A Gwen Update

The name of my blog was inspired by my fierce little daughter, Gwen. It’s from the Shakespeare quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” As she’s getting older she lives up to the title¬†more and more ūüôā She’s doing and saying so many things lately that I don’t want to forget. So I’m going to take a moment and write down as many things as I can (though it really won’t scratch the surface) to sum up who she is at this moment.

I apologize now if the following seems very haphazard and random. We’re all sick with colds and I can’t formulate coherent thoughts.

Name: Gwendolyn Jane Griffiths

Age: 2.5

Favorite Foods: Berries, greek yogurt, bananas, apples, peanut butter, bread, avocados, cheese, black beans and rice- basically all things Mexican.

Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Super Why, Frozen, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Shrek, Sing-a-long Songs on Netflix

Things She Says (this is where it gets random):

“I got diapers for everyone!”- in the morning after she wakes up, she gets out of bed and gets diapers ready for when I come in. One for her, one for Ivor Baby (she’s not potty trained yet….we’re working on it)

“You’re so silly!”

“It’s so cute!”

“Gig girl bed!” – she’s now in a big girl bed, but confuses the “b” with a “g” most of the time

“Brush my teeth, wash my hands and SPIT!”- part of her bedtime routine, which isn’t¬†actually in that order, but that’s how she says it every night (Spit comes after brushing teeth, obviously)

Whenever she’s really upset about something but can’t quite find all the words to express it, she just yells “I NOT!” or “I DON’T!”…just getting across the point that she has very negative feelings about something. Usually with a pouty lip, on the verge of losing it.

“Hey! I need kisses and hugs”

“It goes… ::insert sound effect or animal sound:: ….like that, mommy”

“I do it all by myselfs!” (she’s very independent these days)

When I say “no” to her, sometimes she responds with “NO?!!”, like she can’t believe I just denied her.

This morning she asked me where something was and I said “I don’t know”, then she responded with “What do you mean you don’t know??”

Other things she does: 

Picks out her own clothes in the morning, before I even come into her room. And she has surprisingly good style- everything always matches!

Puts stuffed animals in the high chair- and buckles them in.

Sings and dances with her microphone.

Kicks the soccer ball around and plays catch (she’s got a great arm, but needs a lot work with the catching part)

Plays puzzle games on the tablet.

Voice searches on YouTube for her favorite song “Wet it Go” (“Let it Go”…from Frozen…)

WUVS everything. “I WUV the dentist”….”I WUV cheese!”….”I WUV those pants” ….and so on and so forth

Enjoys playing with friends at MOPS and church.

Her favorite part of every playground is the slide. Over and over and over…and over again, she slides.

She likes to brush her hair and FINALLY lets me “do” her hair (pigtails, braids, etc.) without a fight.

Right before bed, when giving daddy hugs and kisses, she apologizes for bad things she’s done, and/or thanks us for doing something she enjoyed doing that day. I have no idea where that¬†came from (we never really made her to do that as part of a nightly routine), but thank you Jesus!

She’s very much a leader and likes to tell people what to do. She’s passionate and feels very strongly about things. But she’s also a great encourager- which is a good¬†trait for a leader to have ūüôā

Don’t ever change, little fierce one!

DSC_9990 copy DSC_9991 copy

12-Month Update (Ivor Alan)

I’m a little behind on this post for several reasons. 1. I’m in denial that he’s a year old 2. We’ve been busy bees–just getting back from our trip to PA- and STILL catching up on laundry (we came home with more stuff than we left with!), editing photos from the wedding I shot, doing dishes, looking at potential houses to buy, etc. etc. And 3. Generally the monthly updates are positive and include all the fun new things he’s doing and how he’s growing, but he’s been struggling with a few things recently and I just haven’t felt like writing about it, until now.

The biggest issue we’ve had is his weight. Right around 10 months, my milk supply dipped big time. So I thought it’d be a good time to start weaning him. Well, weaning was not something he was AT ALL interested in. He refused a bottle, and a cup (and I tried 23947 kinds of cups), and wouldn’t drink anything, except from me. But again, mama’s milk was running low (and my attempt at weaning just made it worse). So for 2 months, he ate solid foods but¬†had very little to drink. I ¬†could tell he lost weight, and his doctor’s appointment confirmed it. He lost almost 3lbs between his 9 month and his 12 month check up ūüôĀ He hasn’t been ill, and he’s generally pretty happy and active. They did some blood work on him and everything came back normal, thankfully. So we’re pretty certain the weight loss is just from lack of calories (low milk supply and refusal to drink anything else). His pediatrician recommended we see a GI doctor too and THAT¬†doctor kinda scared the crap out of me. His pediatrician was concerned, but not too freaked out by it. The GI doctor, on the other hand, looked¬†at his¬†growth chart and emphasized how “terrible” the drop in weight is, how thin he looks, that she wants him tested for Celiac’s Disease, starts talking about using a feeding tube (as a last resort), recommended we see an occupational therapist to get him to drink from something and tell them it’s “urgent” so we don’t have to be on a waiting list, etc. “Terrible” “Feeding Tube” “Urgent”. Not words you want to hear at your baby’s doctor appointment! ¬†She even mentioned “emergency” too I believe (in the context of getting us into a¬†child’s clinic that usually has a long wait).

The GI doctor also gave us some PediaSure samples to try in the meantime though, to see if he’d drink that. Well, after a day or so…he did! Up until this point, the best luck I’d had getting him to drink anything¬†was either from a regular cup or a food pouch. So we started with PediaSure in a food pouch, and once that was successful, I tried an actual sippy cup (without the leak stopper, so he’d have more immediate results)- he fought it a bit at first, but a day later he drank from¬†it without a fight (and finished¬†it!) This is a miracle, people. He went a loooong time freaking out at the sight of bottle or cup, pushing it away and turning his head. So, this is huge. As soon as I see an improvement in his weight, I’m going to stop giving him¬†PediaSure though. Even now¬†I’m diluting it with regular milk, because it is so loaded with sugar and a million other ingredients. Ugh. I hate giving it to him. But I’m so so thankful that he’s finally given in and embraced the sippy cup and something other than breastmilk. He’s getting a lot more calories now. He goes back in for a weight check next week, so I hope to have some good news! Keep him in your prayers.

Developmentally, there a few things Gwen was doing by now that he’s not (not that I should compare of course). But part of me thinks it’s because of his weight and that he’s not quite strong enough yet- like pulling himself up to stand and walking along while holding furniture. He can stand on his own while holding onto something, but again, doesn’t pull himself up to get there and certainly hasn’t started to walk yet. He crawls all over the place though, feeds himself (finger foods), he’s quick and sneaky, and smiley and cuddly. As recent events have confirmed, he is indeed stubborn and resistant to change. It takes him awhile to get used to something new. While we were away in PA, I could tell he was uncomfortable and not quite himself in a new environment surrounded by new people, etc. He was extra clingy and fussy. But the day we got home (after a meal and diaper change) he was happy as a clam and crawled all over the living room, played with his toys, all while smiling and laughing. He was so happy to be home ūüôā

A year sure does fly by. It’s hard to believe that my little baby boy will soon be entering toddlerhood, right alongside his big sister.¬†His sister is a fire cracker,¬†full of life and energy,¬†and he brings a nice peaceful calm to the room (and to anyone who comes in contact with him). He can make you melt by laying his little head on your shoulder and letting out a happy sigh. Looking up at you with his big brown doe eyes, and flashing you the sweetest smile, complete with complimentary dimple. He has forever stolen my heart!

Happy 1 year Ivor Baby. We love you!

DSC_3926 copy DSC_3931 copy DSC_3935 copy DSC_3939 copy DSC_3960 copy




11-Month Update (Ivor Alan)

IMG_20150429_182958 IMG_20150429_183044 IMG_20150430_174218_nopm_ IMG_20150429_183104


This guy is almost a year old. Seriously. How. Does. That. Happen?!

11 months. Here we go!

Temper. Like his sister, dude can throw a tantrum. This morning was the best (meaning worst, by far). I took the remote away from him, so he screamed, laid face-down on the floor and when I handed him something else to play with, he threw it across the room.

Eating like a teenage boy. He must be going through a growth spurt because no amount of food seems to satisfy him recently. At some point I just have to cut him off, and then he goes into a food coma with that “ughhhhh I ate too much…..why did you let me eat that much?!” look on his face.

Speaking of food, he does the sign for “all done” (except in the above scenario), but we’re still working on “more please”. His way of communicating “more” is by kicking his feet with a very excited look on his face and clicking his tongue.

He’s still nursing…but I’m really hoping to wean him soon. I actually tried¬†about 2 months ago but he is very resistant to change and refused. No bottle. No sippy cup. No formula. Just me. Sigh… We’re going to try again soon and when we do, it will probably be cold turkey. He shall be cut off completely from the boob. It’s time, little man.

He’s sleeping so much better, consistently (thank you Jesus!). He and Gwen both go to bed at 7pm and sleep until 6:30-7ish am. He fusses occasionally, but can quickly go back to sleep without needing me to go in and soothe. Huge difference from a few months ago!

Still mama’s boy and quite the cuddler.

Does really well in the church nursery and at MOPS (so I can get a break).

Well, let’s bring on the final month of his first year!

::quietly sobs::




Dear Gwendolyn

You are 2 years old today! I can hardly believe how much you’ve grown since March 23rd, 2013 when you first arrived and turned our worlds upside down. From the very beginning you’ve been a passionate, spirited little thing. As you’re getting older and leaving babyhood behind, that loud & fiery personality is coming out even more. It can be quite a challenge sometimes for me and Daddy to reign you in, but we never want that spark in you to go away. You’ll learn, we hope, to use that passion¬†for good someday and not evil ūüėČ But you have another side to you too, that’s sweet, caring, compassionate and polite.

You love your little brother and love to help me take care of him. You tell us¬†when he’s crying. You bounce him. You give¬†him his pacifier, and lots of hugs and kisses. You’re not a huge fan of sharing toys with him right now, but we’ll work on that. He is very lucky to have a big sister like you!

Speaking of hugs and kisses, you have made it your duty to ensure that Daddy always gives kisses to every member of our household before he leaves for work in the morning. “Ivor kisses!” “now, Mommy kisses!” “now, Gwen kisses!” and occasionally, “Mooltin (Milton, the cat) kisses!” Same at bedtime.

You’re going through a “helping” phase that I hope lasts a long time ūüôā You love to help me clean the floor after you throw food on it (sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally). You love to help me with laundry (handing me the clothes out of the laundry basket so I can fold them). You love¬†helping Daddy cook in the kitchen (homemade granola is your specialty). And recently, you’ve even tried undressing your brother so that you could help change his diaper. Thankfully, you were caught in time.

Whenever someone coughs or makes a loud noise of some sort, you always ask with concern, “okay mommy?” (“are you okay?)

You’ve become a backseat driver. “Whoa daddy, whoa!” “Careful¬†daddy, careful!”. I have no idea where you¬†got that from…………………

You have very good manners. Sometimes you need to be prompted, but most of the time you say “please” and “thank you” all on your own.

You still love food. It’s very rare that you won’t eat something. However,¬†the other day you¬†did try some sushi for the first time (not w/raw fish, it was a California roll and a Chicken Teriyaki Roll), but¬†you weren’t a big fan. You tried a few bites and then said “no fanks daddy, I don’t yike¬†it” in the sweetest little voice. It was adorable. You then asked for celery and bell peppers instead (!) We’ll never force you to eat something you don’t like, as long as you at least try it first. Thankfully, you like most things, so we lucked out on that one with you ūüôā

Speaking of your vocabulary and all the things you say, here are some of our favorites:

“Hmm lemme fink” while you place one finger on your chin.

“Oh yes! Great idea!”

“I poop everywhere!” ….at every single diaper change, whether you actually pooped or not.

“Fank you mommy, fank you daddy”

“Fank you God”


“Oh boy!!!”

“Meelk time!” (“meelk” = milk)

“My fav-a-wite cowor” about ALL the colors

“I jump in waah-er too-day”

“O-gain” (again)

“I kick a ball too-day?”

“Yay! I see ’em ah-fwiends!” (translation: Yay! I’m going to see my friends)

You love Daniel Tiger (borderline obsessed). Elmo. Puppies. Soccer. Playing with sticks and grass. Fishies and the ocean. Music (you memorize and sing along to songs, but you can sometimes get shy like mommy does when someone’s actually paying attention to you). You love to draw and color. You know the¬†alphabet and can count to 20 *almost* perfectly (the teens throw you off sometimes). You know basic shapes and colors and so much more. We are so amazed by how quickly you’ve learned those things and how much you continue to learn every day. You are an amazing little girl and we love you very much!

Happy 2nd birthday Gwen!


Daddy, Mommy and Ivor Baby (and Mooltin)

gwen1stpic  906140_577803596502_675517651_ogwen21974321_611885690712_555809364_o1907387_623689785212_7938167824624969877_n10898134_645704986572_2776521092151811764_n13418_651765985282_1528999073895880558_n

9 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

I’m about a week late with this update (he officially turned 9 months on March 2nd). I also got really behind on his weekly photos. And that’s about how this past month has been. We’ve been battling colds, busy out and about, running errands, etc. But a lot sure has happened since his last update! Well, maybe not a lot…just 1¬†or 2 significant things.

Crawling! He’s a super fast army crawler, and occasionally he’ll crawl regular-style (on his knees), but still prefers army style. He transitions really well from crawling to sitting and is starting to show interest in pulling himself up to standing. He won’t actually try it…but I can see it in his eyes…he’s thinking about it. I am in NO rush. I had to reset my mind (and my living room) again once he became mobile. I can trust Gwen around certain things now, but little Ivor…not so much. Also, he’s like our cat in that he always finds himself right under our feet (or his sister’s)…he’s fast, and sneaky.

The other big thing this month (and this has been life changing for me)…he goes to bed at the same time as Gwen. You might be thinking, “why is this a big deal?” Well…because they share a room. And previous attempts at¬†putting them down at the same time were unsuccessful. If Gwen knew her brother was in the room, she assumed it was party time. And she’d just talk and laugh and play. Neither of them would go to sleep. And eventually little Ivor would get¬†annoyed and start screaming. And putting him down first never seemed like a good idea, because Gwen is way too loud and would wake¬†him up during her bedtime routine. So up until this point, Gwen would go to bed at 7pm, and little Ivor would just¬†hang out in his bouncy seat downstairs until he fell asleep. Then once I was confident Gwen was asleep, I’d sneak him up there and lay him down. But that got old. And he wasn’t sleeping well (he would wake up and get distracted being downstairs). So I determined that they were going to have the same bedtime (in the same room) and that they’d just have to adapt and get used to it. And after only a few days, they did! They might chat for a bit at first, but soon enough they both get quiet and drift off to sleep. I don’t know why I didn’t just stick out a little longer the first time I tried it.¬†It’s SO nice to just have them both up there together at the same time, and be downstairs alone (or alone with my husband).

Regarding sleep….we’re still not sleeping through the night. It happens occasionally, but not consistently. I’ve stopped nighttime nursing altogether though. So when he wakes up I just go in, put his pacifier back in his mouth, blankey by his face, then go back to bed. It’s quick most of the time…but still rough having my sleep interrupted a few times a night :-/

His stats at his 9-month checkup: 28 inches long, 19lbs.

Oh, and we started swim lessons (both for him and Gwen). We’re doing a beginner “parent and me” class. It’s very basic, just to get them comfortable in the water. “Parent and me” means that we’re the ones actually doing the exercises with them, not the instructor (they just tell us what to do). In the future they can get private lessons, but for now we thought it’d be fun (and more comfortable for them, mostly Gwen) if we did it with them. And this little guy LOVES it. He is so happy and content in the water and floats on his back like a pro. He loves splashing with his hands (which I already knew from bath-time), now we just have to work on kicking his feet. My little water baby ūüôā

Happy 9 months Ivor Baby! (what Gwen calls him). We love you!!

Ivor Alan 9 Month Photo copy


Hello 30, Let’s Be Friends

Well, the “dreaded” birthday has arrived. The one where people start celebrating the “x” anniversary of your 29th birthday. THIRTY. But I’m not dreading it. I’m embracing it. Maybe when I get closer to 40 I’ll start wishing I was younger. But for now, thirty is a good age and I’m happy with it (…not that I can do anything about it anyway).

The close¬†of my 20’s, however, is bittersweet. A lot of really amazing things happened in my life during¬†my 20’s.¬†Here are the highlights (and a few lowlights). These experiences have built character and shaped me into the person I am today. Without further ado, a look back at the last decade…(brace yourselves, it’s a long one).

*Missions trips. My first one was to Chile in 2006. It was a construction project. First¬†time out of the country. First plane ride ever. And the start of a major spiritual growth spurt. Also, spending New Years Eve on the beach at Vi√Īa del Mar watching fireworks over the ocean was a pretty memorable way to kick it off ūüôā

*Other missions trips: Louisiana with PBU for¬†Hurricane Katrina relief (2006). A sports camp in Holland (2006). Kentucky for a VBS type of program¬†(2007). And the last one, Guatemala “vision” trip (2008). I think everyone at some point should go on trips like these. They are life-changing, perspective-changing experiences. You go there on a mission to serve and help the people you’re visiting, hoping you make a difference in their lives. But you never expect just how much the experience is going to affect you too (in a positive way).

*Transfer from Temple University to Philadelphia Biblical University¬†(now Cairn University). From a major in Journalism and Theater to a major in Biblical Studies and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain that acronym to people. It’s a thing. I swear.

*CLC.¬†Where I met my best friends and have a lot of great memories (small groups, True Life, sleepover at Sarah’s, etc.)

*Speaking of best friends, living on my own with them right after college, before we all got married,¬†is one of highest of¬†all¬†the highlights. “The good ole’ days” as they say, at 614 Central Ave.

*YABS at the Trumbore’s (young adult bible study). Amazing group of people. Learned¬†so much more about the Bible (specifically the book of Ephesians, which we spent a year on), God, grace, love, and my own depravity. Aside: I wish there were more YABS in the world. Since we haven’t found one yet in CA….we’ll just start our own¬†ūüôā

*Had my heart broken (count them) 1, 2, 3, 4 times in a row before finally meeting my husband when I was 24. This included¬†1 dramatic 3-year case of unrequited love that ended with a journal/picture burning ceremony (yes, really). 1 case of “oh, I’m sorry I gave you the wrong impression…I just want to be friends” (after he showed up on my doorstep with flowers and took me on actual dates). 1 case of “what the heck was I thinking, he’s was¬†terrible for me” but I didn’t realize it until after he broke up with me. And 1 case of meeting a soldier online who was stationed in Afghanistan; after writing to each other¬†every day for 9 months, we finally¬†met in¬†person when he got back to the states. He kept postponing the meet-up for awhile. But eventually it did happen. He acted¬†awkward and uncomfortable. Pretty sure I got¬†the “bad date call” and the evening ended quickly. I didn’t hear from him for awhile after that. Turns out…..he had a girlfriend.

So yeah…

*I almost up and moved to Colorado after that (seriously, I started networking and job searching), but then I met this new guy at church with a weird¬†name. He was quite handsome. ¬†He swept me off my feet, proposed and married me within a year ūüôā Fifth time’s a charm! We got married on July 17, 2010. Also one of the highest of all highlights and the start of one great big adventure!

*We spent the first year of marriage living in a house in a constant state of construction. I did dishes in our bathtub, and we cooked all our meals in a crockpot, microwave or on a griddle, in our bedroom. Going from the first floor to the third floor (which was the only finished floor in the whole house) required risking life and limb. We can survive anything after that!

*Then Ivor got a job offer at GOOGLE. He applied to a position at the NYC office, but was asked to interview for¬†one at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA instead. We never thought he’d get it. But¬†then he did. It was a difficult decision (making a massive move across the country and leaving all our friends and family), but a no-brainer at the same time. We couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

*We moved to California in July of 2011. I started a temp job at a law firm in downtown San Francisco (who was I???) before getting an awesome job in the Creative Writing Program at Stanford University (that job was much more “me”). I do miss it there.

*Got pregnant but miscarried in April 2012. One of the hardest things I’ve ever gone though¬†(makes those 4 heartbreaks look like a stubbed toe). But I got¬†pregnant again in July 2012 and Gwen was born on 3/23/13. I became a mommy!

*Left my job at Stanford after she was born to start a new one: SAHM/WFHM.

*SURPRISE! Got pregnant again in the same year. Little Ivor was born on 6/2/14. We became a family of 4, very quickly. And I was basically pregnant for 2 years…

And that brings us to today.

I do love my life. I have so many great experiences and memories to look back on (and crappy ones that I’ve learned from). I’ve had my legalistic goody-goody phase. My “let’s see how close to the edge I can get without falling off” rebellious phase…which really wasn’t all that rebellious now that I look back on it.¬†I took way too many selfies (before they were even coined “selfies”). I put song lyrics in my facebook status updates to reflect my current emotional state. Oh, 20’s….I shall miss you. But…goodbye!


200048_502566671902_4066_n 200530_502567739762_2625_n199948_502567190862_6176_n   1930458_505868509992_2541_n 1930458_505868006002_1888_n 1930458_505868035942_3563_n 200603_502568288662_8167_n190389_502567834572_5721_n218143_502570464302_704_n205074_503245117292_1094_n 10401253_507557101042_8396_n 197868_502565628992_9483_n 1931061_506606236582_1766_n1909666_512421223302_6627280_n4776_511830327462_3290916_n    217474_503286534292_8907_n 154354_520630776292_1064_n215937_502569775682_6768_n230809_503621118782_860_n229129_503621163692_4451_n1929734_507993087322_6438985_n    225478_503825564072_7960_n 197258_502565698852_322_n    216467_502570409412_7933_n  206891_503332721732_5942_n 223552_503375276452_9194_n    252416_505104645782_9767_n4327_511412245302_1472860_n 247671_505104396282_4031_n1937355_512909105582_2899304_n1914665_513574267592_3902747_n61871_518885149542_6081797_n1910603_513117328302_4815889_n17137_514873977962_947403_n26101_516020320682_6079651_n 298752_534669542492_215446034_n 291855_534669777022_1298730937_n 321588_534669831912_330958399_n306331_534673873812_1910726160_n 304042_534668145292_1887444706_n 308173_534666982622_2057924884_n 294684_534666214162_1083924427_n 296758_534665016562_2118512792_n227381_528696203112_1192405_n39854_517998471452_5135313_n734394_596751389972_923744268_n45810_518502501372_4555115_n407285_546755696742_1109891674_n182107_557139881752_727097876_n 198716_533088775362_7602596_n 404027_563139633202_2025071652_n617094_565934123022_1281493080_o704297_567502524932_1626295409_o914201_580446589922_652214224_o1053135_584783518682_1736706882_o904088_578246553812_559920415_o396283_541595033752_2092992998_n    1500908_600983194402_487058951_o1519605_601813201062_2000045272_o401479_545600925912_2037306040_n 1897686_607150490092_979540770_n 10345853_616504060462_7840536848933844105_n 10321027_618054992382_8919963503887519000_o 10357635_618630129802_4602952489744479312_o 10351666_635770859642_8586539369013876918_n 10509761_639879416062_6653099357085005530_n 10869490_644817260582_9051893820694582488_o     10395827_637387275332_435591847504736092_n       10354660_639881521842_1341677806208813033_n

8 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

I feel like I just posted his 7 month update yesterday. This month in particular flew by!

And we have a new development: TEETHING. His bottom teeth are coming in. 3 at once. Yeah…last night he was up every 2 hours. Poor guy ūüôĀ And…poor me.

He’s getting closer to crawling. He scoots backwards and spins all around the floor and rolls to get where he wants to go, but hasn’t been able to go forward just yet.

Still. hates. solid. foods. Seriously….I don’t know what to do with this kid. Total opposite of his sister.

Still adores Gwen and loves playing with her. She loves playing with him too for the most part. But sometimes she gets annoyed when he touches her. (Typical “he’s touching me!!!” sibling stuff).

I may have mentioned this before, but he really likes sleeping with a blanket over his face. Like, completely covering it. Like this:

DSC_2163 copy

He did that himself.¬†It’s a very thin blanket and I can see him breathing (but I still remove it from his face after awhile..just because)

He loves to touch (hit/grab) faces. We’re currently teaching him to be “gentle”.

Speaking of, we started sign language with him when he turned 6 months old (like we did with Gwen). Mostly just “milk”, “more”, and “all done” for now. ¬†He doesn’t sign it back yet, but he definitely knows what the “milk” sign means!

That’s all for now.¬†Happy 8 months!


7 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

Sigh. 7 months. I’m running low on sleep and coffee so this might be a short, incoherent post. Sorry.

He sits up really well now. Loves to play on the floor with toys. Loves to yell at his sister (in a playful way). Yelling is his favorite way of expressing happiness when he plays. He loves to grab things. Noses, faces, hair, or whatever anyone happens to be holding. Whatever is within reach, he will go for.¬†He’s still very suspicious of solid foods and acts like I’m trying to poison him.

And recently, he’s really started to HATE bedtime.

I can’t remember the last time he slept through the night. But he WOULD¬†at least go to bed at a decent hour and give me a few hours to myself, or with my husband, before waking up again. The past 2 nights, however, not so. The night before last, he fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep, woke up…all throughout the night. Last night, he just refused to fall asleep at all. Until about 1am I think…maybe it was 2am. We (little Ivor and I) ended up sleeping¬†downstairs because¬†he kept waking everybody up.

It’s been a rough few nights.

I keep hoping a tooth pops through so at least I’d know there’s a reason behind it. But still, no teeth. Maybe he’ll be a late teether like Gwen. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was almost 10 months old. And only had 2 total on her 1st birthday!

Anyway, he is a happy, playful little guy during the day. And he still melts my heart on a regular¬†basis. I just wish he’d realize the importance of a good night’s sleep, ya know…like he did when he was 2 months old! I miss those days…

Happy 7 months buddy!

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“Ya Ya Elmo’s Wooooord!”

This post is all about my 20-month old, who’s going through a major developmental explosion right now. She’s learning and doing and saying so many new things, so fast, I don’t want to forget it. I’ve mentioned before that I treat this blog like my online baby book. I know far-away family members really appreciate it, so if you’re not family, this¬†might not be very interesting to you. Sorry ūüôā

Here we go!

The title of this post is what I hear every….single….day. Several times a day. The girl is obsessed with Elmo. I don’t even know how it happened. She saw him on TV once or twice. Then she started wearing a pair of hand-me-down Elmo PJ’s that had just started to fit her. She saw them one night, pointed and yelled “Elmoooooo!” and hasn’t looked back since. “Ya ya Elmo’s Word” is how she mispronounces the theme song to “Elmo’s World”. Ya = La.

She is a little foodie. Not just because she likes a variety of foods, but because she finds so much joy in it as well. I kid you not, the girl literally fist-pumps when she likes the food she’s eating. And it’s usually accompanied by an “Om-nom-nom”. I don’t know where she got that from…. ūüôā

First day of solids! She loved her homemade rice cereal ūüôā

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Can you even stand how little she was?? Ah! I need to move on before I start sobbing.

She counts. She recognizes numbers and can almost count to 10 perfectly. 6¬†and 7¬†trip her up sometimes and when she gets to 9, it sounds like 1, so she starts back at 2. But, close enough! One night Family Feud ¬†(I think) was on TV and there was a countdown at the bottom of the screen (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)…she looked and started counting down with them.¬†I sat there staring at her in awe/shock. “Ok, so you count now apparently. Um, What??”

She knows a few colors now too. “Wewwo” (yellow), “Boo” (blue), “Neen” (green), “Peenk” (pink), “Ren” (red), “Back” (black), etc. She’s a big fan of coloring, and prefers to color with a buddy.

She plays soccer in the house with daddy (yes…I know. I figure it takes¬†a lot of skill¬†to keep the ball on the ground and not break any¬†“obstacles”, so it will benefit her one day making her an awesome soccer player! This¬†is what I tell myself). Anyway, recently she’s been insisting that daddy wear a¬†silly monkey hat while playing soccer with her. Only he can wear it, not her. And yesterday she made me wear it, “wew it??” then said “Ball???”. So¬†according to her rules, when playing soccer with her, we must wear a silly monkey hat.

Speaking of soccer, she’s improved a lot with her dribbling. She takes her time, focuses, keeps her body square with the ball. And loves kicking the ball into the makeshift goal we set up for her. She yells “Goaaaaaal!!! Mice!!!” while clapping for herself in celebration. Mice = Nice.

Other things she says¬†throughout the day: “Oh no!” “Yes, okaaaay”. “Peas?” (please). “Atoo” (thank you). “Buh-bye!” She also says “eye-oo” (I love you) and “toooo” (I love you too).

Oh, and “poyee” for “potty”. I recently bought a little potty seat, step stool and an Elmo potty book just to start introducing the concept to her, with no intention of actually starting to train her. But she is very excited and enthusiastic about it lol. I don’t think she’s figured out that what you do in your diaper is what you should do in the potty, but she sure does like to sit on it. And she’s quite chatty while she’s at it. She sits there and goes through her entire vocabulary with us. Anyway…I’m not ready to train her yet. But at least once a day she’ll ask to go sit on the potty. And so, we do. But eventually we have to say¬†“crap or get off the pot”, lest she think the potty is just for fun ūüėČ

One random/insanely funny moment: At bedtime she kind of falls back as we gently lay her down in the crib. Well, one night I think she was SO tired, that she forgot no one was holding her and helping her¬†lay down. Because we¬†had already put her in the crib, and she stood back up. So¬†I told her it was bedtime and that she needed to go to sleep now. She then proceeded to fall back, trust-fall style, onto her crib mattress. Thank God her head didn’t hit the crib rails, but it was hilarious! I’ve never seen my husband laugh so hard in the 5+ years I’ve known him. And I almost peed my pants. Then after several minutes, I regained my composure and had to explain to her how dangerous that was and that she could’ve hit her head and gotten hurt and to never do that again. Unfortunately because of our reaction, she’s tried to do it a few more times, just to make us laugh. Sigh…. #parentingfail

As an aside, parenting brings a lot of tears. Sad/frustrated tears- because parenting is stinking hard, but also¬†happy/funny tears because toddlers¬†are¬†hilarious and amazing little beings. Like I mentioned above, some of the biggest laughs Ivor and I have shared together, have been over Gwen. Kids can be hard on a marriage, but they can also¬†bring you together. We’ve had many nights, after the kids are in bed, where we just sit there and recount all the things Gwen (and now little Ivor) did or said that day¬†and¬†we laugh.

There’s a¬†lot more I could write, but those are the current highlights. She is one feisty, passionate, sweet and¬†fierce little¬†girl.¬†She makes us laugh so much and keeps us on our toes. We love you, Gwen!


Did I mention she’s recently gotten into tumbling?

6 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

Little Ivor turned 6 months old on¬†Tuesday. I know it’s stating the obvious, but that’s half a year. One more half and he’ll be ONE. I was looking through my phone last night at photos from when he was just a little newborn (and even my Gwen still looked like a baby then). I cannot believe how fast time goes. I knew it went by fast with Gwen, but someone told me once that it goes by even FASTER¬†once you have more than 1 kid. Yep.

So here’s what he’s up to these days (besides being the most adorable, ridiculously good-looking baby boy in the world):

Still rolling around all over the place. He rolls over at night in his crib, but thankfully doesn’t freak out as much anymore and can fall back to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, things are looking up again.¬†He rarely wakes during the night. But we’re still working on pushing his bedtime up earlier. My goal is to get him ¬†on a 7pm to 7am sleep schedule like his sister. But right now it’s still about 9:30-10pm to 7am. Which is still a decent amount of sleep. ¬†And he naps about twice a day.

He can sit up with support, but on his own he’ll topple over. Sometimes he faceplants. Poor guy.

Started solid foods this week. He’s not nearly as interested in it as Gwen was :-/ So far we’ve only tried rice cereal and bananas. He makes faces, spits it out at first, then eventually swallows a spoonful or two. It’s still early though and very new for him. The spoon itself confuses him.¬†¬†He’ll get the hang of it eventually¬†ūüôā

He’s growing well at 27.5 inches long and almost 18lbs! He wears mostly 9 mos. clothing now.

He is still the most smiley and happy boy, even with strangers. I’ve said it before and it’s still true- he’s got a way with the ladies. He makes them all melt with that¬†sparkle in his eye, ¬†his smile and that dimple! If you’re lucky, he’ll even give you a cute little giggle or two. He tried it this morning with the nurse at his doctor’s appointment. He tried to distract her with cuteness and giggles so she wouldn’t poke him with a needle. He delayed her¬†for a little while but still had to get the¬†shots. Sorry buddy. He took it like a champ though.

He’s recently started touching my face a lot when I hold him. More reason to keep-up with clipping his fingernails. Sometimes it’s really sweet, other times he pinches and scratches. Ow.

That’s all I can think of for now. Happy 6 months bubba!