Trunk Club Women’s Review #2

My 2nd Trunk has arrived and I’m so excited to share it with you! If you missed the first one- check it out here. As I mentioned in the first review, Trunk Club has been exclusive to men until just recently. They’re in the very early stages of their women’s offering, so I’m going to hold off for a bit before I do my official Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club post. It’s only fair that I give them a chance to work out the kinks before putting them up against the already-well-established Stitch Fix 🙂 I will, however, post a review of what they’ve got going on for Men (with the help of my husband). Stay tuned for that in the near future!

 *UPDATE* I’ve now published the Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club post and you can read it here!

For now, let’s move on to the goods. I asked my stylist for fall boots and other random Fall apparel. What I received is a good mix of weird things that aren’t my style at all (my stylist is still getting to know me, I’ll give her a pass), and holy-crap amazing things!

Trunk Club Women's Review

I’ll start right off with the boots. They are Frye boots. I’ve been lusting after Frye boots for years now but they’re so dang expensive I’ve never took the plunge. And then they arrived on my doorstep.

Item 1: Melissa Button Riding Boot (FRYE)

Trunk Club Melissa Button Frye Boots

These are gorgeous boots. They are 100% real leather. Super high quality and will last a long time (at least from what I’ve heard on reviews I’ve read). If I were to buy these, I would wear them every day until the end of time to get that “price per wear” number as low as possible. Because these cost A LOT of money. And I was certain I was going to keep them and finally make the Frye investment (I tried them on and they fit perfectly and comfortably). However, once I saw the pictures of them on me (you’ll see that I’m wearing them in every picture below) I wasn’t crazy about they way they looked. Much like the booties from my last trunk, I like the front view, but not the side view. It seems like they’re too big for me. I think I need a boot that’s more “sleek” and closer fitted to my foot and leg…if that makes any sense. For the price tag on these, I need to be 100% sure that I love them. And right now, I’m still on the fence!

Item 2: Ex-Boyfriend Plaid Shirt (MADEWELL)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This is a typical flannel. It’s soft, it fits nicely and it’s a classic red plaid print. However, I just got a flannel from Target for much cheaper and I don’t really need anymore of them in my wardrobe at the moment. If it would’ve been cheaper I might’ve considered keeping it though (can’t hurt to have 2 flannels I suppose!)

Item 3 and 4: Ottoman Knit Crewneck Sweater (CECE BY CYNTHIA STEFFE) and Diana Stretch Skinny Jeans (KUT FROM THE KLOTH)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's  Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

I love the color of this top and the fit is good. And by “good” I just mean it fits the way it’s supposed to- short. Which I don’t like. It felt like I was wearing something that shrunk in the dryer. In the “preview” I got of this trunk, the model is wearing this with a high-waisted skirt, so I guess the shortness can work with high-waisted bottoms (but I don’t really have any of those). It has texture and stretch to it, and again, I like the dark green color a lot.  But the price was NOT right for a fairly plain-looking short shirt. Not a keeper.

The jeans are great. They are super soft and well-made. But I already have 2 pairs of dark-wash jeans in my wardrobe. Also, they fit more like a straight-leg than a skinny jean, which isn’t a bad thing. But I wouldn’t wear them with boots (like I did in all these pictures).

Item 5: Stripe Crinkle Sweater (STATESIDE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

Not sure what’s going on with this shirt. It’s not a flattering fit, it’s wrinkly on purpose and way too expensive. Definitely not a keeper.

Item 6: Side Zip Sweater (HALOGEN)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This sweater isn’t really my style. It doesn’t help that I kept the brown riding boots on of course. This would look better with black skinny jeans, black booties, and a black leather jacket or something. Regardless of how it’s styled though, I just don’t like it. That gold isn’t a good color for me and the fit is a little boxy. The side zipper is kind of cool though.

Item 7: Rib Knit Tunic (TROUVE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

Not much I like about this sweater other than the color. It’s too long (not crazy about tunics). The slits on the side and on the sleeves are just weird. Not digging it.

Item 8 and 9: Petite Sleeveless Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater (VINCE CAMUTO) and Petite Alina Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans (NYDJ)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

First of all, I’m apparently petite…because both of these “petite” items fit me perfectly. I’m 5’4 by the way (I guess that’s borderline petite?) Anyway! I love the color of this top a lot. It fits me well and it’s really soft and comfortable. But I do not like turtlenecks. I love the idea of a mustard-colored sleeveless shirt though (to wear under a cardigan or…I don’t know, a black leather jacket!)

Not sure if the pants pair well with the shirt but I gave it a shot anyway (and you’ll see them in the remaining pictures below). These pants are incredible. They fit like butter (If butter were something you might wear on your legs…) I love the color! Burgundy skinny’s have been on my wish-list, so these might just be keepers. It all depends on what else I want to keep and how much $$ we’re willing to spend.

Item 10: Double Layer Crewneck Sweater (TOPSHOP)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This is a very boring, unremarkable navy blue sweater. It has a cream-colored line around the neck. And it’s soft? No thanks, too plain. Not worth the money.

Item 11: Reversible Plaid Vest (MADEWELL) 

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

I like this vest. I love the black and white plaid (definitely my style). It’s not really warm though, very lightweight (unlike the vest I just kept from my last Fix, which is much warmer). The name claims it’s reversible and the inside pockets would suggest the same. However, there’s a very big obvious tag that would be visible if you reversed it. Soooo, I’m not sure why you’d do that. Overall, not worth the price tag, especially since I already own that awesome vest from SF 🙂

Item 12: Drape Collar Leather Jacket (TROUVE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

And here’s the black leather jacket I’ve been hinting at! I mentioned to my stylist that I really wanted a black or brown leather jacket. I’ve pinned several of them and have been wanting one for a long time. This one right here is 100% real leather. It’s super soft, lightweight, and I love the zipper detail on the sleeves. It has a drape front, with a single closure (which I discovered later and had to take a picture of…with a flannel shirt on of course) 🙂 The price tag, however…………… as bad as the Frye boots 🙁 I don’t need this badly enough to pay that kind of money. I can hold out for a faux leather jacket that’s way cheaper and I’d be okay with that.

This next one though…………….

Item 13: Suede Leather Jacket (BLANKNYC)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's

…I am obsessed with. This one is 100% suede leather, but the price is more reasonable than the black one. So keeping this is actually a possibility. Mostly because I’m not sure I can part with it. The outside is soft, but it has a ruggedness to it. It’s heavier/warmer than the black one. I love the color. I love the zippers. I love everything about this jacket. I can forgive all the other weird tops that my stylist sent me, just because of this jacket.

Lastly, the accessories. 3 Scarves!

Item 14: Softest Knit Infinity Scarf (MADEWELL)

Trunk Club Women's

I really love this scarf. I love the color, I love the fabric and I love the infinity-ness. However, I’m sure I can find a similar one that’s less expensive. I’ve mentioned before that I’m okay paying more money for certain things (like boots or suede leather jackets, for example), but not accessories.

Item 15: Jacquard Stripe Scarf (HINGE)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's

I love the colors in this one a lot. It’s really well-made (the fabric seem durable and something that won’t easily snag). But… I don’t know what to do with all that fabric! It’s basically a blanket. So I took really awkward photos trying to figure out how to wear it (enjoy!) The price wasn’t terrible but since there other items in this Trunk that I love and want more than a scarf, I’m not keeping it.

Item 16: Textured Stripe Travel Wrap (HALOGEN)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's Review

I like this scarf better than the big blanket one. It’s a reasonable length and easier to manage 🙂 I like the neutral color, albeit a little boring, but I’d probably wear it a lot. Once again though…I have my eyes on other items in this trunk and can only spend so much money, so I don’t need to keep this.

Thus concludes Trunk #2! What do you think? Seriously, I need input because I’m still deciding!

The items currently on the table are:

Frye boots
Burgundy skinny jeans
Brown suede leather jacket

If you had to keep just one of those items, which would you pick? Am I being too picky about the boots? I may need to try them on again with different outfits and take pictures at different angles before I make my decision.

Man, it’s a good thing Trunk Club gives you 10 whole days to decide. I think I’m going to need all of them.

*Just a heads-up: if I end up keeping all 3 of the items I just mentioned, there’s a good chance I’ll be taking a Stitch Fix AND Trunk Club hiatus for awhile, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing. I’d just miss writing these reviews 🙂

Comment away, people. Go!

*Disclaimer: I receive nothing from Trunk Club or Stitch Fix for writing these reviews. These are my honest opinions about the service and items I receive and I pay for everything with my own money (or referral credit). Speaking of, this post does contain referral links. If you sign up for either service using my link, I do get some credit (which is greatly appreciated of course!) but don’t feel obligated. It’s fun trying on clothes for all of you! 

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Stitch Fix #15

Usually I jump right into the items I received, but just in case you’re new to my blog, or haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet- I want to give a quick overview of what it is and how it works.

In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women that mails a lovely box of clothes to your doorstep every month (or however often you’d like)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account & fill out your “style profile”. This includes your sizes, style preferences, and a whole lot more.
  2. Choose the date you’d like to receive your fix. A personal stylist will hand-select 5 clothing/accessory items for you based on your style profile/requests/Pinterest Board (if you have one, and you should). You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee when your fix ships. But the fee will be credited towards your purchase if you buy anything from the fix.
  3. Try everything on at home. Use items already in your wardrobe to make outfits and determine whether or not your fix items will be a good addition to your closet.
  4. Buy what you like, return the rest (free shipping!) You have 3 days to make your decision. Once you know what you want to buy, checkout online and send the other items back in the pre-paid mailing bag included in your fix. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!
  5. Leave detailed feedback. Let the stylist know what worked and what didn’t so you’ll get better fixes in the future (or continue to get awesome fixes if they nail it on the first try).

15 Fixes ago, I started the process of replacing my entire wardrobe through this service. Going from “juniors” clothing that didn’t fit well or were falling apart, to more age-appropriate, sophisticated clothes that do fit and aren’t falling apart. I’ve received a few duds here and there. But overall, “Operation: New Wardrobe” is a complete success! At some point I should probably stop, but today is not that day 🙂 There are still a few specific items I’m on the hunt for, and the whole process is just too much fun to give up!

So for fix #15, I requested a long pendant necklace and items to transition into the Fall season with. I even updated my Pinterest Board with fall colors, including scarves, vests, boots, sweaters, flannels, etc. etc. My stylist definitely nailed the “comfy cozy” theme for this fix! Unfortunately the actual weather in California hasn’t received the memo -_-

Stitch Fix Review

Item #1 and #2 Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top (MARKET & SPRUCE) and  Cecily Chevron & Fringe Pendant Necklace (BAY TO BAUBLES)

Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top

FYI- my husband took the photos so I just had to include the totally candid shot above (I have no idea what he said, but I clearly didn’t approve) Anyway! I’ll start with the top: I love everything about it, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin it. It’s a soft delicate knit top, which tends to snag easily (I have a history…) But I love the way it fits and looks. It’s thin, lightweight and a beautiful fall color- burgundy! If I save this top for occasions when I’m not with my kids, I might be able to keep it in good condition. But even then, there’s no guarantee! Are snags easily fixed? I don’t know. Not sure I want to take the risk. I could be convinced though.

As for the necklace: I love the length and the style a lot. But….the color of the gold makes it look really cheap. I’m a little disappointed. All the other jewelry items I’ve received seemed to be a much higher quality. Since it’s not a must-have item right now,  I think I’ll hold out for a better one in the future. But I do like it a lot, it’s really a beautiful piece (I need to stop looking at the picture before I change my mind….)

{Also pictured are the Sophia Skinny Jeans from Fix #5}

Item #3 Bralie French Terry Asymmetrical Cape (MYSTREE)

Bralie French Terry Asymmetrical Cape Bralie French Terry Asymmetrical Cape

First of all- who knew fashion capes were a thing? I didn’t. A cape! I love that this is a cape. But it has sleeves, so it’s basically a cardigan (especially when it’s open). I like this a lot, but would prefer it in a different color. I saw it in olive green on someone else and was hoping I would get the same one. It’s insanely comfortable and warm. The inside is soft and fuzzy . It’s like wearing a blanket (but WAY more fashionable than the Snuggie) If not for the color, this would be a definite keeper!

{Also pictured is the Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace from Fix #10 and  Connely Skinny Jean from Fix #7}

Item #4 Shara Herringbone Vest (41HAWTHORN) 

Shara Herringbone Vest Shara Herringbone Vest

I looooooove this vest! I’ve seen vests floating around on Pinterest and decided I needed one for myself, so I pinned a ton of them. I saw this particular vest on other Stitch Fix bloggers before (though in black/white, not grey), so I’m thrilled to have my own now. It’s the perfect “fall transition” item, adding a little extra core warmth on a chilly day. It pairs well with my chambray (pictured) and would also look good with a plaid shirt, or a long-sleeved striped top, etc. So many outfit possibilities with this one! Keeper for sure.

{Also pictured is the Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace and Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top, both from Fix #10 and Connely Skinny Jean from Fix #7}

Item #5 Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf (LOOK BY M)

Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf

This is the first time I’ve requested a scarf from Stitch Fix. I have plenty of scarves and used to wear them all the time. But the ones I have aren’t really my style anymore, so I’m trying to change it up a bit. I love plaid and I love infinity scarves, so this really should be a keeper. However, I peeked at what Trunk Club is sending me this week, and they’re sending me 2 scarves that I like a little better than this one :-/ So this is probably going back. If money weren’t an issue I’d just keep all of them.

{Also pictured is the Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top from Fix #10 and Connely Skinny Jean from Fix #7}

I’m at the point now where I’m starting to be more picky with what I keep, now that I have a pretty solid wardrobe I’m happy with. And the addition of Trunk Club forces me to be pickier too (lest I go broke!) So I’m okay with only keeping 1 or 2 items from this fix. What do you think? The vest is a 100% keeper. But I could be convinced on the others. Let me know what you think 🙂

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Trunk Club Women’s Review #1

Welcome to Trunk Club Women’s Review #1! If you’re a reader of my blog you probably know that I’m a big fan of Stitch Fix– a style service for women. After I gave birth to baby #2, I looked in my closet and realized that none of my clothes fit anymore, and the ones that did were falling apart. I was a juniors department shopper at Target and I figured since I was pushing 30, with 2 kids, my style needed to better reflect my current stage of life (not in a boring “mom” way with boring clothes…just a more mature, sophisticated, non-juniors way). The idea of having a personal stylist pick stuff out for me and deliver it to my doorstep  (instead of lugging 2 kids to the store and into a dressing room) is really appealing to me. So I gave it a shot and haven’t looked back since. I have a new wardrobe that I love, filled with cute, trendy, sophisticated, high-quality clothing.

Now, there is another similar service that exists called Trunk Club. Up until now it’s been exclusive to men. Ivor has been using the service for the past few months and has loved it. I highly approve of his new wardrobe (he needed a new wardrobe because he lost 50ish pounds since moving here). Since he is a loyal customer, we got the inside scoop that they were about to launch women’s, and I was lucky enough to be one of the firsts to try it out! At first I said “no…there’s no need…I have Stitch Fix”. But then I realized that Trunk Club offers something that Stitch Fix does not (at least not yet)…SHOES.

Sign me up!

Trunk Club Review

I’m not going to compare and contrast the 2 services just yet…maybe I will sometime in the future. For now, I’d just like to share my first “trunk” with you and my opinion on all the items I received. The one thing I will mention though is that you’re not limited to 5 items….they send you a crap-ton of stuff:

Trunk Club Womens Review

And it varies every trunk.

This is dangerous.

Let’s get on with it! I’ll start with shoes 🙂

Dolce Vita ‘Kadie’ Bootie (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Dolce Vita'Kadie' Bootie (Nordstrom Exclusive)

I love a good “bootie”. I’ve pinned several of them (they look at your Pinterest board too, like Stitch Fix), but these aren’t *quite* my style. And for the price tag, I need to LOVE them. The pros- they are crazy comfortable and I love the soft black suede. I can tell they’re well-made and would last a long time. But I’m just not a fan of the shape of the boot. I’m picky, I know. It’s the way I feel about Uggs and Crocs. Sure, they’re insanely comfortable….but they are NOT flattering to one’s foot. These aren’t nearly as bad as Uggs and Crocs of course, but it’s the same idea. And again, I’m not dropping the $$ on something that I’m not crazy about. And these ain’t cheap.

Vince Camuto Sleeveless Pleat Front V-Neck Top and Vince Camuto Petite Flat Front Cuff Stretch Cotton Shorts (Petite) (also pictured are the booties from above)

Trunk Club Womens Review

Yes and yes! You’re looking at the winning outfit (the only 2 items I’m keeping…sorry, that was a spoiler). I really needed shorts and these fit perfectly. They’re black, so a “neutral” that will pair well with a lot of things. They also seem to be high quality. And the top I just really really like and didn’t want to give back 🙂 Side note: I do like the way the shoes look from the front and with this outfit….but it’s the side view I don’t like (I told you I was picky).

Vince Camuto Pleated Halter Style Blouse

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

This is not my style at all. There’s a chance (a small chance) that if it were a different color I might like it better. But I’m not digging the orange. Also, the bra strap thing. I mentioned in my last Stitch Fix review that I hate switching bras for different tops, unless the top is worth the effort. This one? Not worth it.

KUT from the Kloth ‘Catherine’ Boyfriend Shorts (Joyful)

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

I had high hopes for these shorts. I’ve heard that this brand is good stuff and I’ve been wanting a pair of denim shorts all summer, but these fell short for me. They were too loose in the waist, the roll cuff isn’t permanent..meaning they can easily unroll which would drive me crazy and I’d constantly be worried about them not being the same exact length. And overall, they felt a bit too tomboy-ish/not flattering. Maybe if they were a tad shorter in length. I suppose I could roll them up higher, but then the cuff would be thicker and that would not look cute. So these are going back.

KUT from the Kloth ‘Jessica’ Chambray V-Neck Top

Trunk Club Womens

Short story: I already have a chambray top that I love and it’s way cuter than this one.

Gibson Sleeveless High/Low Top

Trunk Club Womens Review

I like the color and the fabric on this top, but I didn’t like how long it was. Also, it’s kind of plain and I already have plenty of sleeveless tops. This isn’t special enough to keep.

Let’s go back to shoes, shall we? 🙂

Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Bootie

Trunk Club Womens

Same deal with other bootie- the shape. Ugh. I so wanted to like these- love the color and suede, but… no. I took better pics of what they look like on:

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

Front view- yes. Side view- no. Just not me.

Now, THESE on the other hand….

Vince Camuto ‘Court’ Ankle Strap Sandal

Trunk Club Womens Review

Holy hotness I love these heels! I don’t think I’ve put on a pair of heels since I’ve become a mom (seriously). It felt GOOD to wear these. But only “good” in the “makes me feel like a smokin’ hot, fierce woman with these on” good. Sadly, they were not comfortable and I could barely walk in them. It’s true that I’m a bit out of practice, but I have worn comfortable heels before (well, the kind that are comfortable ENOUGH to walk in) so I know they exist. While these heels are sexy, falling over and twisting my ankle while trying to walk in them is very NOT sexy. Also, they were a tad too big. But I’ll always have these pictures to look back on….

Trunk Club Womens Review Trunk Club Womens

Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace and ‘Elle’ Drop Earrings

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

I actually really love both the necklace and the earrings. I’ve been wanting a long pendant necklace like this one, but it’s just too much money. I’m willing to spend more money on certain clothing items and shoes, but not accessories. So sadly they’re going back.

1.State Colorblock Mock Neck Top

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

Not a fan of the high neckline- felt like it was choking me. Also didn’t like the sheer bottom that you could see my belly through. The back looked cool though.

1.STATE Floral Print Top

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

Two things came to my mind when I tried this on: table cloth and curtains. Not a shirt I’d ever wear. Not at all flattering. Returning.

1.STATE Sleeveless Peplum Top (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

The floral print isn’t terrible on this one, but it was waaaaaayyyyy too small. I’m not sure how I got it on without ripping it, especially since it had zero stretch to it. So, too tight…too short. I did kind of like that bottom “ruffle” part of it though. The fit/cut is unique.

Topshop Sleeveless Drape Blouse

Trunk Club Womens Review Trunk Club Womens

I actually liked this blouse a lot, but it’s too see-through. Another color and I might’ve considered keeping it.

Caslon Petite Drawstring Linen Shorts

Trunk Club Womens

I don’t know why I keep getting sent these loose, elastic waist shorts. Stitch Fix has sent me 2 pairs and I’ve returned both. Must be a new trend…but I’m not on-board. I do not like them Sam I Am.

NYDJ Petite ‘Catherine’ Linen Blend Bermuda Shorts

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

These are wrong in so many ways. I don’t know what else to say other than “not my style”.  Not at all.

And finally, the last pair of shoes…

Tory Burch Canvas Espadrille

Trunk Club Womens

Trunk Club Womens Trunk Club Womens

Again, these just aren’t me. I love flats, but I’m not really into the canvas shoe trend. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day. But today, these are getting returned.

Whew, that’s everything! What did you think? See anything you like? Want to try it out for yourself? You can get on the waitlist by signing up here! Or if you’re a guy and want to try it out, sign up here (no waitlist!)

Stitch Fix #14 (and the keepers from #13)

If you haven’t heard, Ivor and I had a pretty rough month last month (his bike accident and our 2nd miscarriage). Right in the middle of all the crap that was going on, Stitch Fix #13 arrived (literally the day we got home from the hospital). It was the least exciting of all my fixes and not because of the clothes. It was just because of circumstances surrounding its arrival. Turns out, even a box of new clothes isn’t enough to cheer one up in the midst of suffering. I tried everything on for Ivor, he gave me his opinion and I quickly sent back all the items we didn’t like. I didn’t take pictures or write a review. I just wasn’t in the mood for such trivial things.  However, I’m in a better place mentally/emotionally now so here I am, back to writing clothing reviews. Before I jump into the most recent fix (#14), I did snap a few pics of what I kept from the last box (#13).

Tessa Lace Detail Dress (Le Lis)

Tessa Lace Detail Dress Tessa Lace Detail Dress

I pinned this exact dress (have I mentioned how much I love that the stylists actually look at my Pinterest board?) It was a winner as soon as I put it on. It’s a great fit. The fabric has some texture to it and a little stretch. I didn’t think I’d like the pleats on the front but I do. Classic black and white means it can be dressed up (with heels and fancy jewelry) or dressed down (with a denim jacket and flats). The lace detail on the back is the cherry on top. Love this dress!

Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt (Loveappella)

Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt

I requested another maxi skirt this fix and as usual, when I ask, I receive (most of the time). I think the print is really cool and I don’t have anything like it. In typical maxi-style, it’s insanely comfortable. I do need to find more tops to wear with it though (besides a plain black tank).

The other items I received (that I returned): a baby blue cardigan with some lace detail on the shoulders (it reminded me of a nightgown so it had to go), a maxi-dress that I just didn’t love enough to keep for the price, and a sweatshirt-material top, again with lace detail on the shoulders (but the way the sleeves were cut made me look really broad on top).

Ok, moving on to fix #14!

Item #1 and #2: Jaye Cutout Shoulder Top (THML) and Elea Cuffed Short (Level 99)

Jaye Cutout Shoulder Top Elea Cuffed Short Jaye Cutout Shoulder Top

These are both getting returned. I’ll start with the shorts: loose and baggy (not my style). And the only thing I like about the top is the colors. The cut-out thing on the shoulders is just weird. And I’d have to wear a different bra with it…since the cut-outs are exactly where a normal bra strap sits on your shoulder. Boo. I don’t like switching bras to work with certain tops, unless I LOVE the top enough to put in the extra work lol.

Item #3 and #4: Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top (FUN2FUN) and Adorra Skinny Jean (Just Black)

Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top

I’m a little torn on the top. I like the style/fit/cut, not sure about the colors though (navy/orange). It’s blousy and lightweight. It has the high-low hemline, which I like a lot. But I’m not sure if I love it enough to keep it. The jeans, of course, fit like a dream. Hard to tell from the pictures, but they’re super dark blue/navy. Hard to say no to a good pair of jeans!

Item #5: Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan (Renee C) 

Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan

Another exact pin received! This cardigan is a keeper for sure. I dig the open-drape style and I like the neutral grey color. It’s something that’s been missing from my wardrobe and will definitely get a lot of use.

So that’s that! What do you think? I’m definitely returning the first 2 items (weird cut-out top and loose shorts). I’m definitely keeping the cardigan and the jeans. I’m a “maybe” on the sleeveless striped top.

Sidebar: While I love Stitch Fix and remain loyal to them, I recently signed up for another “clothing subscription”-type of service, Trunk Club! They just launched women’s clothing (up until now they’ve only been a style service for men). While I certainly don’t need to spend more money on clothing, I DO need some good, high-quality, comfortable shoes! And Trunk Club offers shoes!! I received my first trunk and will be writing a review soon, stay tuned 🙂


Stitch Fix #12

Happy Anniversary Stitch Fix! We’ve been together for 1 year and I couldn’t be happier. To celebrate, you sent me one of the best boxes yet! Yep, another 5/5 keeper. I’ve made plenty of requests over the months, pinned specific things that I wanted you to send, and you’ve always delivered. This month was no exception. I asked for light wash denim- got it. I asked for a very specific cardigan- got it. Last month I asked for a specific top that I had pinned- wasn’t available last month so I got it this month. There was a pair of shorts you sent several fixes ago that I loved but were too big, so you sent them to me in a smaller size. Seriously, you rock Stitch Fix. I think we should stay together.

Stitch Fix Review

Item #1 and #2 : Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top (Pixley) and Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short (Dear John) 

Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top  Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top  Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

First, the top: I requested this after I saw someone post it on their instagram. I’ve been really into polka dots lately and thought this was kind of adorable, especially with the tie-waist. I knew I had to have it. So I basically begged my stylist to find it and send it to me immediately. It wasn’t available last month but I got it this month! It lived up to my expectations. It fits. It’s versatile- being black and white it can be dressed up or down, and worn with any color bottom you want! It’s sleeveless so great for summer, but can also be worn with a cardigan. Absolute keeper.

Next, the shorts: I received these a few fixes ago and they were too big. I let them know that this particular brand (Dear John) seems to run big on me so they made a note to send me a smaller size and here they are! A different color than last time but I don’t care. I really like these! Obviously the smaller size fits much better this time around, the color is very spring and summery and I certainly don’t have anything like it. In fact, besides athletic shorts, these are now the only pair of shorts I own that fit me. So I’ll be getting a lot use out of them! Keep.

Item #3: Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan (Pixley)

Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan  Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan

I requested this specific cardigan because I haven’t been having very good luck with what they’ve sent me in the past. I saw this on another Stitch Fix reviewer, in hot pink, and it looked fantastic on her. Also, as my stylist pointed out in her note to me, I was sent this before in white (in my very first fix a year ago) but wasn’t crazy about it, pretty sure it was too big and I generally avoid a lot of white because of the kids. Anyway, it’s a bit wrinkly right out of the box so it’s not photographing well.  BUT it is a very soft, light-weight material and black color makes it pretty versatile. I don’t currently own a black cardigan, which is a closet staple in my opinion. It looks a little better with the outfit below. And it’s not too expensive so it’s definitely worth keeping. Also…POCKETS.

Item #4 and #5 (and #3 again):  Marlow Crochet Back Detail Top (19 Cooper) and Lillian Crop Skinny Jean (Level 99)

Marlow Crochet Back Detail Top  Lillian Crop Skinny Jean Lillian Crop Skinny Jean\

I’ll start with the top: LOVE the color and crochet detail you’ll see below. But when I first put it on I thought “ugh! not another floaty top!!” It is indeed floaty. I typically do NOT like that and always send them back. But for some reason..I was kind of digging this one. And the more I looked at it, and the pictures, the more I like it.

And finally, the jeans. I requested light-wash denim (because its the only wash I don’t have and I really like it for summer). These jeans are the most expensive item they’ve ever sent me. But dangit…they do jeans right. Seriously. The best fitting jeans I’ve ever owned are from Stitch Fix, and these are, once again, amazing. Just like the others I’ve kept. They’re ridiculously soft. High quality. Fit perfectly. And definitely worth keeping since I like everything else in the box and will get the “buy 5″ discount! I wear my Stitch Fix jeans all the time, so again…”price per wear!!” 🙂

Here’s another look:

Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top  Marlow Crochet Back Detail Top  Marlow Crochet Back Detail Top Lillian Crop Skinny Jean  Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan Stitch Fix Review



Flying With Kids/Philly Trip 2015 Part 1

I wanted to share our experience flying with kids for the first time, and a general overview of our trip to Philly. It’s way too much for just one post, so here’s the first one!

First up, Flying With Kids.

In the months leading up to our trip, I asked for several recommendations from other parents, researched blogs/Pinterest/etc. for all the tips on flying with kids. The idea of it was giving me anxiety (you hear horror stories of babies on planes and people giving you that look when they see little kids on the flight), so it helped me a lot to go into it prepared (or at least FEELING prepared) to be THAT family.

Car Seats or No Car Seats?

The first thing we had to decide was if we were flying with or without car seats, if we were checking them or bringing them on the plane, and if we were going to get Ivor Baby his own seat (or have him as a “lap child”). I follow a facebook group on car seat safety pretty closely and the recommendations are always to have babies secured in a restraint system while on the plane. You might think “will it really make a difference if the plane crashes?” Well, maybe not. But it’s not just for a worst case scenario, sometimes really bad turbulence or a rough landing can cause lap babies to become projectiles. Maybe it’s rare, but I’d rather err on the side of caution. And the thought of holding a squirmy baby (even my adorable cuddly baby boy) for almost 6 hours in an uncomfortable plane seat, isn’t super appealing. So, we decided he’d get his own seat on the plane, in his car seat, even if it did cost us extra money. Someone also recommended it to me (especially for their very first trip) so that they’d be in something familiar and feel more secure. I liked the sound of that. And so, that’s what we did. We brought both car seats on the plane with us. We got them through the airport by attaching them to each of our carry-on suitcases with these straps (that someone recommended to me). Note: we didn’t use them as strollers. I pushed Gwen in a single umbrella stroller (that we gate checked), and I wore Ivor Baby in my Ergo. Ivor carried all the luggage.

A quick review of the straps (this comes from my husband, who’s the one who had to deal with it): “Great idea, horrible execution”. They worked (we made them work). But they could’ve been designed so much better.




Things we brought on the plane to occupy/pacify the kids:

*Pacifier and blanky for both of them
*Tablet with a few movies downloaded and some episodes of Gwen’s favorite show, Daniel Tiger (she didn’t watch any of the movies, but repeated the same DT episodes over and over…)
*Headphones for Gwen to wear while using the tablet
*New books (that we waited to show her until we got on the plane- “new and exciting things! yay!”)
*WaterWow color books
*Sticker book
*Snacks, snacks, snacks
*Food pouches for Ivor Baby
*Sippy cups and water

Note: You can bring “reasonable” amounts of liquids on the plane for babies (milk, formula, baby food, etc.) Just make sure you let the TSA agents know you have it when you get to security and show it to them. They say to only bring what you would reasonably need for the whole flight. So, don’t go crazy or anything.

The Worst Parts

Overall, I can’t complain that much. The kids were troopers. Both travel days were loooong. So there were inevitably a few rough spots here and there. But God sent me another toddler in the Philly airport screaming and thrashing like a maniac being carried sideways by her dad, to make me feel a little better about my situation 😛 Isn’t that horrible? Ivor and I looked at each other like “see…it could’ve been a lot worse”. Don’t judge…you know you do it too. For the record, I didn’t judge them….I thought “Dude, I’m sorry…been there” right alongside my other thought of “glad I’m not there right now”.

So, the rough spots that I can recall: they had to take Gwen’s blanky and water bottle away to go through the scanner at security (she had been holding them). I read about that and forgot. Oops. She melted down a little and yelled at them “hey that’s Gwen’s!!!” But that whole process was faster than I thought it would be (yay for the expedited family line!) The TSA workers were really helpful, understanding, and of course, wanted us to move along as quickly as possible.

Boarding the plane. Ugh. By far the most stressful part of both flights (there and back). We discovered that our car seats are too wide to fit down the aisle of the plane. So Ivor had to take them off of the suitcase and carry each one of them to our row (the flight attendants helped him with this on the way TO Philly, but on the way back they just stared at him like “sucks to be you”). Then he had to figure out how to install them in the seats.  Meanwhile, Ivor Baby was tired of being in the Ergo so he was freaking out, and Gwen just wanted to run to the back of the plane and explore. So both times the kids had zero patience and loudly expressed their frustrations. It only lasted a few minutes probably, but it felt like 30, at least. I thought that was setting the tone for the rest of the flight, but thankfully the flight itself was pretty smooth.

On the way there (to Philly), both kids were really great during the flight. Ivor Baby slept for the first hour or so. Gwen watched lots of DT. The only major fussing was by Gwen at the end of the flight. She had JUST fallen asleep right before we started to descend. So she was just cranky in general. I was prepared with pacifiers, snacks and water for the descent (things to chew/suck on to help with their ears popping) and that seemed to work.

On the way back (to CA), Gwen was really scared of the take-off part. I’m not sure how she missed it during the first flight, but she was pretty terrified this time :-/ Ivor Baby was also super cranky in the beginning of this flight. I gave him lots of food, then he took a nice long nap. Gwen also napped mid-way through the flight. It was glorious. It was really exhausting having to constantly hand her things, fix the tablet (because she loves touching the touch screen and turns off her show as a result), etc. Ivor and I tag-teamed a bit. Especially when she started kicking the seat in front of her (!)


Perhaps there were people annoyed by the fact that we brought 2 very small children on a plane, but no one was rude enough to say it out loud. In fact, we experienced quite the opposite. People offered to help carry stuff. Some commented with admiration saying how brave we were, etc. The couple that Ivor sat next to on the way to Philly actually stayed and waited with us until the whole plane de-boarded to help us with the car seats. Faith in humanity, restored. And overall, I can’t believe how well the kids did with all of the traveling, especially on the way TO Philly. The President went and caused a ruckus at the airport the day we arrived (he was in Camden that day or something), so we sat for AN HOUR on the plane, after it landed. Just sitting there. Then once we got into the airport, there was a sea of people in the terminals. A SEA. Moving at a snail’s pace. It was hot. And there were people. Not moving. And I had been up since 4am. Then we had to go to the rental car place to pick up our car. I won’t mention names, but you certainly get what you pay for. We went with a cheaper company, and they were extremely incompetent. We reserved (in advance) a certain size vehicle and when we got there, it wasn’t available. So they “upgraded” us to a smaller vehicle. Gee, thanks. And it took them forever. And the girl working there told us we had a Prius waiting for us, “it’s right over there” she says. No, there was no Prius. It was a Ford something or other. “Oh yeah, that one” -_-

Anyway….The kids held it together way better than I did. They are my heroes.


Stay tuned for Part 2: A Summary of “Flying with Kids” and a recap of the trip (the part that happened between the flights) 🙂

Stitch Fix #11

Came home from our trip today to a wonderful little Stitch Fix box with my name on it 🙂 Of course, instead of unpacking and doing laundry I decided to immediately try on my clothes, take pictures and write this blog post.

If you’re keeping track (or, reading the title of this blog post) you know I’m on fix #11 already! If you’d like to see fixes 1-10, look here:

Fix 1
Fix 2
Fix 3
Fix 4
Fix 5
Fix 6
Fix 7
Fix 8
Fix 9
Fix 10

And that brings us to 11.

This month I requested “summer staples” (shorts, tanks, a maxi dress or skirt and a lightweight cardigan for cooler nights). My stylist delivered all of them! However, there are a few I’m not so sure of…so I’d love your input!

Stitch Fix Review

Item #1: Vernon Back Strap Detail Top (Papermoon)

Vernon Back Strap Detail Top Vernon Back Strap Detail Top

Papermoon and I get along well. I think I’ve kept almost every Papermoon top I’ve been sent. I really love this tank. The plaid look with the “denim” pocket is super cute and casual. It has a high-low hemline (pretty common with Stitch Fix tops I’ve noticed). I LOVE the back straps. And I like that I can wear a regular bra with it and you can’t see the straps (I requested no spaghetti straps and they listened!) I’ll wear this a lot. Keeper for sure!

Item #2: Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan (Olive & Oak)

Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan  Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan

I need opinions on this one. My initial impression is that I don’t like the style of it in the front. It has that “cable knit” thing going on that I’m not crazy about. Seems a bit “old” to me. However, the sheer back is definitely cool and NOT “old”. So I’m torn. I don’t really like the way the front fits. I prefer the “open” cardigan style that drapes and hangs lower in the front on the ends, if that makes sense. I’m not crazy about the cream color. It would, however, go with a lot of different outfits…but I’d kind of prefer a different color I think. Leaning towards returning….but I’ll keep an open mind about it.

Item #3:  Jesse Maxi Dress (Loveappella)

Jesse Maxi Dress

This dress is soooooo comfortable (crazy soft fabric). The print is cool and I like the color a lot. It’s a great casual summer dress. Not much else to say about it other than: keeper.

Item #4: Enna Short (Skies Are Blue)

Enna Short Enna Short

We’re striking out with shorts, Stitch Fix. Sigh. These ARE adorable. The stripes, the bow, the little cut-out detail thing on the front, etc. But I’m not a fan of the baggy, loose-fitting shorts. Not on me, at least. On another body type, these would probably look great. It has a nice elastic waist in the back (so it kind of reminds me of the shorts I put on my toddler lol). Returning.

Item #5: Favio Split Neck Top (Fun2Fun)

Favio Split Neck Top

I requested a specific white/black polka dot top and sadly they didn’t have it this month, so they sent me this instead (which is similar…sort of). I was unsure of this one when I first put it on. Something about the loose sleeves and split-neck ruffle thing….I wasn’t really into it at first. However, it is growing on me. It gives it a feminine feel. And speaking of “feel”, the fabric on this one is really soft too…so that’s a plus in the “pros” column. Since it’s black and white and “ruffle-y”, I could easily dress this up. Probably keeping this one. Since it’s also pretty inexpensive.

So that’s that. What do you think?? Should I return the shorts and cardigan? Those are the 2 I’m not really sold on. Here’s another look at all 5 items:

Enna Short Enna Short


Kolla Mixed Material CardiganKolla Mixed Material CardiganJesse Maxi Dress Vernon Back Strap Detail TopFavio Split Neck Top

Don’t forget, if  you’d like to give this is a try and you use my referral link to sign up, I’ll get $25 credit towards a future fix! To give you an idea of how beneficial the referral program is, I have $100 to put towards this one! Woot!

Stitch Fix #10

We’re into double-digit fixes now! Woohoo! Stitch Fix number 10.

No time for small talk today, sorry.  Let’s get right on into this fix.

Stitch Fix Review  DSC_4976 copy


Item 1:  Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace (Bancroft)

Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace

Well, this is a statement necklace for sure. I’m usually drawn to smaller, more dainty necklaces. This says “BAM I’M WEARING A NECKLACE. LOOK AT IT!”. Not that it’s a bad thing. I kind of want to have at least 1 statement necklace in my collection. But, is this it? What do you think? It’s neutral enough to go with a variety of different outfits and you can adjust the length for different necklines. So I like that about it. But I don’t know if it’s really my style or how often I’d wear it. Need to think on this one….

Item 2: Kadyn Dress (Gilli)

Gilli Kadyn Dress  Gilli Kadyn Dress  Gilli Kadyn Dress

This is another dress they sent to wear for the wedding I’m going to in a few weeks. Much better than the last 2! This is super comfy, stretchy, light, and casual enough that I can get more use out of it. Pretty sure this one’s a keeper! I paired it with the necklace above. Not sure how I feel about it. I’d probably wear the necklace from my last fix with this. Thoughts?

Item 3: Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt (Margaret M)

Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt  Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt  Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt

I was surprised to see a pencil skirt in this fix. I don’t have many occasions to wear such an item. If I were still working in an office, yes. But not so much as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. They sent it as another option for something to wear to the wedding. And I do LOVE it. I love the print, the color and it fits great. But other than the wedding, and date nights, I’m not sure where else I’d wear this. So is it worth the purchase? Ugh. I don’t know. I really like it.

Item 4: Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse (41HAWTHORN)

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse  Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse  Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

They suggested pairing this top with the skirt. The colors totally work. I’m not sure if I tucked it in properly lol…this type of outfit is totally new to me. So I put on my favorite jeans with it and felt much more comfortable 🙂 This top is a keeper. I’m a sucker for the coral color. And it has so many little details that make this somewhat plain-looking blouse a little more special. The buttons, the shape of the hemline, the ruching at the sleeves, etc. It’s light. It fits. I see myself wearing this a lot.

Item 5:  Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top (Mavi)

Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top  Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top  DSC_4968 copy

I had about 10 of these on my Pinterest board so I was pretty pumped to see one arrive in this fix! Yes, the “Chambray” is a current trend. And I jumped on board. I just love the versatility of it. And THIS one in particular is awesome. If only you could feel how soft the fabric is. It’s glorious. It has a little stretch to it which is always good. I love it with black skinnys. It could also go with my red skinnys. To me, it’s a wardrobe staple and will get a lot of use. It’s a great layering piece too. Keeper keeper!

So what do you think? What should I keep? I’m on the fence with the necklace and the pencil skirt. The necklace because of the style/look of it. And the pencil skirt because of it’s usefulness to me right now. Help me decide!!

Here are the style cards for this fix:

Gilli Kadyn Dress Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse





Tips for a Successful Fix

I said I wasn’t going to write one of these posts. Because plenty of other “stitch fix bloggers” have written a post like this and they all basically say the same thing (at least the ones I’ve read). BUT, if mine is the only blog you read (about Stitch Fix), and you’ve signed up for it based on my recommendation, I want to make sure you have all the information you need to have the best chance of getting really great fixes.

So, here we go!

Stitch Fix Tips


How to get your best fix:


1. Thoughtfully fill out your style profile, and update it as often as necessary. The style profile is pretty comprehensive. It includes your sizes, style preferences, how often you dress for certain occasions, things you’d like to avoid, and so much more. But if you’re like me, your preferences might change after awhile. So go back and update it! I mentioned in one of my most recent reviews that I wanted to start receiving jewelry. Up until then, I noted in my style profile not to send any. So I changed it and started getting jewelry.

The style profile also has pictures like this:


The top picture is very much my style. It’s said “love it” from the very beginning. The bottom picture is the “edgy” style. I used to have “hate it” instead of “like it”. But I’ve become a bit more daring after several fixes and I’m willing to try the occasional “edgy” piece now. So I’ve updated that. I like that you can customize your fixes in this way.


2. Create a Pinterest Board just for Stitch Fix. You can link directly to it from your style profile. I remember when Pinterest first came into existence a few years ago. I created a “style” board that was basically my dream wardrobe. I thought “man, I wish all these clothes would just magically appear in my closet!” Well, Stitch Fix has (basically) made that happen! This board gives the stylist a good visual of what I like to wear (or what I want to try). You can even pin Stitch Fix-specific items (which I recommend). For example, you can pin any of the pictures I’ve posted in my reviews if you like them. Read other Stitch Fix reviews and pin their pictures. A good place to find them is on Instagram or Twitter (search #stitchfix). Or follow Stitch Fix’s own Pinterest Board and pin from there. I’ve received exact items that I’ve pinned, or something very similar. A few fixes ago the stylist mentioned in her note to me (they send you a personalized note with every fix), “I noticed a lot of mustard-colored items on your Pinterest board…”…and so she sent me a sweater in that color. They do look at your Pinterest board and do their best to come close to what you’ve pinned. So take advantage of this! Here’s a sneak peek of my board:




3. Give very specific feedback after every fix. When you go to “checkout” online, they will have each item from your fix listed there. And under each item, you can indicate what you thought about the size, price, style, and fit/cut. There will also be a “comments” box where you can type in exactly what you liked or didn’t like about it. DO THIS. Don’t just say “I didn’t like this sweater”. Say, “It’s too boxy. The fabric is itchy. It was too expensive. The color isn’t very flattering on me, etc.” If you like something, don’t just say “I liked this.” Tell them why. “I loved this color on me. The cut is flattering for my body type. The fabric is super soft. This is comfortable and easy to chase my kids in, etc.” This will help them pick out better items for you in the future. Don’t be afraid to offend a stylist. If they totally bomb a fix and you hate everything, tell them exactly why so they can make it better.

check out


4. When you schedule a fix you can leave a note for your stylist. This is another opportunity for you to mention what you like or don’t like. I’ve mentioned in mine, “please don’t send super loose-fitting tops anymore. I have a small frame and it just looks like I’m drowning in those shirts.” This is also where you can make requests, like “please send a box with lots of fun colors and prints”, or “I’m going to a wedding in a few months, can you send me a dress?”Or, “I really like the Corina Striped Dolman Top on my Pinterest board. If it’s available in my size I’d like to get that!” When you make super specific requests like that one, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it (might not be available that month in your size, etc.) But they do try, so it’s always worth asking!

note to stylist


5. Be willing to take a risk! There were certain styles  I was dead set against in the beginning. But I’ve gradually developed more of an open mind. I’ve received several items now that I would’ve never picked out for myself in a store. I saw it in the box and immediately thought, “well, that one’s getting returned”. Until I tried it on. Always try it on! Ask for someone else’s opinion if you want. My Facebook friends and my husband have helped me decide on items that I was “on the fence” with. But don’t freak out if you see something in the box that’s not “your style”. Try it on. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you still don’t like it, that’s fine. But at least give it a fair chance. I like when my stylist takes a risk and sends me something that’s a little out of my comfort zone. It’s hit or miss. But when it hits, it usually becomes my favorite item in my whole wardrobe 🙂 For me, it’s these bright red skinny jeans (that I would’ve returned had it not been for others, especially my husband, telling me to keep them).

Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse


6. Style your items. One of the perks of having clothes delivered to your house, and having 3 days to decide on what you want to keep, is that you can look at what you already have in your closet to see how it all fits together. They don’t send you a box with 5 items that make a complete outfit. There’s usually at least 2 items they’ll recommend pairing together, but for the most part you’re getting 5 separate items, usually a good mix of basics and statement pieces (unless you’ve made specific requests). Take your time to figure out how you’ll wear each item, what you’ll pair it with, etc. Will you get a lot of use out of it? Or is it just going to hang in your closet? Know it’s potential before you make the purchase. If you’re used to shopping for clothes at Target or Kohl’s (like me), the price tag on these items may come as a shock. So I’m always thinking about the “price per wear” (thank you, Stacy London of What Not to Wear). In my opinion (and Stacy’s), if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it and it’s high quality (therefore lasting longer), the price is worth it.


7. If all else fails, contact Customer Service! If you’ve done all of the above, repeatedly asked them to NOT send you polka dots, but they keep sending you polka dots anyway, write to them and let them know ( I’ve had a good experience with them so far when I had a problem with one of the items I received. They were responsive, understanding and did what they could to make it right. I contacted them just this morning actually to let them know that a particular brand seems to run big (at least on me). First, they looked to see if they had a specific item I liked in a smaller size (the shorts from my last fix). Sadly, they didn’t have it. But they made a note to send me a smaller size in that specific brand in the future. They value their customers (and want your business of course) so they’re going to do what they can to make you happy. So let them know how they can do that.


Well, that’s it! Those are my best tips. For those of you who have tried it, would you add anything else to the list?

For anyone not signed up yet, if you do give it a try, please let me know how it goes 🙂

*Again, I receive nothing from Stitch Fix for writing about them. These are all my opinions. All related posts do contain a referral link, however, that gives me a $25 credit if you sign up using the link. That is all.



Stitch Fix #9

I can’t believe this is my 9th box from Stitch Fix already! I think an update will be in order after this (of all the things I’ve kept and how I’m “styling” them, which I’m still learning as I go). My wardrobe is almost entirely Stitch Fix at this point. Every day I wear at least one item from them (usually more than one). So I’d say my mission to upgrade my wardrobe has been successful thus far!

One of the things I love about this service is that I can request specific things for special occasions too. This month I requested a dress for an upcoming wedding in Pennsylvania this May, and a necklace to go with it. And I received just that! Two dress options in fact. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of them worked out for me 🙁 But I have 1 more fix until the wedding, so maybe next month I’ll get a winner! I haven’t received a dress from them yet so I guess it’s understandable that it didn’t quite hit the mark on the first try.

The theme of this box was definitely “spring”. Pink and mint green colors, a floral print dress, shorts, etc. I’m excited to start getting warm weather clothes now. Bring on the shorts, tanks, and maxi skirts!

Stitch Fix Review April

Here’s what I got…

We’ll start with the dresses.

Item 1: Tammi Keyhole Dress (Pixley)

Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress

What I like about it: the print. That’s about it. I’ve seen this same print on a top (from Stitch Fix). I think I’d prefer the top over this dress. This is a little too big on me. The style and cut isn’t very flattering for my body shape (really loose in the chest area…and since my breastfeeding boobs are gone, we’re not quite filling out this dress lol). It does, however, look great on the hanger for someone else to wear 🙂

Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress


Item 2: Gertrude Dress (Olive & Oak)

Stitch Fix Gertrude Dress

Again, I’ll start with what I like. It seems like a high-quality, well-made dress. The fabric is soft and heavy (in a good way) with some texture to it. It has pockets (I LOVE pocket dresses). But…not sure I’m loving that mint green color. Reminds me of an Easter Egg (which is timely I suppose). But it also didn’t fit right. It’s a bit too small and short (opposite of the other dress). Here’s a better picture of it on the hanger:

Stitch Fix Gertrude Dress


Item 3: Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short (Dear John) 

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short  Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

These shorts are totally my style. I love the pinstripe and the roll cuff. But they’re too big! 🙁 Same size as all the other bottoms I’ve kept…but all sizes and brands are not created equal! I pulled these off without even unbuttoning them. The photo doesn’t capture how big they actually are because of the way I’m standing. Anyway…had they been a size smaller, I would’ve kept them. Bummer.

Item 4: Maribell Dolman Knit Top (Papermoon)

Maribell Dolman Knit Top

This top was another one of those “pleasant surprise” items. When I saw “dolman” in the description I was nervous again. Dolman-style shirts tend to be loose, with the webbed-armpits. While I’ve kept a few of them in the past, they’re still not REALLY in my comfort zone yet. So I get nervous. However, once I put it on, it won me over. I asked for something in a “blush” color and this was what I got. I do looooove this color. And the fabric. And the way it fits me. It’s so soft and delicate-looking. It’s a bit longer in the back, which I’m really starting to like (as long as it isn’t too short in the front). And what looks like a plain sweater from the front, has some really spectacular gold button detailing on the back! 

Maribell Dolman Knit Top

I’ve seen a few of these “backwards” tops before and didn’t really like it (for me). But I think it works here. I dig it.


Item 5: Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace (Romolo)

Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace

This is the necklace I requested to go with whatever dress they sent me. Fortunately, even though the dresses didn’t work out, the necklace still does! Pairs beautifully with the pink top, don’t you think? It’s “neutral” enough that it can go with almost anything. It “glams up” an otherwise very casual outfit.  I felt kind of classy wearing it. It’s not the kind of jewelry I used to wear! I like the direction we’re headed.

 So, here’s the recap and the verdict:

Item 1: Tammi Keyhole Dress: RETURN
Item 2: Gertrude Dress: RETURN
Item 3: Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short: RETURN
Item 4: Maribell Dolman Knit Top: KEEP
Item 5: Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace: KEEP

Not as many “keepers” as usual, but that’s fine, especially since I had some referral credit again. This was my cheapest purchase yet (less than $20)! And I’m very happy with it.

Stitch Fix Review