I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was

Just wanted to share some thoughts/revelations I’ve had recently about being active (again).  Ya know…running, hiking, biking, etc.

We recently visited Tahoe for the 2nd time (we seriously love it there and would move there if we could I think). We filled our time with lots of outdoor, active activities, as one should when you visit there. Specifically, mountain biking, which is a favorite activity of my husband’s (he has a lot more experience than I do). But I enjoy it too, especially with him.

This time around though, I was having a really hard time with it. I kept thinking “why is this so much harder than last time??” For some reason, in my mind, I thought I’d be in better shape now and that riding the same mountain, 2 years later, would be easy peasy. HA. Also, this year…I was PMSing hardcore and my emotions were all over the place. My head was filled with a lot of discouraging thoughts “this sucks…I suck….I can’t do this..what is wrong with me? why won’t my legs GO?!”

And then it occurred to me…2 years ago, I had only given birth to 2 kids, not 3 (let me tell you, that 3rd one changes things). I was 2 years younger (also, BIG difference). And I had been working out REGULARLY for months leading up that first Tahoe trip. I was in MUCH better shape then. So, duh Krystal. Of course you’re slower now.

Between the 2 trips, we experienced some stressful/traumatic events, had another kid and pretty much stopped working-out until JUST recently (referring to myself here, not my husband). So I need to be nicer to myself. My running pace isn’t going to be what it was back in high school, at least not yet. It’s going to take some time to get back there. And my biking skills/climbing ability isn’t going to just magically appear. But thanks to my stubbornness and determination (I have no idea where my kids get that….), I will get better!

One of my favorite tools to track progress is Strava. It tracks your activities (pace, elevation gain, times, etc.) so you can try to beat previous efforts. Super motivating! You better believe I’ll be revisiting certain routes once I’m faster/stronger 🙂

And aside from the self-competitiveness, it just feels good being active, being outdoors, especially when I can do these things with my husband too (our idea of a fun date!) Even at a slow pace, it’s still faster than sitting on the couch 🙂

So, let this be an encouragement to you. If you used to be faster/stronger and you’ve been feeling discouraged…don’t! *Most likely, your body has been through a lot. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself. Set achievable goals. Start slow. And keep going 🙂


*I’m not an expert. Just guessing 😛


Cowboy, Take Me Away!

And now for something completely different!


This blog is usually reserved for kid updates or Stitch Fix and  Trunk Club posts (whenever I actually get the time to post). But I’m adding a new category now: Outdoor Adventures!

Ivor and I have always loved the outdoors- having both grown up in rural PA. But setting aside time to actually wander and be “outdoorsy” took a back seat when we started having kids. We had 3 kids in 4 years, so that’s understandable, right? But, it’s time! Honestly, it’s never too early, in my opinion, to introduce the kids to it. So why NOT start now…. at ages 4, 3 and almost 1?!

I have a bunch of reasons for why I want family hikes and outdoor adventures to happen, why I think it will be good for all of us, etc. I’ll try to sum it up in 2 points:

*For me. I just love it. It’s refreshing and re-energizing. Being in nature is one of the places I feel like I can connect more to God. It’s a “reset” button for the absolute craziness of raising 3 kids. And it helps me find more contentment with where we live. The hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley gets to me sometimes. And the cost of housing…ugh…don’t get me started. But we are SURROUNDED by beauty on all sides- the mountains, the ocean, the rolling hills, lakes,  waterfalls, etc. etc. It’s amazing to me that we can find peace and solitude and “country life” just a quick drive away from the city.

*For my kids. I want them to spend more time outside. And yes, the backyard is really nice and well taken advantage of. But there’s so much more to explore and discover (and we’re SO close to it, it would really be a shame to not take advantage of that too). I hope they will grow to love the outdoors as much as my husband and I do, but if anything- it’s going to keep them active throughout their childhood (climbing mountains is excellent cardio btw!) and there are plenty of teachable moments for them on hikes 🙂

The goal: to go on a family hike or bike ride at least once a week. There are so many local county and state parks within a short driving distance of us (and sooooooo many trails) so it shouldn’t be too hard to make it happen. And then as often as our budget and schedule allows- travel a little farther away to discover even more amazing places. Next up on that list is LAKE TAHOE over 4th of July week! Woohoo!

The reality: it might not happen every week. Not every hike will go smoothly or as planned. Some might be total disasters (because…kids), but I expect/hope that *MOST* of them will be amazing. If anything, I’ll get some good pictures and a good workout out of it!

I’ll share on here as often as I can, but the majority of it will happen on instagram if you’d like to follow along (@gogriffiths). There is such a great community of outdoor enthusiasts and other hiking families that I’ve found on there. It’s been inspiring to see.

I hope it will inspire you too, to go adventure with your own family, if that sort of thing interests you. And don’t underestimate your kid’s abilities. They can probably handle more than you think they can! Gwen is out there killing these climbs!

Here are some photos from our latest hike at Quicksilver Almaden. We did the Hacienda Trail to Virl O Norton Trail Loop. 3 Miles, over 800 ft. elevation gain.

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths

Photo by Krystal Griffiths