Valentine’s Day Stitch Fix Giveaway!!

Well Stitch Fix lovers, it’s happening again. I’ve collaborated with a lovely group of bloggers for yet another giveaway. And this one is even BIGGER than the last one. Are you ready? We are giving away one $500 Stitch Fix Gift Card (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!) This is huge. I’m so excited for whoever wins this!

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You enter below by following each of us on our various social media pages (for a total of 22 entries!) That’s it! Super easy. The giveaway ends at 11:59pm (Eastern time) on February 12th. The winner will be announced soon after. Good luck!

Be sure to check out all the beautiful bloggers who made this giveaway possible (you’ll see their faces at the bottom) 🙂


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Stitch Fix Maternity #1

Stitch Fix Maternity Review

When I first heard that Stitch Fix was launching Maternity, I was super excited! (Although a bit annoyed that it didn’t exist when I had my first 2 kids). I really disliked all my maternity clothes and found myself wearing my non-maternity stuff as long as possible, thereby stretching it out and basically ruining it.

We knew we wanted to have another baby so when I got pregnant again,  one of the first things I did, obviously, was update my “style profile” online to inform my stylist of my new “preggo” status 🙂

You might be wondering “if this is your last baby, why buy new maternity clothes now??” Well, because this has been a rough pregnancy and I’ve felt pretty miserable, so I deserve to at least look stylish & feel confident with my growing bump and go out in style with my last pregnancy 🙂 I’ve also made it clear to my stylist that I prefer tops/skirts/dresses that I can wear post-baby too so that I can get more use out of them. Soft, stretchy fabrics that flatter the curves I only get during pregnancy. That’s what I’m looking for. I’ll also start asking for more accessories too.

So let’s get to it! For my 1st maternity fix, Miranda (my usual stylist now it seems) included 2 maternity-specific items, and 3 non-maternity. Out of the 3 non-maternity, 2 of them would work just fine throughout most of my pregnancy, so I was pleased with that. It just so happens though that the only items I’m keeping from this fix are the maternity-specific things (spoiler!) I’ll start with those.

Oh… also, bump status: 13 weeks pregnant.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of my links, I may receive a small commission which helps support this blog. That said, all opinions are 100% my own! I love sharing my experience with services I love for all you lovely readers 🙂 

Item #1: Alondra Maternity Ruched Skirt (RENEE C) $48

Alondra Maternity Ruched Skirt Stitch Fix Alondra Maternity Ruched Skirt Stitch Fix Alondra Maternity Ruched Skirt Stitch Fix

I looooove this skirt. It’s everything I’m looking for in maternity-wear: soft and stretchy, form-fitting and super flattering to the bump! I emphasized to my stylist that just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean I want super loose and baggy clothing now. I like to flaunt the bump, not hide it 🙂 So she nailed it with this one. I wasn’t sure about the olive color at first, but it is a neutral and can pair well with other neutrals: white/ivory, black, navy, grey. I love it so much that I might ask for it again in another color though 🙂

Verdict: KEPT

Item #2: Elwick Printed Maternity Dress (EVERLY) $68

Elwick Printed Maternity Dress Stitch Fix Elwick Printed Maternity Dress Stitch Fix Elwick Printed Maternity Dress Stitch Fix

Now, this dress I said “no” to immediately when I saw the picture on my style card, and even when I first put it on. It doesn’t come with that belt (the belt is mine), and without it….it’s kind of shapeless. Shapeless is the opposite look I want. But as soon as I put that belt on, my mind changed completely and I fell in love with it! The belt gave it some natural pleats and made the bottom “skirt” a little more prominent. The fabric is soft and warm, the print is unlike anything I have in my wardrobe currently and… I just really like it. I felt good in it. And there’s definitely plenty of room to grow in there!

Verdict: KEPT

Item #3: Leiden Asymmetrical Jacket (MARKET & SPRUCE) $64

Leiden Asymmetrical Jacket Stitch Fix Leiden Asymmetrical Jacket Stitch Fix Leiden Asymmetrical Jacket Stitch Fix

This is a cute outer piece that I was considering keeping. It can be worn during and after pregnancy, no problem. I like how comfy the material is (it’s like a sweatshirt) but I wish the sleeves were full-length and that the shoulders weren’t padded. It gives it a more structured blazer-like shape which I don’t typically wear. Overall, just didn’t love it or need it enough to keep.


Item #4: Roxella Crochet Detail Tunic (DANIEL RAINN) $78

Roxella Crochet Detail Tunic Stitch Fix Roxella Crochet Detail Tunic Stitch Fix Roxella Crochet Detail Tunic Stitch Fix

I’m not much of a tunic-wearer. I’m not 100% opposed to tunics (in fact, I do own one), but this one just didn’t sell me. It’s all blouse material- not a lot of “give” or stretch to it, so it definitely wouldn’t grow well with my belly. Should I wear more tunics in my future, I’d prefer more fitted and sweater-like I think. And for the price, this one didn’t do it for me. I also wasn’t crazy about the crochet detail on top.


Item #5: Amici Printed Sleeve Knit Top (LE LIS) $54

Amici Printed Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix Amici Printed Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix Amici Printed Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix

I so wanted to love this top. And I do love almost everything about it. The fabric is SUPER soft and stretchy and long enough to grow with the bump. It’s casual enough that I’d likely wear it a lot. But I really disliked the “layered t-shirt” look. I wish the polka dot part of the sleeves extended all the way down. Then I would’ve kept it. The layered thing makes it look cheap I think. Anyway, almost but no cigar.


So what did you think of my first maternity fix?! Are you pregnant and want to give it a try too?

Want to see more from other Stitch Fix bloggers? Maria, (from Crazy Together) is hosting a link-up. Check it out here! 



Stitch Fix #18- Holiday Party Fix: Take 2

Last month, I received a “holiday party” themed fix (from Stitch Fix) that sadly didn’t work out for me. Great dresses, just didn’t fit me well or weren’t what I was looking for. So I decided to give them one more chance. Unfortunately, I STILL didn’t find what I was looking for in this one 🙁 However, I did get a statement necklace and I LOVE it! So it’s not a total bust 🙂 As with the previous fix, these are all really great dresses (and they actually fit well), but they just were not what I wanted to wear to the party.

Also, I have to apologize…this has been a very crazy, chaotic week and I threw these pictures together really fast, didn’t have time to actually take pictures of them ON me, and the lighting is terrible because it was dark and gloomy outside during the only time I had to take pics. I know that seeing a dress on the hanger is not the same as seeing it on an actual person. So, I’m sorry 🙁 But… this is still better than nothing!

I’ll start with my one keeper:

Item #1:  Jania Hammered Plate Necklace (BANCROFT)

Stitch Fix Review Jania Hammered Plate Necklace

This is definitely my kind of necklace. I love the “hammered” look. I love the gold. It goes with just about everything. Keeper!

Item #2: Talisa Dress (PIXLEY)

Pixley Talisa Dress Stitch Fix Jania Hammered Plate Necklace Pixley Talisa Dress Stitch Fix

This is the only solid colored dress I received. And the only one with lace detail. Both of which are a good thing. I had several solid-colored, lace detailed dresses pinned on my Pinterest board. But I didn’t like the shape of this one, particularly at the top. The top is very narrow which somehow gave it a less-feminine look in the shoulder area. Also, I don’t like this particular lace detail and how it fringes on the end….like it’s falling apart. Not really the look I wanted. The necklace paired really well with it though!

Item 3: Lynnette Dress (MAGGY LONDON)

Maggy London Lynnette Dress Stitch Fix Maggy London Lynnette Dress Stitch Fix

I want to start off by saying, I really loved this dress! But I was on a mission to find the perfect dress for a Christmas party, and this wasn’t it. If I was just looking for a cute dress to wear on other occasions, this probably would’ve been a keeper. It was a soft, heavier material that flattered my figure well (of course it was a petite size- they listened!), and the print is really cool. I’d wear this with tights and boots and a cardigan and it would be super cute to wear in cooler weather. Or in the summer with black strappy sandals. Now I’m regretting sending this back… Let’s move on! Highly recommend this dress though.

Item #4: Caela Dress (PAPERMOON) 

Papermoon Caela Dress Stitch Fix Papermoon Caela Dress Stitch Fix

This dress didn’t really do much for me. It fit really well, that wasn’t the issue. Just wasn’t crazy about the style. The color is a pink-peach-nude sort of color and the black is a fish-net material. Overall, a little unremarkable. Nothing special.

Item #5: Donie Dress (PIXLEY)

Pixley Donie Dress Stitch Fix Pixley Donie Dress Stitch Fix

This is another dress that I might keep if I was just looking for dresses in general. I love the print and the color. But it definitely BEGS for a belt to give it more shape once it’s on. And that’s exactly what I’d do if I kept it. Like the Lynnette Dress, I’d wear this with tights, boots and a cardigan (and a belt of some sort like I just mentioned). The material on this one is light and blousy and just sort of hangs there, instead of hugging your figure…so, needs help with the shape.

So what did you think? Some great dresses, right? You might be wondering….so what WERE you looking for exactly then? If 2 fixes worth of dresses didn’t make the cut?! Well…I went with a classic little black dress! The first store I walked into (Macy’s), on the first rack I saw…was this dress. I tried it on with a few other LBD options, but this was by far the best. I paired it with leopard print heels and sparkly earrings. I felt great in it! It was exactly what I was hoping for 🙂

Sorry for the bad pics, but this is the best I got:

IMAG0414_1 IMAG0416_1

Also, don’t forget about the Stitch Fix Holiday Giveaway I’m participating in with some other bloggers. Click the image below to check it out if you haven’t already entered. There are 2 days left!

Stitch Fix $300 horizontal

Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway!!!

Hi Friends! You all know by now how much I love Stitch Fix. They’ve taken my worn-out, juniors-style wardrobe and transformed it into an age-appropriate, trendy and sophisticated one. The best part, is that I didn’t need to shop for any of it myself! Personal stylists for the win, people! Okay, so let me get to the point of this post now (which you’ve probably already figured out by the title). I’m excited to announce that I have collaborated with other Stitch Fix bloggers to offer YOU (my readers) a chance to win a $300 Stitch Fix gift card! $300!! Woohoo!

Enter below by following all of us on our various social media sites (for a total of 14 entries!) and then be sure to check out the other wonderful bloggers in the Stitch Fix community who made this giveaway possible! You’ll see their beautiful faces at the bottom of the post, which will direct you to their blog.

Merry Christmas and good luck 🙂

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Trunk Club #4- A Thankful Trunk

I’m calling this a “thankful trunk” for 2 reasons. 1. It came just before Thanksgiving. and 2. I have so much referral credit that I likely won’t need to spend any of my own money on whatever I keep! So for those of you who signed up for Trunk Club using my link and made a purchase already, thank you 😀 I dedicate this post to you. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the referral program? You can read my Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix post for more details on how the service works, but for a quick refresher on the referral program…..when you sign up using my link, order a trunk and then spend at least $50, I get $50. I encourage you to then share your own referral link with your other friends and take advantage of that credit too…because… clothes 🙂

Ok, let’s get right on into it!

For this trunk, I asked Paulina (my stylist) for sweaters. Contrary to my previous belief, my wardrobe is still lacking in some areas.  Sweaters being one of them. Now that the weather in California has FINALLY received the memo that it’s not summer anymore, the temperatures have dropped significantly (I sit here freezing as I type) and I discovered that I don’t really have much in the way of warm clothing. So I received a good mix of sweaters, cardigans, long-sleeved blouses and more. Some of them are definite “no”‘s, some are definite “yes’s” and I’m still on the fence with a few others so I would love your opinions!

Also, I need to take a minute to give major props to Paulina for keeping my budget in mind and sending things that are <$100 (with the exception of 1 item). Trunk Club seems to have a reputation for being the “way more expensive” version of Stitch Fix, but it really depends on your stylist. This is a trunk filled with items in the very same price range as SF. Again, I’ve mentioned it before in the TC vs. SF post, but the biggest difference between the 2 services, in my experience, is style.

Moving on!

Trunk Club Womens Review

Item #1 and #2: Woven Hem Layered Look Sweater (HALOGEN) $50 and ‘Alina’ Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans (NYDJ) $83

Woven Hem Layered Look Sweater Halogen Trunk Club Woven Hem Layered Look Sweater Halogen Trunk Club Woven Hem Layered Look Sweater Halogen Trunk Club Alina Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans NYDJ Trunk Club

Please excuse my undone pulled-back hair… and my face. I had not the energy to get ‘done up’ for these photos today. I have 2 toddlers.

Ok, first of all I love love love this sweater. It’s soft, feminine and not like anything I currently have in my wardrobe (with the layered look thing). I was so excited when I pulled it out of the box. And then I turned the sweater around and saw that the pink sweater part in the back doesn’t go down as far as it does in the front. WHYYYYY?! I love absolutely everything else about this sweater, including the button back (trend alert!). However….the more I look at it, the less I care about the different length thing. I really love this sweater and so does my husband. So I’m pretty sure it’s a keeper. Note to self though: don’t wear a black bra with it…and make sure the straps aren’t twisted. Ugh. Sorry.

About the jeans. These are the same jeans I received a few trunks ago (but those were burgundy). These are really great jeans…super soft, great wash…but… just a tad too tight in the waist. I’m currently going through a major house and wardrobe purge, finally getting rid of stuff I don’t need, don’t wear enough or doesn’t spark  joy in me. And jeans that give me a muffin top most definitely do not spark joy. They’re going back 🙂

{Also pictured: Dakota Tall Boot by HINGE}

Item #3: Faux Leather Jacket (BLANKNYC) $98 and #1 and #2 above

Faux Leather Jacket BLANKNYC Trunk Club Faux Leather Jacket BLANKNYC Trunk Club

I was excited to get a faux leather jacket in this trunk. It’s been on my wishlist ever since I tried on a REAL black leather jacket a few trunks ago but couldn’t afford it. However, now that I think of it….with all the referral credit I have I might be able to! Oh the possibilities! Ok…back to this particular jacket. I like that’s it not obviously fake. Some faux leather jackets really do look…well, faux. But this one could definitely pass for real. The zipper details give it a nice edgy look. However, the shoulders are really quite pointy, and that’s not my thing. Also the sleeves are really tight. I know these jackets are supposed to fit small and be short, etc…but this is just uncomfortable. I couldn’t even lift my arms up behind by head to put my necklace on. So sadly, this is getting returned.

{Also Pictured: Hillsy Almond Toe Ankle Bootie by VINCE CAMUTO}

Item #4: Side Zip Crewneck Sweater (CASLON) $58

Side Zip Stripe Crewneck Sweater Caslon Trunk Club Side Zip Stripe Crewneck Sweater Caslon Trunk Club

This sweater is warm, well-made and has a cool zipper detail on the side. But I’m not LOVING the print on this one. It’s okay. But just okay. I think I’d almost like it more if the back was solid black. It’s also a little loose-fitting. Likely returning.

Items #5 and #6: Print Button Placket Top (HINGE) $68 and Fringed Open Front Cardigan (CASLON) $47

Print Button Placket Top Hinge Trunk Club Fringed Open Front Cardigan Caslon Trunk Club Fringed Open Front Cardigan Caslon Trunk Club

Let’s talk first about the top. I normally don’t like all-over prints, especially on a long-sleeved top. It seems too busy to me. However, you’ll soon see that I received a couple of them in this trunk and I actually don’t mind it, if it’s styled a certain way, especially with a solid cardigan over it. I really love the fabric on this one. It’s hard to explain, but it’s kind of crinkly and stretchy.  I’m not sure I love the “moth” print though. Probably returning.

As for the cardigan, it’s super warm and cozy! I really love the ivory/grey color combo. But it’s a bit itchy  (has wool in it) so it’s only comfortable if I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath. I’m also not sure how I feel about the fringe thing. My friend got this in her last trunk and said it reminder her of a Mexican blanket. I have to agree 🙂 Between that and it’s delicate knit fabric (which I’d probably ruin in a day), this is likely going back. I wanted to love it though 🙁

Item #7: Contrast Cuff Crewneck Sweater (CASLON) $58

Contrast Cuff Crewneck Sweater Caslon Trunk Club Contrast Cuff Crewneck Sweater Caslon Trunk Club

My husband really likes this one and I’m still on the fence. It’s a nice sweater, warm and well-made. Has a cool color palette with greys and blue. The contrast cuff thing is kinda cool. I probably should’ve styled it better and added a necklace or something. That would probably help make my decision easier. What do you think? Keep or return?

Item #8: Zip Front High/Low Tunic (TROUVE) $78

Zip Front High/Low Tunic Trouve Trunk Club Zip Front High/Low Tunic Trouve Trunk Club

This is a definite “no” for me. I’m not digging the “camo” print or how loose and long it is (yes, I know it’s a tunic…I don’t like it). Returning!

Item #9: Lace Turtleneck Top (HALOGEN) $98

Lace Turtleneck Top Halogen Trunk Club

I do not like turtlenecks. And I do not like this price tag. Returning.

Items #10: Turtleneck Sweater Dress (HINGE) $78

Turtleneck Sweater Dress Hinge Trunk Club Turtleneck Sweater Dress Hinge Trunk Club

Again with the turtleneck. I thought I mentioned to Paulina that I hated turtlenecks. I may need to send another note to make sure she gets the memo 🙂 And I’m not opposed to sweater dresses–this was actually really warm and comfy. But not at all figure flattering. Returning.

Items #11 and #12: Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan (HALOGEN) $46 and Henley Blouse (NYDJ) $88

Henley Blouse NYDJ Trunk Club Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Halogen Trunk Club Henley Blouse NYDJ Trunk Club

The black cardigan is a classic piece that I don’t currently have. It’s super soft and a bit “dressier” than any other cardigan I have. It goes with a lot of different tops/bottoms/dresses, etc. It’s a keeper for sure.

Now this blouse is another one of those all-over prints that I didn’t think I’d like until I tried it on. But…I really like the way it looks, especially with the cardigan and a necklace. It’s a bit on the bigger/looser side and a little pricey. I’m going to ask Paulina if I can get it in a smaller size (she sent a Small and I usually wear XS, which makes me think it probably isn’t available in a smaller size). But if it is, I’m likely keeping this. Or even if it’s not…I might keep it anyway, cause it doesn’t look all that bad 🙂

Items #13 and #14: Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan (HALOGEN) $46 and Print Button Placket Top (HINGE) $68

Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Halogen Trunk Club Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Halogen Trunk Club Print Button Placket Top Hinge Trunk Club Print Button Placket Top Hinge Trunk Club

This is same exact cardigan as the black one, just in green. I love it just as much, especially with this outfit. But I’ll need to take a look at my wardrobe to make sure it goes with a lot more before saying “yes” to it.

And this blouse is the same one as the “moth” print one. And I LOVE it! I’m seriously shocked that I’m liking the all-over print. The colors are gorgeous. I love the way it fits. This is a definite keeper! I forgot to take a picture of it, but it has cute button details on the sleeve too. Winner.

Items #15 and #16: Belted Turtleneck Poncho (HALOGEN) $118 and ‘Melody’ Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee (CASLON) $25

Belted Turtleneck Poncho Halogen Trunk Club Belted Turtleneck Poncho Halogen Trunk Club

And finally….this poncho thing. I’m not really sure what to say about it lol. It’s heavy and warm. But not my style at all….and definitely not for that price! Oh…and the turtleneck. Why, Paulina?!

I didn’t take a picture of the white shirt by itself because it’s really see-through. But it’s just a basic long sleeve tee. It fits great and would make a great layering piece (to go with this poncho for example), but I’m not sure I need it. It does go down in history as the cheapest item I’ve ever received from Trunk Club (or Stitch Fix for that matter).

So what do you think? What should I keep?? I have a few more days to decide so I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts!

Stitch Fix #17- Holiday Party Fix

Stitch Fix Review Holiday Party

For the first time in 4 years, my husband’s work is having a holiday party that I’m actually invited to! Needless to say,  I’m pumped. Of course I need a new dress for the occasion! So I requested an entire fix filled with different dress options, and an accessory to go with it. Sadly, this fix did not work out for me. It’s my first “total bust” with Stitch Fix. I didn’t get the same stylist I had last time, which is surprising since I kept the whole box . And up until now that was never an issue, but I think it might’ve been this time around. Who knows. But it’s okay…after 16 really great fixes, a dud was bound to happen! I received 4 dresses and a coat. I was bummed they sent a coat when I asked for an accessory (a necklace or earrings was really what I had in mind, I should’ve been more specific I guess). The dresses either aren’t my style, or had some fit issues. But they’re still great dresses that would look fantastic on someone else I’m sure 🙂 So if you have a holiday party of some sort coming up, maybe you’ll see something here that catches your eye and you can request it! I’ll give you the pros and cons of each item.

Item #1: Poppie Dress (EVERLY) $64

Everly Poppie Dress Everly Poppie Dress

PROS: I love the bold red color, the texture of the dress and the scalloped neckline. It’s my favorite style-wise out of all the dresses I received. However…

CONS: Doesn’t fit well. The top is too loose, and I think the skirt is a tad too long. A smaller size might’ve looked much better. But I think it’s probably better for someone with more curves up top 😉 Beautiful dress though!

Everly Poppie Dress Everly Poppie Dress

Item #2: Marge Dress (COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS) $88

Collective Concepts Marge Dress Collective Concepts Marge Dress

PROS: Stretchy, comfy, POCKETS. A great LBD (for the right person)

CONS: Again with the fit. Way too baggy/loose up top and does nothing for my figure. Like the one above, I think this would look much better on someone with more curves. The gold zipper in the back is cool though.

Collective Concepts Marge Dress Collective Concepts Marge Dress

Item #3: Dessa Dress (IVY + BLU) $118

Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress

PROS: Beautiful color (blue/green?), seemed high quality. I like the flutter sleeves. It’s lined.

CONS: A little plain jane- not quite the stunning look I’m going for. Also, the fabric is VERY unforgiving. There’s all sorts of sucking-in going on in that photo!

Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress

Item #4: Euna Dress (COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS) $88

Collective Concepts Euna Dress Collective Concepts Euna Dress

PROS: Out of all the dresses, this one actually felt like it fit me properly. I like the black/metallic thing and the texture of the dress (makes it a little more forgiving, since it’s pretty form-fitting).

CONS: I don’t like the style of the dress with the “t-shirt” top (high neckline and short sleeves). The slit/wrap thing at the bottom is also weird to least from the front. Side view isn’t terrible. But overall, just not what I’m looking for. Also, this was the dress my stylist recommended after seeing my Pinterest board…which greatly confuses me…since none of the dresses I pinned look anything like this.


Collective Concepts Euna Dress Collective Concepts Euna Dress

Item #5: Chelston Oversized Wool Coat (SEE U SOON) $168

See U Soon Chelston Oversized Wool Coat See U Soon Chelston Oversized Wool Coat

PROS: Gorgeous burgundy color. Super high quality. Very warm.

CONS: I didn’t ask for it, nor do I need it. And I really don’t like “oversized” anything on me. This coat swallowed me whole. I’m borderline petite with a small frame, so wearing oversized items makes me look like a 6-year old trying on my mom’s clothes.

So that’s everything! Did you see anything you like? I’m disappointed nothing worked out for me, but I’ll keep looking. I think we are probably going to suck it up and just venture to the mall and go in actual stores to find the perfect dress. I say “we” because I really value my husband’s opinion and I want his help picking it out (AND he volunteered) 🙂 I’ll be sure to share the final look with all of you! I’d give Trunk Club a try but I’m waiting for some referral credit to be applied first 😉

Want to see more Fix’s from other bloggers? Maria at Crazy Together is hosting another link-up- check it out! Then check out The Pleated Poppy for yet another link-up 🙂


Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix- An Updated Comparison

*I originally wrote my Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix post in October of 2015 and since then, both services have made some changes, so I’ve updated it to give you the most accurate information!

I wanted to try Trunk Club (TC) for at least a few months before comparing/contrasting them to Stitch Fix (SF).  Before launching “women” in Fall 2015, TC was exclusive to men. Since my husband was a customer, I was given early access to try it out! For this review, I’m going to stick mostly to the facts, with a little bit of opinion.  I’ll give you an overview of how each service works (the basics) and then my personal opinion/experience with both. I’m not going to tell you which one is better or which one YOU should try. That’s up to you. I like both. I use both. As you’ll find out later in the post, they each serve a different purpose for me.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase using one of my links, I receive a small commission which helps support this blog. That said, all opinions are my own. I love these services and enjoy sharing my experiences with you lovely readers! 

Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix Review


I’ve put this into a table, for a quick side-by-side comparison:


Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club Review Comparison


For SF, I’ve selected “the cheaper the better” option for everything since day 1. For TC, there’s no place in your profile to indicate budget- you have do that directly with your stylist via email/phone call. I didn’t do that at first, so there were some items I received from TC that were WAY out of my budget. However, there were also plenty of items at the same price point as my SF items. As long as you clearly communicate your budget to your stylist, you shouldn’t be too shocked/surprised at the cost of items. With both services, it’s as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. You’re in control of how often you receive a shipment, and how many items you decide to keep. While it’s common to keep an entire “fix” (and you’re incentivised to do so with a discount), I don’t think that’s the goal of a “trunk”. I think you get so many items just to have a lot to choose from. I have yet to receive a trunk where I’ve loved EVERY piece. But there have always been 1-3 items that I absolutely did love. And for me, that’s a successful trunk. I personally can’t afford to keep a whole trunk. So I’m glad I haven’t loved everything lol. When factoring in cost, I think it’s also important to remember you’re not just paying for an article of clothing.  You’re paying for the service and the convenience of having a personal stylist pick stuff out for you and make it a really easy, stress-free way to shop. There’s a lot of value in that for me.



This is just my experience and what I’ve observed so far- but I’d say SF is more in the casual clothing market and TC is a bit higher-end. TC is owned by Nordstrom and everything comes from there (at least for now, who knows if that could change in the future). So you can browse the Nordstrom website to get a good idea of the style. However, SF knows I’m a “stay-at-home-mom” and I’ve specifically requested mostly casual clothes from them, so they may very well have fancier items too (and I’ve seen some on other blogs), but the overall style still seems to be very different from what TC offers. Personally, I kind of like that. Each service serves a different purpose for me. I used SF to completely replace my wardrobe- so mostly casual, every day clothes. And that’s been a complete success. With TC, while I initially signed up for the shoes (because SF didn’t offer shoes at the time), I can also get the occasional fancy/special wardrobe item (like a gorgeous suede leather jacket, for example), or fitness apparel, which is something that SF might not offer.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix Maternity Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress Stitch Fix Maternity Blaire Maternity Dress Greenich Striped Knit Top Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top Shara Herringbone Vest Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Trunk Club:

Trunk Club Womens   Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan Halogen Trunk Club Faux Leather Jacket BLANKNYC Trunk Club Trunk Club Fitness Trunk Club Fitness Trunk Club Women's



One other cool thing I want to be sure to mention about TC, is that they send you a preview of each trunk before it ships. You have 48 hours to review it (if you don’t, it will just ship as is). But it gives you a chance to tell them NOT to send a particular item if you don’t want it. In some cases, they’ve even changed the items. For example, when my stylist first put together my “mini-trunk of shoes”, I wasn’t crazy about any of them and asked her to look at my Pinterest board to see the style I’m looking for. So she removed the shoes I didn’t like and added new ones based on what she saw on my Pinterest board. I think that’s a really cool thing. While those riding boots were a complete miss, she totally nailed the bootie style 😉 So you can choose not to receive something based on the style (like I did), or even based on price. If you don’t even want to be tempted with an item that’s way out of your budget, just select “Don’t Send” during your preview (and of course let your stylist know not to send stuff in that price range in the future). I like having that kind of control.

Other similarities: they both offer style (outfit) suggestions for each item. SF sends a card, TC sends an email. They both have an app for your phone (but SF is only on iPhone right now, sadly). Both include a return label and an easy way to send back the items (SF uses a big envelope usually and for TC you just use the same box it comes in). You can upload a picture of yourself to your TC account, and you can do the same on the SF iPhone app (not online though).



As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m satisfied with both services. I don’t think one is better than the other. They each have pros/cons. Ultimately, I think it comes down to your personal style and what your goal is. One service might be able nail your style better than the other, and I think that’s the biggest difference. I still continue to use both services today. SF really has replaced my entire “casual” wardrobe and TC is providing those “special” wardrobe items!

If there’s something I didn’t address in this post and you have more questions about how either service works, please ask in the comments below!

Also–thanks for reading these posts! I have a lot of fun trying on clothes, taking pictures and reviewing stuff for all of you. When I posted my first SF review, I had no idea how popular they would become or how many of my facebook friends are so into fashion 😉 It was never my goal to become one of those “fashion bloggers” (nor did I realize that was even a thing at first) and I’m certainly no style expert, but I’m thankful for the readership nonetheless. And of course, I’m thankful for those of you who have signed up based on my reviews/recommendation, thereby giving me credit towards purchases. Really appreciate that! 🙂

Sign up for TC here, and SF here!


Stitch Fix Sweet 16! And…THE BOOTS

Before I get into my “sweet 16” fix, I have to address the boot situation. If you’ve been following my posts on Trunk Club recently, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling to find the perfect pair of riding boots. I’ve never owned a good pair that I really love. Target usually carries a style I like, but only in a synthetic material that falls apart after wearing them for one season (in my experience anyway). So this year I’ve been on the hunt for a good quality pair of leather riding boots that will hopefully last me a long time. My requirements, other than real leather: 1). cognac in color 2). slim in the calf AND foot. 3). Mostly flat, not heeled (since I just bought heeled booties). After 2 failed attempts through Trunk Club (in my stylist’s defense, I am very picky and she only has so many options to choose from that meet all my requirements)…I finally found a pair that I’m happy with…and I found them on my own (mostly)! Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, or they at least have some sort of major deal with them since that’s where all the clothing/shoes come from. So I started browsing the Nordstrom website, looking through all the riding boots and found a pair that looked like winners (pretty much the only pair that seemed like a good fit for me). They came in cognac, in my size, and were available at a mall close to me. So I packed up the kids, pushed my double stroller into Nordstrom, asked for the boots, tried them on and…..they are now mine! Hallelujah! Oh, and I forgot to mention the 4th requirement…4. Preferably doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. I was about to drop a crap-ton of money on those Frye boots and I’m so glad I didn’t…because I like these more and they’re WAY cheaper. So, my bootie/boot collection is now complete! And for the record, I still very much prefer to have a stylist pick stuff out for me and send them to my door to try on at home, but since I knew exactly what I was going in for, the trip with the kids was quick and painless lol.

Here they are!

Dakotah Tall Boot (HINGE) from Nordstrom

Dakotah Tall Boot Hinge Dakotah Tall Boot Hinge Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top

{Also pictured above: one of my favorite wardrobe items- the chambray, from Fix #10 and my black skinnys from Fix #7}

Anyway, now that the boot saga has concluded, let’s move on to my 16th fix! This fix, more than any other I think, really proves why I love this service so much. I wasn’t crazy about a few of the items when I first “peeked” at them (once your fix ships you can go to check out online and see what you’re getting before it arrives). And even after it arrived and I tried it on, I was still on the fence with a few things. But I’ve learned over time not to always trust my first impression of something. So I didn’t make any impulse decisions. I slept on it…tried it on again, styled it, and ended up really liking them. In fact, I’ve worn every single piece out in the real world since then. So, spoiler alert: I kept it all!  “Sweet 16” indeed 🙂

Stitch Fix Review

Item #1: Theroux Arrow Relief Cuff (ZAD) 

Theroux Arrow Relief Cuff Theroux Arrow Relief Cuff

This is the first time I’ve ever received a bracelet from Stitch Fix. I’ve had a few “arrow” bracelets pinned on Pinterest for awhile but always left a note/warning on each one: “if you ever send me bracelets, please keep in mind my teeny tiny baby wrists.” I always have a hard time with bracelets falling off…because of my baby wrists. So I was really impressed and thankful that my stylist remembered that and found this one for me. It’s adjustable! And definitely my style. I’ve worn it a few times already. Maybe now I’ll stop wearing 5 hair ties as my wrist accessory and wear this instead! Speaking of, I recently found this genius idea on Pinterest. You’re welcome.

Item #2: Faye Skinny Jean (JUST BLACK) 

Faye Skinny Jean

Grey skinnys were on my wardrobe wish-list and I specifically requested them for this fix. So, of course, I was pleased that I received them! They are a little too long for me (my stylist mentioned in her note that they were the only ones in stock at the moment, and apologized for the length), but since I love them so much, I kept them and just plan to get them hemmed. I really like this particular shade of grey (charcoal). And aside from the length, they’re a perfect fit. I think my jean collection is now complete (but I can’t make any promises…) 😉 In case you’re wondering, my full denim collection includes: 2 dark wash, 1 medium wash, 1 light wash, 1 black, 1 bright red, 1 burgundy, 1 grey. There COULD be room in there for some more colored denim…what do you think? 🙂

Item #3 Greenich Striped Knit Top (PIXLEY) 

Greenich Striped Knit Top Greenich Striped Knit Top Greenich Striped Knit Top

This was one of the items I was really unsure about. What I do love is stripes, and a casual knit top. It’s super soft and fitted. I also like that it has red in it because it’s a color that’s been missing from my wardrobe. So it has all those things going for it. But what I wasn’t really crazy about at first, is the elbow patch thing. It’s a trend that has been growing on me and I’ve seen several different tops with elbow patches that I DO like. But never in black faux leather. However…I kinda like it now. It gives it a bit of a “edgy” feel, which I played off of by styling it with my black skinnys and black booties. My stylist also suggested pairing it with the vest from my last fix, which made me like it even more and helped me see the potential that it has.

Greenich Striped Knit Top, Shara Herringbone Vest

And if I’m not feeling the elbow patch thing on a particular day, I’ll just throw a cardigan or something over it. Done.

Greenich Striped Knit Top, Huebert space dye open cardigan

{The cardigan is from Fix #14 and the necklace is from Fix #10}

Item #4 Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt (MARKET & SPRUCE) 

Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt

This is the other top I was iffy on. Surprisingly, because I do love me some plaid. But there was something about this particular combination of colors and the neckline that I wasn’t digging at first. What I did like, however, (and still like of course), is the soft material. It’s not an actual flannel, so it’s little more lightweight. It has the-tab sleeves which I like and the back is a little longer than the front. After trying it on with a few different jeans, boots, and accessories, I grew to like this top quite a bit. So I’m really happy I decided to keep it! I’m a big fan of this top with my new riding boots, but it can also work with the brown booties too.

{Also pictured above are the Adorra Skinny Jeans (JUST BLACK) from Fix #14.}

Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt

Item #5 Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt (LOVEAPPELLA) and the Faye Skinny Jeans (JUST BLACK)

Faye Skinny Jean, Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt Faye Skinny Jean, Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

I’ve had this one pinned for a long time. It’s a much different material than I was expecting. It’s definitely more “sweater” like than “sweatshirt” but I like that. I was also happy to get this in an olive green color- as that’s another color I’ve been wanting to add to my wardrobe.

Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

It’s warm and cozy, perfect for the Fall season…(if California ever gets its crap together and stops being 80 DEGREES IN OCTOBER that is!) Anyway- it’s a keeper. It looks great with black jeans, dark wash denim and I’m wearing it in the pictures above with my grey skinnys (which you can see are rolled up twice in the second picture lol).

So that is that! Another perfect 5/5 fix (my 4th one!) What did you think of the items I received? And do you like my new boots?! 🙂

Remember, if you sign up for either Stitch Fix, or Trunk Club using my referral link, I’ll get credit when you make your first purchase. And then you’ll be given your own referral link that you can use to get credit too 🙂 Let me know if you do, and how everything goes!

A Mini-Trunk of Shoes!

After my last Trunk Club, I asked my stylist to focus on shoes for now. I have a pretty solid wardrobe, thanks to 16 fixes! (review #16 is forthcoming, FYI), so she put together this little trunk of shoes for me.

Trunk Club Shoes

Can I just take a minute to say how awesome it is to get a box filled with shoes, delivered to my doorstep? Seriously. I was giddy. I even knew what was coming because of the “preview” thing TC does. But still. The excitement was there.

Trunk Club Shoes

Moving on!

I was pretty bummed that the Frye boots from my last trunk didn’t work out. I’ve always wanted Frye boots because they look gorgeous and they’re really well-made (therefore lasting a long time), and I even had those specific boots pinned on my Pinterest board for years. But I am apparently very picky when it comes to riding boots. While they certainly did live up to my expectations of gorgeousness and quality (from what I could tell), I just didn’t like the way they looked on me. I’m 5’4, so borderline petite basically. So I’m finding that most boots look too clunky, bulky, clown-shoe-y on me. I want a “slim” boot, maybe a softer leather, not so structured, etc. So I was a little stumped as to why my stylist sent these:

‘Adel’ Tall Zip Boot (ECCO) 

'Adel' Tall Zip Boot Trunk Club

I have the same issue with these that I had with the Frye boots, but these are way worse than the Frye boots 🙁

'Adel' Tall Zip Boot  'Adel' Tall Zip Boot  'Adel' Tall Zip Boot

I felt like I was wearing rain boots, which is not what I want in a riding boot. If I wanted rain boots, I’d buy rain boots. Also, after trying the Frye boots, these seemed really cheap-looking, and feeling. Not much I’m liking about these boots.

The search for the perfect riding boot continues…..

Next up, a pair of flats!


‘Brannon’ Smoking Loafer (DOLCE VITA)

'Brannon' Smoking Loafer  'Brannon' Smoking Loafer  'Brannon' Smoking Loafer

These are insanely comfortable and I dig the burgundy color. However, I’m not a fan of the loafer style flat. I prefer “ballet” style. They were also more money than I’m willing to spend on flats. Especially since I fell in love with the next 2 items….


‘Gwynn’ Wedge Bootie (DOLCE VITA)

'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie

Um, yes.

'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie  'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie

This is the kind of bootie I like! Unlike the first two I received in my first trunk. These have height, and a better curve/shape on the foot. They’re comfy, they’re soft. They’re exactly what I was looking for.

And so are these…


‘Hillsy’ Almond Toe Ankle Bootie (VINCE CAMUTO)

Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie

They weren’t photographing well here, but it’s a soft, suede-like leather, slightly distressed.

Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie  Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie

I love the dip in the front- it’s unique and it sort of elongates the leg (which us borderline petite gals can appreciate). I love the cowgirl/western style too. They were a little tricky getting on at first because I have super high arches. But thankfully these booties have convenient bootstraps that helped me get them on! And it’s much easier now that I’ve been in and out of them a few times.

Final Verdict: Returning the riding boots and flats. Keeping BOTH booties!

What do you think? Which is your favorite/least favorite?

Trunk Club (Mens)

You probably know by now that I’m a loyal Stitch Fix customer and recently started Trunk Club as well (for the SHOES!) I’ve already shared the first 2 reviews of MY Trunk Club experience so far, but I wanted to give you a peek at what they offer for men too (since they’ve been doing the mens things for awhile). Ivor has been a Trunk Club customer for several months now and has received some pretty awesome items. Shoes, button-downs, jeans, even special socks to wear with his shoes 🙂

Trunk Club

Here’s a general overview of how the service works:

  1. Sign up and complete your style survey
  2. A stylist will connect with you and  hand-select items for you based on your style, sizes, preferences, requests, etc.
  3. You’ll get a preview of all the items before they ship (with a chance to say “don’t send” a particular item, if you so choose).
  4. After the “preview” period is over, your items will ship to your door (for free!)
  5. You have 10 days to try everything on and decide what you want to keep. Send back whatever you don’t (free shipping!)
  6. Request a new trunk whenever you’d like!

You have one stylist assigned to you every time, and you can communicate with them via email (or even phone!). Your online profile can include a photo of yourself, in addition to all your measurements. There’s no styling fee, no minimum purchase! The average trunk includes 12-15 items and there’s no incentive to keep every item (no additional discount). However, since they send so many items you’d probably go broke if you kept everything, so I’m glad they don’t dangle a “keep all” discount! I think the point is to have a lot of options to choose from.

So here’s a peek into my husband’s most recent trunk:

Trunk Club

Each trunk includes a personal note from your stylist, item/price list, return label and 2 packing strips (to seal the box back up for return).

This particular trunk seemed to have a color scheme to it: blues and greys! I liked that.

Trunk Club

Here’s my handsome, bearded husband modeling all the items:

Items 1, 2 and 3: Perfect Oxford Shirt (J. Press), Graduate Jeans (A.G.), Otto Canvas Shoes (Tretorn)

Trunk Club

Item 4: Jacob Henley (Slate & Stone)

Trunk Club

Item 5: Classic V-Neck Tee (Vince)

Trunk Club

Item 6: Tournament Crew Sweater (Life After Denim)

Trunk Club

Item 7: French Terry Long Sleeve Crew Neck (Velvetmen)

Trunk Club

Item 8: Crinkled Stretch Box Check Sportcoat (JKT)

Trunk Club

Item 9: Long Sleeve Modal Henley (Vince)

Trunk Club

Item 10: Skene Two Tone Long Sleeve Crew (Theory)

DSC_0781 copy

Item 11: Iker Cashmere Full Zip Sweater (Theory)

Trunk Club

Close-up of the pants, sport-coat and the special socks, which is Item 12 and 13: 2-pack Liner Socks (Tommy John)

DSC_1143 copy Trunk Club

It’s interesting that he’s wearing the grey pants in some of the photos above and they look brown, but really…they are grey.

Trunk Club Trunk Club

There was nice detail on the inside of the Sportcoat, which he really loved but was quite expensive (the most expensive item in the trunk). The socks are special “no-show” socks to wear with the shoes he got (but he already has a few of those already). He ended up keeping the grey pants and the shoes. The grey pants because he doesn’t have anything like that in  his wardrobe yet and they’ll go with a lot of different tops he has. The shoes he already has in navy blue and they’re his favorite ever, so he was pretty excited to get them in a different color.

There were other items he really liked in this trunk (specifically the “Life After Denim” sweater), but it wasn’t in the budget this month to keep anything else.

I’ve been really impressed with every he’s received thus far. Some if it is pretty expensive but his stylist works with our budget and does her best to keep the cost down. But overall, everything he receives is high quality, well-made and looks amazing on him. He sometimes gets a lot of t-shirts and seemingly “basic” items, but the fabrics are INSANELY soft it’s ridiculous. Like I mentioned before, this trunk had a similar color scheme going on, but normally there’s a good variety. Over the summer he got shorts, polos, tees, button-downs, etc. in a variety of colors and styles. If I can convince him, I’ll get him to model some of the other items he’s received. But let it be known, that getting him to do just this one blog post is HUGE 🙂

This service has been a life-saver for him (and me). He lost a lot of weight so he needed new clothes, but he hates shopping. And we have 2 small kids, so family shopping trips would just end disastrous. The convenience of a styling service has been the perfect solution for us. He looks dang good in his new clothes, and it requires very little time/effort on his part (or mine!)

Let me know if you have any other questions about how everything works! And if you’re ready to try it yourself, Sign up here!


*Disclaimer: this post contains referral links. If you sign up and order a trunk (or a fix) using the link, we’ll get some credit- which is always appreciated! But other than that, we receive nothing for writing these reviews. It’s just fun!