After watching this video at MOPS last week and hearing her mention how easy it can be to edit and polish our online lives for others to see (on facebook, blogs, etc.), I was inspired to make sure I keep my posts balanced, writing about some of the messy, hard stuff- not just the happy highlights all the time. I’ve tried to do that before but I don’t know that I’m always successful. Yes we’ve been blessed with 2 babies in 2 years, but we’ve also experienced loss. Sure, we live in beautiful California and my husband works at Google, but if you saw our bills and how much housing costs, you’d realize that we’re in no way wealthy or well-off (not in the earthly sense anyway). With the good, happy moments, there are always struggles too. A messy house with dirty kitchen floors (seriously, it’s disgusting what I sweep up everyday….and let’s be honest, I don’t sweep everyday).  Cat vomit upstairs on the floor. And toddler vomit in the middle of the night.

Yes, last night was our first experience with toddler vomit. Real vomit. Not spit-up. I was brushing my teeth before bed and thought I heard Gwen in the monitor but couldn’t quite make out what I was hearing. When I went in to check on her, she was awake sitting up in her bed. Strange, but not the first time that’s happened. Upon closer examination though, I saw that there was a pile of vomit in front of her that looked quite a bit like her dinner and smelled…..foul….just foul (I think I can still smell it in the air this morning). Cue mommy freak out/gag reflex. Ivor ran into the room and we got her and everything all cleaned up. Threw everything in the washer, put new sheets on her mattress, new PJs on her. Took her temperature- no fever. And she wasn’t at all upset or concerned. In fact, she was super happy to see us and thought it was playtime since we were all in her room. Like vomiting in her crib was no big deal. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out what caused it. Since she didn’t appear to be ill, the only thing I could think of was just that she ate something that didn’t agree with her. Maybe the combination of food she had all day didn’t sit well in her tummy. Maybe I gave her something that was spoiled, though I’m  pretty careful about that. Still, the thought crossed my mind. And she didn’t try any new foods recently so I don’t think it was a reaction to anything. Either way, it was my fault 🙁 Since I’m in charge of feeding her. Something I gave her made her vomit in her crib. #momfail

Anyway- that happened. Vomit happens. And since this was Gwen’s first time, it’s considered a milestone right? Thus, making it onto the blog 🙂

But to leave you with something not so gross, here’s a little video I took before the vomit incident, of a very active little boy in my belly.



Let’s Just Pray for an Easy Life, Shall We?

::please note sarcasm::

sort of…

As I was thinking of the specific prayer requests I have for the upcoming birth of our 2nd child, I realized that I could just sum it up like this: pray for everything to be easy lol. While that would be nice,  I know it’s not very realistic. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a BAD thing to ask to NOT get an infection during postpartum recovery. So I still will ask for that. But in all your prayers, follow up with something like this: “that they’ll rely on God’s strength to stay sane and endure the tough moments that will inevitably come”.

So, that said…here are our requests:

That I would NOT get an infection during postpartum recovery. Physical recovery is rough enough. Childbirth is no easy feat. Your body goes through a pretty traumatic thing..ya know…pushing out a human like that. And with Gwen I got an infection a few days later and ended up in the ER in the middle of the night with a really high fever that lasted a few days. Thankfully I still managed to nurse Gwen and take care of her even though it was really, really difficult (and thankfully I had help!). But I’d love to not have to go through that again.

Backing up to before the recovery part- of course we’d like prayer for a healthy baby. There’s a lot of uncertainty about labor and delivery. Will it be fast? Will it be long? Will I have to get a C-section for some reason? Whatever happens, I just want a healthy baby boy at the end of it.

Finally, that after the initial survival mode (first few weeks after birth) we’ll figure out a routine that works best for us. I’m sure it will be a lot of trial and error…and a constant dependence on God to stay sane. Sometimes the thought of life with 2 kids so close in age terrifies me and I just picture pure chaos in my home. I’m sure there will be moments of chaos. But I’d love to get to a point where I start figuring things out. Like how to get 2 kids out of the house to go to the store or the park, by myself. Or how to get them on the same nap schedule eventually so I have a moment to myself (even if it’s just for 10 mins at a time lol).

Oh, and pray for Gwen’s adjustment to having a new baby in the house. One of the advantages of having them so close in age is that she hasn’t had several years of being the only child. When she’s older she won’t even remember a time when her brother wasn’t around. So I don’t *think* it will be too difficult to get used to not being an only child anymore. But ya never know. There could be other difficulties.

Ok, those are the big ones. I just wanted to get this post out there now since it’s April. And if little Ivor decides to come a bit early like his sister did, I could potentially be giving birth next month. And that’s kinda crazy.

I should probably get his crib soon. And a double stroller. And a bigger diaper bag. And everything else I need that I haven’t gotten yet! Ah!

I leave you with me and cranky pants:


Preggo Update!

…because I’m in my 3rd trimester now and I haven’t written much about this pregnancy. So I stole this pregnancy survey type thing from other preggo friends 🙂

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  about 20lbs so far (with Gwen I gained 40 total and I packed on the majority of those in the 3rd trimester)
Maternity Clothes? Yep. I’m still trying to squeeze into a few non-maternity shirts, but they keep getting shorter and shorter for some reason 😉
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: A few nights here and there I struggle to fall asleep, but once I’m out I’m out…until my 1-year old wakes me up..
Best moment this week: feeling him move around late at night and early in the morning (when I’m not preoccupied with his sister!), oh and I had chocolate covered bacon last night..that should make the “best moments” list too.

Miss Anything? Having more wardrobe options. And wine.
Movement? Yes. As mentioned earlier, he moves around the most late at night (as I’m about to fall asleep) and first thing in the morning (he and his sister wake me up at the same time quite often lately…their shenanigans begin already)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Thyme. In the 1st trimester before I even knew I was pregnant I think, I made a mushroom risotto dish and put WAY too much thyme in it….from that moment forward any hint of thyme has made me want to vomit.
Have you started to show? What do you think?


Labor Signs? Nope. I didn’t really have any with Gwen either. My first “labor sign” with her was when my water broke lol
Belly button in or out? Kinda flat and awkward looking at the moment….
Wedding rings off or on?  On!
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody for sure
Wisdom: I’m still learning how to adjust straps on a car seat…turns out babies grow! who knew 🙂
Looking forward to:  Seeing what the little man is going to look like, and the moment Gwen meets him for the first time.
Just for Fun: I ate chocolate covered bacon last night. Did I already mention that?


Yesterday morning we found out that baby #2 is a boy! We are so thrilled! Of course, we would’ve been happy with either gender, but since we already have a girl, we were hoping for a boy, just to at least have 1 of each. I knew Ivor really wanted a son, so he’d want to keep trying until we had one (who knows how many girls we could’ve ended up with! lol).

Ultrasounds are fun/weird/nerve-wracking experiences, so I thought I’d share what it’s like inside the mom’s head during one (or in my head anyway, can’t speak for everyone). Having been through a miscarriage, and knowing quite a few people who have had negative experiences, I’m always nervous. I’ve had enough ultrasounds to know what a beating heart looks like so that’s always the first thing my eyes search for. Is my baby still alive? Is the heart still beating, and how fast? Fortunately I spotted that pretty quickly. Whew. Next I overanalyze the demeanor of the ultrasound tech. With Gwen she was kind of quiet and not very enthusiastic. She very matter of factly just stated what everything was “this is the head” “this is the brain” “this is the arm” etc. I realize the ultrasound techs can’t tell you the results of the scan and say “everything looks normal and wonderful!”. So this is why I overanalyze. This time the tech had a very thick Russian accent and also spoke pretty quietly. Most of the time I had no idea what she was saying, which didn’t help matters much. What I was able to make out clearly though was the gender reveal. I was pretty sure I saw a boy part on the screen and then sure enough she said “it’s a baby boy!” Yay! We have a son! Craziness. He was pretty active and moving around a lot, but not being very cooperative for certain pictures the tech needed to get. She made me empty my bladder twice, hoping he would move so she could get the shot she needed. I assume it worked. Because they didn’t ask me to come back for another one.

Other than the nerve-wracking part of wondering if everything looks normal (and it did by the way), there’s also a lot of excitement and amazement from watching a tiny little human move around on the screen, knowing it’s happening inside of my body. It’s weird. And amazing. He looked so cute in there…seemed to be annoyed though that we were disturbing his naptime. He kept putting both his hands up by his face, and over his ears. Gwen does the same thing when she’s sleepy- hand to the face. It will be fun to see their similarities and differences. From what I hear, baby #2 is usually polar opposite of baby #1. Which means he’ll be a pretty chill baby…laid-back…quiet lol. We shall see….

So the name, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, is Ivor. The firstborn son of every Griffiths family for generations has been named Ivor (or at least the last 3 generations…not sure how far back it goes). They all have different middles names though, so he will not be a II, III, or IV…or a Jr. His middle name is going to be Alan (my dad’s middle name). Ivor Alan Griffiths. We’re actually predicting that he’ll be born on Ivor’s (my husband’s) birthday…May 31st, which is entirely possible with a due date of early June. Gwen came early, so maybe little Ivor will too! Two Ivor Griffiths born on the same day (just 34 years apart). That would be madness. Which is why I think it’ll happen lol. Anyway. I never thought I’d name my son with the same first name as his dad, but it was really important to Ivor (my husband). I’m going to have to start distinguishing between them somehow…”Big I”, and “Little I” perhaps. I digress.  I love the idea of having a unique and memorable name (but not one of those crazy made-up names). Ivor is a real name. Scandinavian I believe, meaning “archer”. However, people tend to mispronounce it a lot since it’s not a very common name in the USA. So in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced EYE-ver (rhymes with driver). It’s NOT pronounced EEE-vor. Glad we cleared that up. Also, I can’t think of two better men to name my son after- my husband and my dad!

I wish I could share some pictures from yesterday but they forgot to give us the CD before we left the office. I’ll get it when I go in for my next appointment in 4 weeks.

For now I’ll leave you with this:



When a former coworker of mine heard what my husband’s name was he told me about “Ivor the Engine”, which was a British cartoon from the late 1950’s, early 1960’s (color episodes in the 70’s). “About  the adventures of a small green locomotive who lived in the “top left-hand corner of Wales” and worked for The Merioneth and Llantisilly Railway Traction Company Limited. His friends included Jones the Steam, Evans the Song and Dai Station, among many other characters. Ivor enjoys doing all sorts of things that people do. As well as singing in the choir, he likes visiting the seaside, making tea from his boiler and spending time with his friends. He is fond of animals, and has several of them among his friends. He can be wilful and disobedient at times, and it is not unknown for him to go and do his own thing when he should be working. He dislikes shunting and timetables.”

You learn something new every day!

We love you little Ivor and can’t wait to meet you 🙂


January Schmanuary

January is usually a pretty uneventful boring month. But not for the Griffiths! Two Duvets gigs, finding out the gender of baby #2, and moving (yes, again!), oh and this is also the month that raises and bonuses take effect- which is always exciting. I’m not sure why I made that plural..it’s just one raise, and one bonus (as Ivor is the only one in the household working for an employer that can offer such things). My raise and bonus is…an extra baby? 🙂

For those interested, we’re only moving about a mile away, into a townhouse a little bigger than our current place to accommodate our growing family. We’re pretty excited to not be living in an apartment complex anymore. Other things we’re excited about: having a kitchen that’s bigger than a closet, and a big 2 car garage that will fit both our car AND all Ivor’s crap tools, music stuff, etc. Of course, the process of moving is not fun (packing, unpacking). But since I’m preggo I can get away with sitting around and just telling people what to do, without having to lift anything. 😉

Anyway- here’s to a busy month! But thankfully I do get a moment of peace with a snuggly baby in the morning (before she realizes she’s awake and needs to play, scream and crawl around like a mad woman):


9 Month Update

Gwendolyn is 9 months old today! We had her 9-month check up a few days ago and I was so happy to hear how much she’s grown. She’s still on the smaller side of the growth chart but she has made so much progress since her 6-month check up when we were having weight/milk supply issues. To recap quickly: I got pregnant and my milk supply tanked. Gwen wasn’t gaining weight (even lost some!) so we decided to supplement with formula. I was hoping to get back to exclusive breastfeeding eventually once my milk supply got back up, but once I found out I was pregnant I had to stop taking Fenugreek (one of the main things I was using to help my supply). Fenugreek is a no-no during pregnancy. Gwen was less and less interested in nursing and was doing really well on formula. Also, my OB discouraged breastfeeding while pregnant (even though I read that it should be perfectly safe). I probably would’ve fought harder to keep doing it if it had still been going well. But since she was doing well on formula, my supply was still low, and she didn’t seem interested anymore, I slowly weaned her off. She’s 17 pounds (32nd percentile) and 27.5 inches long (50th percentile) now. Much better than being off the chart completely (in weight). Way to go baby girl!

I was telling her pediatrician how amazed I’ve been at how much happens developmentally between 6 and 9 months. She’s doing so much now I can hardly keep up! She crawls all over the place like a pro. But she’d much rather stand. She pulls herself up on everything she possibly can and even walks along while holding onto things. She has no fear. Occasionally she thinks she can stand or walk without holding onto something and will just let go! Cue mommy heart attack. She got her first boo-boo while attempting to pull herself up on something. She tripped over something on the floor and face planted into our DVD case, catching her eye on the shelf. She had just a little mark on corner of her eyelid but I thought she’d wake up the next morning looking like Rocky Balboa, with a big puffy black and blue eye, and everyone would see her and judge me for being a horrible parent. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought (I tend to assume the worst). She’s a tough cookie.

She also talks up a storm. Yells and growls. She can make “maaaa” sounds and “daaaa” sounds, but won’t repeat it when we ask her to or say “mama” or “dada” when we ask her to. She mostly says “ba ba ba ba ba ba” over and over. She occasionally has tantrums that include shaking her little fists at us. Yep. Can’t wait til she’s a toddler……

She’s our sweet little fireball and we love her so much!

gwen 9 months


2nd Time Around

I thought I’d share a bit about how this pregnancy has been so far. Mostly because I sometimes forget I’m pregnant. Seriously.  Having an 8-month old keeps me pretty well distracted lol. So I want to try to remember stuff.

A few things are different this time around.

1. I’m way more emotional. With Gwen I was pretty normal. This time I’m a little crazy, not gonna lie. I’m sure my husband would agree.

2. No vomiting! I’m pretty excited about this one. I threw up about once every other day with Gwen for all of the 1st trimester. This time I’ve only FELT like I was going to throw up, which is still no picnic, but at least I can keep food down. I still have vivid memories of the things I couldn’t keep down last time……

3. New mom fatigue + pregnancy fatigue = epic fatigue.

4. Again with the 8-month old distraction, I’m having a hard time keeping track of this pregnancy. With Gwen I had a babycenter app with daily updates and pictures and emails sent to me every week telling me what food my baby is the size of, etc. This time I can hardly remember how far along I am at any given time. I did update my babycenter profile with this pregnancy and still get the emails, but I almost never read them. I am ashamed.

5. My baby bump is making an early appearance. I know that’s pretty normal for all pregnancies after the first. My body is like “Oh hey, I remember this”. I experienced the same bloating at night, and deflating in the morning for a few weeks. But now it doesn’t deflate anymore. The bump is here to stay.

Here’s a shot of the newbie waving at me “Um, Hey mom…don’t forget about me in here!” 🙂


In a few weeks he or she will be kicking me as little reminders every day. I do miss that feeling and look forward to it!