy Story #1

We decided to start trying to have a baby after about a year of marriage. Honestly, we would’ve started sooner if our circumstances would’ve been different. But we spent the first year living in chaos with major house renovations (definitely not baby, or pregnant lady friendly). Along with those major renovations came financial difficulty. But God provided us with an opportunity to get out of that situation…in a really big way: a job offer in California! It wasn’t an easy decision leaving all of our friends and family, but ultimately we decided it was the best decision for us and our future family. So we moved in July of 2011 and officially “stopped preventing” pregnancy.

After a few months, and no positive pregnancy test, I decided to start paying more attention to my cycle to figure out the best timing of things. Turns out my cycle was pretty unpredictable so I started using ovulation test strips. That way each month I would know exactly when I ovulated. I did that for about 3 months before finally getting a positive pregnancy test in early April 2012. So that’s about 8-9 months of trying before success. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in a very early miscarriage called a blighted ovum. We didn’t find out until my first doctors appointment at 6 weeks when we saw an empty sac on the ultrasound. It was devastating and I will never forget that day. April 24, 2012. My body never started to miscarry naturally so I ended up having a D&C procedure. I could’ve waited it out until my body caught on and started eliminating things naturally…but I don’t think I would’ve handled that very well emotionally. So that’s why I chose the D&C. I’ll also never forget that day, or the pain of the procedure, even though it was very minor. April 30, 2012.

We were told to wait 1 cycle before trying again. It took awhile for my body to get back to normal and it felt like the longest wait of my life. I was still an emotional wreck and devastated over the loss, but I knew I wanted to try again as soon as we could, despite the fear of it happening again. I don’t feel like we rushed through the mourning process at all. Even today, I still mourn the loss. But knowing that we could try again so soon gave me hope. So, we did. And on July 21, 2012, I saw this….


Pregnant! After our 1st attempt post-miscarriage. I was in shock. Seeing those words on that electronic pee stick filled my stomach with butterflies- just like it did the first time I saw it. Excitement, joy, but this time, also fear. “Will this one last?”

I spent the first trimester in fear basically. Each doctors appointment made me nervous- especially the very first one. I barely held myself together that day. But we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw a sac with our little peanut inside, and a strong beating heart! It was the most amazing moment ever. Pretty sure I cried.

We found out at 18 weeks that our little peanut is a girl.┬áNow, here we are in the home stretch- about 2 months away from meeting her! (at least as I type this right now). It’s been a pretty uneventful pregnancy- in a good way. We don’t want “events”. All our doctors appointments have gone well. Her heartbeat is great. She’s very active in my belly and I’ve been feeling great, for the most part. Heartburn and trouble sleeping is the worst of it. I’m about to get a lot bigger so I’m sure I’ll be feeling a lot more discomfort. Now we just wait and pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl!

Stay tuned for her birth story!