Motherhood & Why I’m Done Having Kids

I always find it odd/annoying how people give their opinions on 1. Whether or not you should have kids 2. When you should have them 3. How many you should have, and 4. How many years is appropriate between each of them.

To be blunt, ain’t nobody’s business but your own and your husband’s. BUT…I do enjoy hearing other people’s stories and their own reasons for those things, particularly when they decide to be done. So I’m going to share my own haha ūüėõ

From 2012 to 2016, I was pregnant 5 times. I had a miscarriage (2012). I had Gwen (2013). Surprise! I had Ivor Baby (2014). I had another miscarriage (twins- 2015). Then I had Fiona (2016).

Friends, I am done.

The last 5 years have been insane. Amazing. Beautiful. Lonely. Devastating. Joyful.

Pregnant. Nursing. Pushing out babies and feeling every bit of it because my body rejects epidurals apparently (yeah…).

Sleepless nights. Tears. Laughter. Isolation. Connection.

Discovering how wretched I can be when little people push my buttons. Discovering the depths of a love I never knew possible (3 times over).

I remember a fleeting thought once (most likely during a very rough night with Ivor Baby), where I thought maybe¬†we could be done. I had the “perfect” family. 1 girl and 1 boy. Though lots of people probably wouldn’t think having them 14 months apart is “perfect”. But after a little while I realized that “nope…someone’s missing.” So we eventually started trying again. And then miscarriage #2 happened. At that point I REALLY thought “maybe we should be done”…but only because I was terrified of going through the pain of another loss …AGAIN. But no….our family still felt incomplete. In fact, that loss confirmed even more how badly I wanted just 1 more.

A friend said something recently about having a 3rd baby (but really it could apply to lots of things)…

“If you don’t do it, you’ll always wonder. If you do, you’ll never regret it.”

That’s exactly how I felt before Fiona. Was I risking the pain of another miscarriage? Yes. But was she worth it? Um, absolutely! Without her, I’d always wonder what it would be like to have 3 kids. And now¬†that I have her, I would¬†never ever regret¬†it. Even though 3 kids, ages 4 and under, is a circus most days ūüėõ

But now I have contentment in my heart. It feels complete. I don’t have that same wonder about 4 kids as I did about 3 kids. And quite honestly, I’m just done with the highs/lows of pregnancy and those early baby days. The crazy hormones. The weepies. And I really don’t want to go through the anxiety of pregnancy again, wondering “will it stick?…will I lose this one too?” I’m just done with the season of having¬†babies, and now I’m ready for the season of¬†raising them.

Don’t get me wrong, God COULD have other plans and miraculously gives us another child, even though it’s not our plan. And I might freak out. And have a nervous breakdown. But I’d certainly love that child as much as the first 3 and never ever regret him/her either. But as far as MY plan goes…we are done lol.

I guess it might seem like an odd subject for a Mother’s Day post (“Why I’m done having kids”) lol…I don’t mean it to be negative in any way. Just a reflection on my journey into motherhood (becoming a mother), and embracing the NEXT¬†season of motherhood ūüôā

So to all the mamas out there with their own unique and beautiful stories, from my circus to yours- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Motherhood & Why I'm Done Having Kids



Stitch Fix Review #31- Spring Fix Take 2!

Welcome to another fun Spring fix from Stitch Fix!¬†I LOVED my¬†last fix¬†and how springy everything was, so I asked my stylist to keep on going with the spring theme (why stop?!)¬†One of my favorite things about this box in particular are the price points! Definitely one of the cheapest fixes I’ve received yet. My wallet approves. Additionally, it’s filled with super cute spring items that were hard to resist. Though I did have to resist¬†some of it. Read on to find out why…

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of the links, I receive a small commission which helps support this blog and keeps these posts a-coming!

Stitch Fix Review #31- Spring Fix Take 2!


Item 1: Kami Basic Cork Wedge (NINE WEST) $79


Kami Basic Cork Wedge Nine West Stitch Fix

Kami Basic Cork Wedge Nine West Stitch Fix

Kami Basic Cork Wedge Nine West Stitch Fix

Kami Basic Cork Wedge Nine West Stitch Fix

Ohhh these shoes. I’ll be honest, at first…I wasn’t thrilled. Only because I’ve been looking for a good neutral¬†wedge sandal. Ya, brown. Boring, I know. But I wanted something I can wear with everything this spring/summer. And these¬†babies are bright blue. Definitely not neutral. But they are stinking ADORABLE. And I loved the pop of color it added to the outfits I tried them on with. So I took it as a challenge¬†to try spicing¬†up my outfits with pops of color in the shoe, instead of elsewhere. Just in this fix alone, they paired well with 2 different outfits (see below). Since I am a big fan of neutrals, I really do have plenty of neutral tops and bottoms in my wardrobe that will work well with them. So….I kept them! ūüėÄ


Item 2: Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse (NAPEAN SEA RD) $48


Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix

Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix

Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix

Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix

This top is super cute and fun & flirty. I love the off-the-shoulder thing and the ruffles (though for some reason it made me feel like a flamenco dancer…). This top screamed “let’s go on vacation to a tropical island and drink cocktails and dance the night away!!”… at least that’s what I heard. Or Miami. This would be a good Miami outfit. HOWEVER…it is way too see-through. I know it’s not as obvious in the pictures, but in person, trust me. You could see my belly-button and the top of my pants a little too well. I just don’t like that look. It’s not lingerie ya know what I mean?? And because of the spaghetti straps and off-the-shoulder-ness, wearing a cami underneath doesn’t really work. ¬†Sigh…. Sorry, rant over. Conclusion: I returned this one.


Item 3: Everett Crew Neck Top (PAPERMOON) $34


Everett Crew Neck Top Papermoon Stitch Fix

Everett Crew Neck Top Papermoon Stitch Fix

Everett Crew Neck Top Papermoon Stitch Fix

This has a very “j.Crew” look to it. It’s simple but well structured and I was super impressed with the quality, especially for that price! As I mentioned before, I do love a good neutral. I love that I can pair this top with basically any color jean and add pops of color (in the shoe and/or jewelry). ¬†Bonus, it is NOT see-through ūüėČ KEEP!


Item 4: Emmett Crew Neck Blouse (ALICE BLUE) $32


Emmett Crew Neck Blouse Alice Blue Stitch Fix

Emmett Crew Neck Blouse Alice Blue Stitch Fix

Emmett Crew Neck Blouse Alice Blue Stitch Fix

Emmett Crew Neck Blouse Alice Blue Stitch Fix

After receiving these cute pink pants in my last fix, I asked for some tops to wear with them and mentioned Navy specifically. So I was happy to receive this one with the tiny little arrow print! I actually ended up¬†exchanging¬†this one because of a slight defect. I disguised it well in these pics but the hemline was really uneven (and not on purpose). I also sized up so it would be a bit longer. Stitch Fix Customer Service is AMAZING and took care of it right away. They stand by their service and quality standards so if something isn’t up to snuff, they’re always willing to make it right. After 31 fixes (155 items), I’ve only had an issue with 2 items. Not bad at all!


Item 5: Brittny Tulip Sleeve Knit Top (KAILEIGH) $34


Brittny Tulip Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix

Brittny Tulip Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix

Brittny Tulip Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix

Brittny Tulip Sleeve Knit Top Stitch Fix

I was a little underwhelmed with this one if I’m being honest. It was just sort of “okay”. Pretty color, love the tulip sleeve detail but I wish the fabric and shape was a bit nicer. I got the feeling that after 1 wash/dry cycle, any shape it did have would be lost. I do admit that I could’ve styled it better here. Since it was such a casual fabric I wanted to go for a more casual look with the distressed denim and chucks. But I think it would’ve looked a lot better with grey jeans or a nice dark blue wash, and some flats. ¬†If I had more time to spend on these photos and posts I’d style everything a few different ways. But ya know…kids. So final verdict on this one: Returned.


  1. Blue sandals: KEEP
  2. Yellow ruffle top: RETURN
  3. Grey striped top: KEEP
  4. Navy arrow print top: KEEP
  5. Pink knit top: RETURN

Ready to order your own spring (or summer) fix?! Or give a really awesome gift to someone else? Sign yourself up¬†or send a gift card to a special someone who would love it (Mother’s Day is very close..) ūüėČ

Stitch Fix Review #30- A Spring Fix!

It’s a Stitch Fix milestone, everyone! The big 3-0. ¬†I was worried this review would never happen. My family was hit with the plague recently (aka the worst cold in the history of colds). Naturally, I got the worst of it and it lasted almost 3 weeks. This past week was by far the worst I’ve felt, and I procrastinated taking pictures of my fix until I could shower and put on a happy face (thankfully Stitch Fix gave me an extension on the return period because their customer service rocks). Anyway. I tried really hard not to look like a hot mess in these photos. I really did.¬†I had just finished a major coughing spell right before we started¬†and it looked like I had been crying for hours. But, the show must go on!

In my¬†last fix I asked for “going out” pieces and I LOVED all the bright, bold colors I received.¬†For this one I decided to switch gears a bit and asked for a “spring refresh” with casual items for spring (and summer). I mentioned colored denim, subtle florals and a neutral wedge sandal in the note to my stylist. I’m pretty pumped about this one. Upon first glance (when I peeked at the items before it arrived)¬†¬†I thought it could be a 5/5. Dangerous.

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. If you sign up and order a fix using my link, I will receive a small commission which helps support this blog. That said, all opinions are 100% my own! I love to share this stuff. 


Stitch Fix Review #30- A Spring Fix!

Item #1: Attica V-Neck Tank Top (ALICE BLUE) $34 and Item #2: Chester Cargo Short (PISTOLA) $68


Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Tank Top, Chester Cargo Short

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Tank Top, Chester Cargo Short

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Tank Top, Chester Cargo Short

Let’s start with the top. I ADORE the print. It is exactly the kind of floral top I like and what I asked for. Subtle. I don’t prefer to wear all-over, big, bold floral prints. This one is just perfect. And I’m obsessed with the colors. So very spring-y. The only downside: it shows a bit more skin than I’m normally comfortable with. Nothing crazy or anything. But the spaghetti straps require me to wear a strapless bra which is inconvenient while breastfeeding (but I won’t be breastfeeding forever)¬†and while I don’t mind v-necks, this is¬†a loose-fitting top so I just need to be careful if I bend over lest I spill out (not that there’s much to spill, truth be told!) But it’s nothing a good cami can’t fix! And I found a really pretty one that you’ll see in a minute!

As for the shorts, they come straight off my Pinterest board! They fit perfectly. I love the army green color. I love the cargo style. They go with most everything. Keeper. I love Stitch Fix.


Item #3: Adorra Skinny Jean (JUST BLACK) $88


Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Top, Adorra Skinny Jean

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Top, Adorra Skinny Jean

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Top, Adorra Skinny Jean

I kept on the same shirt to wear with the jeans because the colors work well together! And I added a lace extender cami from Grace and Lace¬†because I just got it and really wanted to see how it would look. It’s not the BEST combo with this particular top but it does make it a bit more modest ūüėČ ¬†Anyway, this is about the jeans! Stop distracting me. ¬†I was a little nervous about the pink color. Because let’s just say it…they’re pink pants. But the fit is wonderful and I can wear them with a lot more than I thought I could initially. I’m being brave. I’m being bold. I’m keeping the pink pants!

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Attica V-Neck Top, Adorra Skinny Jean

Gorgeous, right?

Almost done!


Item #4: Jesslyn Dress (FUN2FUN) $48


Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Jesslyn Dress

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Jesslyn Dress

Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Jesslyn Dress

I’ll be honest. I couldn’t figure out how to wear this dang dress. I think it’s probably because it was a bit too small. But I fiddled and fussed with it¬†for way too long. I couldn’t figure out how far down on my shoulder it was supposed to go, where the ruffle should be placed in relation to my boobs and every time I adjusted that, the elastic part at my waist would move and look totally off, and anytime I even so much as thought about raising my arms, the sleeves would pop up over my shoulders. Then I thought “maybe it’s supposed to be there”…but no, that didn’t look right. “This HAS to be an off-the-shoulder-dress!” Needless to say, I’m not keeping this dress lol. I just wasn’t comfortable in it. BUT…it sure does look cute, right? Great color. Lightweight. Cute ruffle with little pom-poms hanging from it.

Oh, and one of the best things about this fix- everything is machine-washable. My stylist knows that this mom-of-3 lifestyle doesn’t allow for much “dry clean only” in my life¬†ūüėÄ


Item #5: Serina Perforated Wedge (REPORT FOOTWEAR) $60


Stitch Fix #30- A Spring Fix! Serina Perforated Wedge

I asked for a neutral wedge sandal and that’s exactly what I got. While I love the color and the height of these, I just didn’t love the style. The perforated thing doesn’t bother me, I just didn’t like the straps. Covers too much of the top of my foot I think…. I’m picky. We’ll keep trying in the next fix to find the winners. But these ain’t it.

(For more shots of these sandals on- see the pics above with the blue dress!)


To Recap:

  1. Attica V-Neck Tank Top: KEEP
  2. Chester Cargo Short: KEEP
  3. Adorra Skinny Jean: KEEP
  4. Jesslyn Dress: RETURN
  5. Serina Perforated Wedge: RETURN

I’m excited to add those 3 keepers to my wardrobe! Keep an eye out for those pink pants. I’m on a hunt now to find even more tops to wear with them (perhaps I’ll blog about it…”What To Wear with Pink Pants”). Stay tuned!


I’ve linked-up again with some other bloggers to share our fixes! This is a great way to discover more “pinnable” items for your Pinterest board to share with your stylist and see what all Stitch Fix has to offer!¬†Check it out!

Ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself after reading all these reviews?! Order your fix and let me know how it works out!

Stitch Fix Review #29

Welcome to my first review since the big move: Stitch Fix Review #29! It was really fun taking these photos with a new backdrop. I love that I have a few options now- inside the house with glowy natural light in the living room, outside in the backyard with some greenery/fence action, or right up against our BLUE house! In front of the red front door is another option, but I’d be kind of embarrassed to”model” right out front for all the neighbors to see haha. So, for this shoot- we went with the blue house backdrop.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of my links, I will receive a small commission which helps support this blog so I can keep writing these reviews for all of you ūüôā¬†

As I’ve said several times before, Stitch Fix was a LIFESAVER for me as a new mom, approaching my 30’s, trying to figure out my style and the best fit for my body. Over the course of 2 years worth of fixes, they had pretty much replaced my entire wardrobe. So I started getting more specific with my requests for special occasions or certain¬†items I was pining for.

For this particular “birthday fix” (it came right before¬†my birthday), I asked for “going out” pieces for date nights or girl’s nights. Items¬†that I would not necessarily wear during the day around my kids.¬†I was very pleased with what my stylist delivered- and especially loved all the bright, bold colors! I tend to get a lot of neutrals and a lot black in my fixes and trunks (for good reason, I almost always keep them lol). But I wanted more color in my wardrobe, and that’s what I’m getting now. Hooray!

Stitch Fix Review #29


1. Jax Filagree Drop Earrings, BAY TO BAUBLES- $28 (KEPT)

I didn’t get a great shot of the earrings other than the photo above, but I’m wearing them in all the other photos too. I didn’t have any earrings like this until now and I know I’ll wear them with just about anything, whenever I’m in a gold jewelry mood (which seems to be quite often recently).¬†So these were no-brainer keepers.


2. Charleene Woven Hem Split Back Knit Top, COLLETTE $38 (RETURNED)

Stitch Fix Review #29 Charleene Woven Hem Split Back Knit Top

Stitch Fix Review #29 Charleene Woven Hem Split Back Knit Top

Stitch Fix Review #29 Charleene Woven Hem Split Back Knit Top

While I love the red color, the soft fabric and the woven hemline- I ended up returning this. Mostly because of the sheer back. I don’t like that you can see my bra strap..and even the bumps of the straps underneath it. I already have too many tops that I need to wear a cami underneath and I just want more things that I can wear by itself, ya know? I’m almost on fix #30 so I’m getting picky lol. I do need more of this color in my wardrobe though so I’ll be asking for another red top in the future. And I really do love that kind of hem. Sigh…


Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket, EDYSON $88 (RETURNED)

Stitch Fix Review #29 Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket

Stitch Fix Review #29 Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket

Stitch Fix Review #29 Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket

This faux leather jacket is pretty much perfect. It’s such a great piece to add a little “edge” to any outfit. It was super comfortable and looked amazing with the outfit I had on. I also love the open drape front. So you’re probably wondering why the heck I returned it lol. Well, it’s because I JUST got my first REAL black leather jacket from Trunk Club about a week earlier. So it didn’t make sense for me to keep this since the “black leather jacket” category¬†is already covered in my wardrobe now.

4. Castello Scallop Hem Blouse, ALICE BLUE $44 (KEPT)

Stitch Fix Review #29 Castello Scallop Hem Blouse

Stitch Fix Review #29 Castello Scallop Hem Blouse

Stitch Fix Review #29 Castello Scallop Hem Blouse

Stitch Fix Review #29 Castello Scallop Hem Blouse

This is a perfect “going-out” blouse. It does require a strapless bra which made it lose a FEW points, but again…it’s for going out. I can make a little extra effort haha. I love the royal blue color and the scallop hemline (such a cute detail). The back is cute too. It was my husband’s favorite out of the entire fix, so that helped¬†make my decision a little easier ūüôā Keeper.

5. Alexis Dress, FRENCH GREY $48 (RETURNED)

Stitch Fix Review #29 Alexis Dress

Stitch Fix Review #29 Alexis Dress

Stitch Fix Review #29 Alexis Dress

Sadly, this dress didn’t fit. Too big in the chest area…story of my life lol. Also, I’m not really big in to wearing bright pink. Had it fit me well enough and I wanted to give it a try, I would probably pair it with a jacket or cardigan to tone down all the pink. But it is a cute dress and would look great on someone else! It’s also a really great price for a Stitch Fix dress!

So, what do you think of my fix? If you see anything you like, be sure to pin it to your own Pinterest board so your stylist can see!

Before I go, just want to remind you about an exciting announcement that Stitch Fix made this week– they launched Plus Size!¬†I’m thrilled that this amazing service is available to more women now. Well done, Stitch Fix!

Ready to try it for yourself? Sign up now!!

To read some other Stitch Fix reviews, check out the latest link-up hosted by Maria at Crazy Together!


Stitch Fix Launches Plus Size!

Hello lovely readers! I’m popping back on to the blog, escaping all the moving chaos, to share some exciting¬†Stitch Fix news with all of you. After years of offering personal styling services to women, sizes 0 to 14 (including petite and maternity), Stitch Fix is now expanding their size range to include even more women. Today, Stitch Fix launches¬†Plus Size! Sizes now range from 0 to 24W and XS to 3X. ¬†I read that there were over 75,000 women on the waitlist for this. That is significant (and very telling)!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using a link, I will receive a small commission which helps support this blog. 

Stitch Fix Launches Plus Size!

Stitch Fix has been a wardrobe lifesaver for me as a mom of 3 little ones who rarely gets to go shopping alone, and even when I do, I always end up in the juniors department with no idea how to dress myself lol. So I’m thrilled that even more women, of all shapes and sizes, get to take advantage of this service now.

It’s not just about the shopping convenience. It’s about having a personal stylist help you figure out what your style is and how to best dress your body with the most flattering fit to give you confidence in how you look. There is so much value in that for me, (and clearly thousands of other women too) that makes this service worth every penny!

Stitch Fix Launches Plus Size!

For this launch, Stitch Fix even created their own exclusive brands and partnered with some of the others they’ve been working with, to include plus sizes. And they worked closely with 3 beautiful women chosen to represent the needs of women with curves: Allison, Kristine¬†and Alexandra. Check out their style blogs and be INSPIRED. Seriously.

This launch is a long-time coming and I’m so excited for everyone who has been waiting for this!

Ready to¬†start your style journey?! Sign up now ūüėÄ

Stitch Fix Launches Plus Size!

Griffiths On The Move!

If you haven’t heard the news yet, we’re moving! Sorry PA friends and family…we’ll still be in CA. About 2 miles from our current place haha. But we’re pretty darn excited about it for several reasons. As with everything in life, there are pros AND cons to the new place of course. ¬†But in the spirit of learning to be grateful and content I’m going to focus on the positive and list every possible thing I can think of¬†to be happy about regarding this move (there are way more pros than cons, and the pros are HUGE for me).

Here you go:

new house

*House hunting in the Bay Area (especially for a large family) is extremely stressful unless you’re loaded. And loaded¬†we are not. Though if you looked at the numbers (of our total income) and we lived just about anywhere else in the country, you could easily put us in the “loaded” category. No joke…we could possibly live in a legit mansion anywhere¬†else. But alas, this is where God has us. And we’ve embraced it (aside from the housing market, it is a really great place to live and we’re happy here). But I digress. Whether buying OR renting, it can be stressful. It’s competitive. We had competition for this place. With another family. And that other family had a pregnant woman in it. I was sure we were going to lose it to that family. But our future landlord “had a good feeling” about us (we may have brought our cute baby along with us to the house showing for sympathy points…#noshame #dowhatyagottado). But praise¬†be to God, we were chosen! Thank you cute baby and “good feelings.” So pro #1 is just the fact that we got it at all lol.

*We’re FINALLY going to be living in a detached, single family house. For the first time since being married. No more shared walls. No more rules and regulations or limited parking for our friends who visit. . We’ll have a driveway plus street parking- with no time limit!

*We’re going to have a back yard. Having 3 kids, this makes me so very happy. I can say daily, “for the love of God, please go outside and play!” while I stay inside and only semi-supervise them. Yes, that’s right, I said SEMI-supervise. I used to play in the back woods and in junk yards when I was a kid, with little to no¬†supervision okay? ¬†Don’t you dare go calling CPS on me for letting my kids play in their own fenced-in back yard. I WILL¬†check in on them, I promise ūüėõ

*Said back yard also has a really nice-sized patio area for outdoor dining. When the weather isn’t in its current state (bye bye drought), it’s really nice to sit outside and eat a meal. Also we love grilling. So you can expect lots of BBQs at The Griffiths house this summer.

*Natural light. Lots of natural light. I may be extra sensitive to this because I’m a photographer, but it’s really important to me. It makes me happy (darkness = gloom and despair, light = happiness). And my indoor photos of the kids will be SO¬†much better. The kitchen in particular has a lot of natural¬†light- basically an entire wall is windows and the sliding glass door to the back yard. So I can do dishes/cook while keeping an eye on the kids outside (see, I told you I’d keep an eye on them).

*Hardwood floors in the entire place. No more carpet. Again, having 3 smalls kids and a cat- this makes me happy. Speaking of the cat- finding a rental that accepts pets is also really difficult. So we’re very thankful.

*A HUGE bedroom for the kids. Like, actual space to put things other than just their beds.

*An office/recording/creative space WITH A LOCKED DOOR that my kids will no longer have access to. This also allows my husband to be able to work from home more easily- which is really important to us.

*The upstairs bathroom, which will be the kids bathroom, has 2 sinks. So Gwen and Ivor Baby can brush their teeth at the same time without fighting over who goes first. This is huge. You have no idea how much this will help¬†the dreaded “bedtime routine.”

*It’s a cute house from the outside (see above picture). It’s blue with a red door. White fence with yellow flowers. Both the front and back yard is well manicured (Gardening is included). Great curb appeal!

*Location, location, location. Close to the shopping center we like. ¬†Close to freeway access. Still close to Gwen’s preschool. Friends within walking distance. And from what I hear, the street we’re living on has other families with kids. And it’s safe (I always check because I’m paranoid).

*Master suite on the first floor is a decent size with a nice bathroom (the whole house was renovated/updated just a few years ago).

*Now that we don’t have to park in the garage, we have more space for our home gym! I’m not sure if it’s a California thing because of the weather, but no one here parks vehicles in their garage if they have a driveway. It’s basically considered an additional room in the house. So that’s a lot more usable space for us.

*I’m happy that the laundry area is NOT¬†in the garage, like a lot of places we’ve seen. It is right inside the garage door, inside the house, but still. It’s own area lol. With shelves and a good spot for the cat litter box (a little thing, but important).

*Landlord is letting us bring our own washer/dryer. While it is an added expense, we can swing it and I’m just really excited to pick out my own washer and dryer (the one he was going to put in for us is way too small. I have 3 kids and a king sized bed..I need a big washing machine. This matters. So I’m happy he’s cool with it.

*Speaking of- the landord and his wife seem really cool. They also have kids. Their adorable son, around Gwen’s age, picked a flower for me the day we signed the lease. I melted <3

*A fresh start in a new place is just good for the soul. I look forward to decorating and putting personal touches around the house. Arranging furniture, picking out curtains and area rugs. Oh goodness, I am about to turn 32 aren’t I???


If you’re curious about the cons, here they are:

*Not a ton of closet space. Our current place has a lot more. That said, it will force us to live more simply and de-clutter and NOT use closets as storage spaces for crap.

*The ideal home for our family is a 4 bedroom (this is a 3 bedroom). But while the kids are still little, sharing a room is not a big deal at all. They don’t need their privacy just yet and they love playing together. We can make do.

*No central AC. Kind of a bummer because contrary to what people ¬†say- it does get REALLY hot here in the summer. And running portable floor unit ACs makes the electric bill insanely high. BUT the landlord did say he’d consider putting it in for us. So this con could be moot. We shall see.


Anyway, T-Minus 4 days until the move! I have no idea when I’ll post again- probably not until we’re somewhat settled in the new place. But when I do, I’ll share some pictures- beautifully lit pictures ūüėČ

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017

Stitch Fix¬†Review- January¬†2017 is here! My first fix of the New Year. This Bay Area rain has been preventing me from getting these photos taken outside, but thankfully there was a brief respite this afternoon (and we finished JUST in time before it started back up again). For this fix I requested distressed denim, casual flats and something trendy. I received just that! I’m on the fence about one of them in particular and would love your opinion to help me decide. But first, a reminder of how this thing works:

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. You create an account online, ¬†and complete a style survey with your preferences and sizes. Then, you schedule a fix. You can sign up for automatic fixes or schedule them on demand, totally up to you! A stylist will put together a fix for you, containing 5 items based on your style profile and notes/requests. Once your fix ships, you‚Äôll be charged a $20 styling fee, which is credited toward your purchase if you decide to keep anything. You have 3 days to try stuff on and checkout online. Then you send back whatever you don‚Äôt want, in the bag included in your fix (a shipping label is already on it). Free shipping both ways! Super simple. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t have much time to shop, doesn’t enjoy the shopping experience (in stores), or just has no clue how to style themselves (::raises hand::). Or, for anyone that just wants to experience the fun factor of having a box of clothes arrive on ¬†your doorstep ūüôā

Ok, back to my fix!

*Note: This post contains a few affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of the links,  I receive a  small commission which helps support this blog!  That said, all opinions are 100% my own.  I just love sharing my experience with products and services I love with all you lovely readers! 

Item 1: Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater (RENEE C) $64

Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater

This, I am definitely keeping. A simple sweater with a cute detail: embroidered polka dots! It’s a fairly thin sweater and a bit sheer so I wore a cami underneath it. But I love everything else about it. Because it’s thin and not bulky, it can easily be worn underneath another layer (like a cardigan or open jacket). I can’t wait to try styling this in other ways! If we weren’t racing the rain when we took these pictures, I would’ve experimented a bit. I did pair it here with my locket necklace from my J.Crew Trunk. I love pairing pink and grey together.

Item 2: Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean (JUST USA) $58

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean

I’ve had a very back-and-forth relationship with distressed demin. I used to like it and then decided I didn’t. I made sure my stylists knew I never wanted distressed denim. Now, I’m back to liking it again. However, I’m very picky about the amount and “style” of the distressing lol. I want it look as naturally distressed as possible, and not too much. These jeans, unfortunately, didn’t pass the test for me. That said, they fit perfectly, I like the frayed hem at the bottom and the price was definitely right! So if it weren’t for my pickiness, these would’ve been keepers.

Also, if you’re wondering who/what I was smiling at in those first photos:

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017

Gwen likes to hang out with mommy and daddy during photo shoots ūüôā She always brings out the best natural smiles and makes it less awkward to model (I’m most comfortable BEHIND the lens).

Item 3: Bardeux Knit Jacket (TRIBAL) $88

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bardeux Knit Jacket Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bardeux Knit Jacket Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bardeux Knit Jacket

This jacket/cardigan is a beautiful color that looks even better in person. I’d say it’s a “mid-weight” jacket- warm and so very soft. I love the asymmetrical zipper thing too. I received a similar one in another fix¬†awhile ago. However, the giant lapels on this one kind of threw me off. I’m not sure why I don’t like it, but I just don’t. They’re too big. Am I crazy? I mean, for the price I should really love it, and not be caught up on the size of the lapels lol. Probably returning this.

Item 4: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse (CRESCENT) $48

Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse Stitch Fix Review- January 2017: Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse

As you might’ve guessed, this is¬†the “something trendy” item. I’ve seen the “cold-shoulder” thing on various blogs and Pinterest boards for awhile now but it was never something that I thought I liked. Even the first time I tried this one on, I wasn’t sure about it. However, the more I look at these pictures…the more I think I may like it. It’s kind of growing on me. Out of all the “cold shoulder” tops I’ve seen, this is by far my favorite. It’s definitely a unique piece, out of my comfort zone and unlike anything I have in my wardrobe (except for the black and white thing…I have a lot of that going on). It’s kind of fun and “flirty” without being too immodest. The first thing out of my husband’s mouth was “Soooo, date night?” I *think* that means he likes it? haha What do you guys think? Should I keep this one? Or cover those shoulders? Help me decide!!!

Also, before showing you my last item, just want to highlight my new pretty necklace from Mint + Birch.

Mint and Birch Custom Necklaces Mint and Birch Custom Necklaces

I’ve been following Mint and Birch on Instagram for awhile and finally decided to order a necklace set as an early birthday present to myself ūüôā I love them! I love wearing something so personalized to me, with some very special dates on them <3 I wear them just about every day.

Also- I have no affiliation with Mint + Birch whatsoever, just wanted to share. These custom necklaces would make a great present for a very special woman in your life (Valentine’s Day is coming up!)

Item 5: Jutti Chambray Flats (TOMS) $84

Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jutti Chambray Flats Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jutti Chambray Flats

Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Jutti Chambray Flats

I actually love these flats. So much so that I already own a pair haha. Just in a different color. This pair in particular was too big. My feet did grow during my last pregnancy, but not to a size 9. I think that must’ve been all they had in stock. In any case, they’re very comfortable flats and I love the neutral grey color of these and the texture. If they were the right size and I didn’t already own a similar pair, I would’ve kept them.

To Recap:

Jerri Polka Dot Pullover Sweater: Keeping
Ailsey Frayed Hem Crop Jean: Returning
Bardeux Knit Jacket: Returning
Bariel Cold Shoulder Blouse: Undecided, but leaning towards keeping
Jutti Chambray Flats: Returning

Before I go, I have to tell you about this new partnership between Stitch Fix and Goodwill! You can now use your Stitch Fix box to make donations to Goodwill- free shipping!

Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Goodwill Partnership

Stitch Fix Review January 2017: Goodwill Partnership

Just go to to print your prepaid shipping label, then drop off your box at any post office or UPS location. Such a great way to reuse your box and clean out your closet (or other areas of your house) at the same time! So convenient!

Stitch Fix Review January 2017


¬†Now¬†check out some other fixes for even more style inspiration! I’ve linked up with some other bloggers to share our recent fixes (hosted by Maria at Crazy Together). Enjoy!

Team Griffiths- Working With Your Spouse

A few weeks ago Ivor and I attended his office New Years party. It was held at an old Theater, built in 1929. As such, the “theme” of the party was the Roaring 20’s (so fun!) What I loved most about it though was that Ivor’s band got to play and I got to photograph it. We did get to mingle, and eat/drink at the beginning of the party like everyone else. But then he got on stage, and I got behind my camera. I love that we get that opportunity every once in awhile- to express our individual creative passions at the same time.

For those of you unaware, who may only read my fashion-related posts and don’t actually know me very well- I love photography ūüôā At some point, when motherhood calms down a bit and my kids are no longer 3, 2 ¬†and brand new, I will pursue it more. For now, it’s a passion mostly “at rest” ¬†(as my friend and MOPS mentor mom once¬†said). I ¬†could really write an entirely separate post just about that- but the short version is this: sometimes in early motherhood, we may feel as though our whole identity revolves around being “mommy.” Any dreams or passions we have outside of motherhood feel as though they have died. But they haven’t. They’re still there. We are not JUST moms. We have other skills and talents you know. ¬†But the reality for some of us is that for the time being, with very small children at home who are so dependent on us, we may need to temporarily let those dreams rest, just for a season. And that is OKAY. Anyway- I’ll stop there before I start rambling (I’ll save that for a longer post on another day).¬†Back to Team Griffiths- working with your spouse!

In general, in our marriage we try not to have any part of our lives totally separate from each other. We are married, and 2 separate individuals have now become 1 unit. 1 team. Team Griffiths (or Team “Krivor” as our wedding party dubbed us….they made t-shirts). That doesn’t mean that we never do things apart from each other. My goodness, no. Every couple needs *some* time apart- we’d go crazy. I have my girl time. He has guy time. He may play video games or jam on his guitar while I veg in front of the TV watching This Is Us (because it’s way too “touchy feely” for his taste). But I mean when it comes to something he’s passionate about, something that’s important to him and is a big part of his life (like music) he brings me into it and makes me a part of it. I support him and help him where I can. Give him my very honest opinions, etc. And¬†he does the same for me. ¬†He’s not super into photography or writing/blogging. ¬†But he supports me and helps me. He’s my photographer when I need to “model” my Stitch Fix or Trunk Club clothes, and HE models for me occasionally (and you know that’s love because he’s really not comfortable having his picture taken unless he’s on stage performing with a guitar in his hands, totally candid). And like I ¬†mentioned earlier, it just so happens that both of our biggest interests/passions can work really well together.

One day we hope to take over the world with our multimedia empire.¬†We have big plans. But I digress ūüôā

Marriage is hard. We’re in the thick of year 7, with 3 kids, 3 and under. Nothing about that is easy. So anything we can do to foster unity and togetherness in our marriage, we’ve made a priority. Sharing our creative outlets with each other is just one of them. And we’ve found it to be beneficial in a few ways:

  1. Simply put, it’s more time spent together, instead of ¬†apart. We could (and sometimes do out of necessity) work on those things separately from each other. But it’s always better when we’re together. And yes, I believe I did just quote a Jack Johnson song, not at all on purpose.
  2. We inspire each other to be better at whatever it is we’re doing. ¬†Yes, through some constructive criticism of each other’s work, but also just through the support we receive from one another. We’ve both, at times, shown lack of interest in each other’s work/passions because we were too caught up in our own thing and as a result, those things suffered. ¬†I’m a better photographer and writer when I feel fully supported by my husband. And likewise, he’s a better musician/entrepreneur when he knows¬†he has my support. There is so much power in showing genuine interest and taking part in those things together.
  3. Piggybacking off of #2, we benefit from each other’s skills. ¬†He understands the business aspect of what I do creatively. He’s a business guy, tech guy, legal guy, ad-words guy, etc. I let him worry about those things, and I just create. Likewise, I help him administratively with the band, promoting him¬†with killer photos and sharing on social media, responding to email inquiries from prospective clients, being the keeper of the calendar, etc… and he does¬†the making-music part, because, well, he’s the musician ūüôā It makes us a really great team.

The creative passions and talents God has given us are meant to be shared. And you should be excited to share it with your spouse, don’t you think? Whenever Ivor starts writing a new song, he says “Hey, come check this out! What do you think?” Or when I’m really excited about a photo I took, I say something similar to him. When we’re excited about something, we can’t wait to share it with each other. ¬†We’re not always great at this, but we always see the benefits in our marriage (and our business) when we make the effort to go “check it out” and on the flip-side, we feel the repercussions of the lack thereof.

What might this look like in your marriage? Is there anything you’re passionate about that you’d love your spouse to be part of too? Is there something you can show more interest in that he/she really loves? Do you¬†each have skills/talents that can be beneficial to each other? It’s something worth exploring ūüôā

Team Griffiths- Working With Your Spouse Team Griffiths- Working With Your Spouse Team Griffiths- Working With Your Spouse Team Griffiths- Working With Your Spouse

And for a totally shameless plug of his band, here are some videos! Let me know if you’d like to book them for a party ūüėČ

Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! We’re kicking off¬†2017 with another Stitch Fix review! But this one isn’t mine. This is our very first Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017. If you weren’t aware, Stitch Fix for Men launched just last year. I’ve personally¬†been a Stitch Fix customer since the summer of 2014, just after having baby #2. ¬†And I received my #27 fix (!) in December. So I was excited to see what they had to offer for Men and signed my husband¬†up for early access. A service like this is perfect for him because he likes to dress well but hates to go shopping! Therefore, ¬†it didn’t take much convincing to try it out ūüôā

He actually received his first fix a while ago last year, but because of the craziness of pregnancy/giving birth/having 3 kids, we never got around to writing that review. He kept a great pair of shoes from that one! The other items he received were great too (very much his style) but either the fit wasn’t right or he just didn’t have a big need for the item. Well, his stylist listened to all of his notes from that fix and sent him an INCREDIBLE 2nd fix. Seriously, she nailed this one.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of the links, I receive a small commission which helps support this blog. That said, all opinions are 100% ¬†my own ¬†(or “our” own in this case)! We love to share our experience with products and services we love with all you lovely readers ūüôā – Krystal & Ivor

Before jumping into the fix, let’s quickly go over how Stitch Fix for Men works (hint: exactly the same as ¬†Stitch Fix for Women):




1.¬†Create an account online and complete a style survey. This will give your stylist a good idea of what clothing styles you like and dislike, your sizes, how much you’re willing to spend on certain items, etc.

2. Schedule a fix. ¬†You can sign up for automatic fixes, or schedule them on demand whenever you want. Once your¬†fix is scheduled, you can leave a¬†note for your stylist with any specific requests you might have. For this fix, my husband asked for items similar to those pictured in an email he received from Stitch Fix called ¬†“weekend vibes”:

Stitch Fix Men Review

3. When your fix ships, you’ll be charged a $20 styling fee, which is credited toward your purchase if you keep anything.

4. Once your fix arrives, have 3 days to try on your items at home and check-out online. At checkout, you can (and should) leave detailed feedback about each item so they can make any improvements for future fixes.

5. Then use the already-labeled shipping bag included in your fix to send back any items you don’t want (free shipping, both ways!)

That’s it! Very easy and very convenient. Things we love ūüôā

So let’s get started with my husband’s fix! You may notice that it looks quite similar to what was pictured in the email above, per his request!


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017

With each fix, you receive a personalized note from your stylist. Here’s his:

Stitch Fix Men Review


Item 1: Mateo Textured Chukka (TOMS)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says:¬†They’re extremely comfortable.

-a man of few words ¬†ūüôā


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says:¬†I loved these as soon as I saw them. While I can’t comment on how they feel (Ivor took care of that above lol), I am a big fan of how they look. ¬†I like the ¬†“chukka” style on him ¬†for a casual shoe. It’s not TOO casual but not too dressy either. He has a similar pair in brown so it’s nice that he now has a¬†pair in grey- another neutral that will go well with many outfits. ¬†And the textured print thing just makes them a little more interesting. ¬†I approve!


Item 2: Hunter 1/4  Zip Textured Pullover (TAILOR VINTAGE)


Stitch Fix Men Review Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: It’s soft and a great weight for California evenings/winters.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says:¬†First of all, I got a smile out of him! Win. Second of all, this is a great sweatshirt. While there’s nothing particularly special or unique about it (and let’s be honest, my husband isn’t quite as concerned about¬†such traits in his clothing as I am lol), it keeps him warm, it looks good, it’s another neutral so he’ll wear it with everything, and he doesn’t have another shirt like it already. Keeper.


Item 3: Marina Jean (A GOLD E)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: ¬†I like the fact that they’re a classic denim, with no stretch. I think the wash is great.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says: Like he said, I love the¬†classic denim look. ¬†A lot of jeans have some stretch to them (even men’s jeans), and while there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just nice to have some variety. The medium wash is really nice and they look great on him. These were a little pricey but good denim is totally worth it. Especially since he only really owns 2 pairs of jeans (now 3) and wears them out until they’re no longer acceptable to wear in public ¬†ūüôā


Item 4: Ontario Button Down (ORIGINAL PENGUIN)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: I like the pattern and it works really well with the jeans and other items I received.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says: ¬†This is a classic “Ivor” shirt. He has a ton of ¬†button down shirts and a large portion of them are plaid/checkered. While he doesn’t necessarily need another one, I like the colors of this one in particular (he doesn’t have one like it) and I know he loves this brand (Original Penguin). It’s just too tight for his muscular chest. ¬†Not a bad problem to have really ūüėČ


Item 5:  Kolt Four Pocket Jacket (EZEKIEL)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017  Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says:¬†Like the pullover, it’s the perfect weight for California weather (spring/summer nights, all day fall/winter). It’s comfortable and soft and I love how well it works with the other things I’m wearing. ¬†The stylist did a great job putting together an entire outfit.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says:¬†I LOVE¬†this jacket! The whole look together is perfection (he’s wearing 4/5 items in his fix…you just can’t see the shoes). The funny thing is, he was just telling me the same day his fix arrived, that he really needed a coat like this. Something heavier then a zip-up hoodie, but lighter than a heavy winter coat. It was an item that was missing in his outerwear collection, so he was thrilled to get this! It looks fantastic on him. It’s a dark navy blue color (which is more obvious¬†outside in natural lighting. Inside it looks much darker, see pic below).


Stitch Fix Men Review



He kept everything for the discount (you get 25% off for keeping an entire fix), even though the button down shirt is¬†a little too small. He really loved everything else and it was cheaper to just keep it all with the discount, then buy the other 4 items by themselves. Stitch Fix does now offer exchanges but sadly they were out of stock in the size he needed. So we’ll be selling the button down shirt!

What do you think? Would the man in your life be interested in something like this? Sign him up ūüėČ

My Favorite Things From Stitch Fix- 2016

As the year comes to a close, it’s always nice to reflect back on all the good things that happened. In an especially rough year, ¬†it can be easy to only see the bad and let it overshadow the good. If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media recently, you’ll see an onslaught of “good riddance 2016!!”¬†comments, and other similar sentiments. So in a year like this one, I think it’s even MORE important to spend time reflecting on the good. I mean, my beautiful daughter came into the world this year. As did my miracle nephew, Mason. I made new friends. ¬†And I received really amazing new clothes, which isn’t nearly as important as the previous things mentioned but I still feel very grateful for it. These are all good things to celebrate ūüôā So, we’ll start with My Favorite Things From Stitch Fix– 2016!

Here are my top 5 favorite Stitch Fix  items/outfits that I received this year. Some are maternity, since I spent half the year pregnant : )

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of the links,  I will receive a  small commission which helps support this blog!  That said, all opinions are 100% my own.  I just love sharing my experience with products and services I love with all you lovely readers! 

In no particular order…

1. Charlote Ruched Side Maternity Knit Top ($48) and Taylor Maternity Cuffed Demin Short ($54)


Best of Stitch Fix- 2016 Maternity Taylor Maternity Cuffed Denim Short  Best of Stitch Fix- 2016 Maternity Charlote Ruched Side Maternity Knit Top

This was the outfit I lived in for the majority of the 3rd trimester. The top was lightweight enough that it was OK to wear during the summer heat (MOST days. Some days were just INSANELY hot, and wearing no clothing at all was almost an option). The shorts were the only pair of maternity shorts I owned and luckily they were super comfortable, fit well and went with everything. So they got a ton of use! I’ve since passed both pieces on to another pregnant mama (because this shop is CLOSED, people), but I’ll always have these pictures to look back on ūüôā


2. Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress ($78)


Best of Stitch Fix- 2016 Maternity Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress Best of Stitch Fix- 2016 Maternity Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress

This dress technically isn’t even maternity but it came in a maternity fix because it worked so well with the baby bump! ¬†And of course, I love that I can still wear it now, postpartum. It’s so light, comfortable, breathable, figure-flattering and has a gorgeous print! I can’t wait for warmer weather to start wearing this again. Bonus: it’s also nursing-friendly!


3. Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace $28


Best of Stitch Fix- 2016 Genevieve Stacked Chevron Pendant Necklace

Sigh. ¬†I ¬†LOVED this necklace. I had been looking for a long, gold pendant necklace to wear with my casual outfits and my Stitch Fix stylist delivered. I wore this almost every day for several weeks… until… my daughter broke it ūüôĀ She ¬†didn’t mean to of course. She sort of jumped up into my arms and her little hands pulled down on the necklace and the chain broke. I keep telling myself ¬†I’ll¬†take it somewhere to get it fixed. But all moms of little ones know how likely that is lol. ¬†RIP chevron pendant necklace.


4. Addison Skinny Jeans ($88)


The Best of Stitch Fix - 2016 Edition- Burkett Lace Detail Knit Top My Favorite Things From Stitch Fix- 2016

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of these pants in 2017. I pair them with just about everything that you can possibly pair with burgundy skinny ¬†jeans. The fit and length is SO perfect, which is surprisingly rare for me. I’m 5’4, so not *quite* petite, but most pants still run long on me. These “ankle” length pants feel just right. They also have a lot of stretch to them. It was one of the first pair of “pre-pregnancy size” jeans that I could ¬†wear¬†postpartum, even when others of the same size still felt too tight. Amazing, amazing jeans!


5. Ceaton Contrast Front Knit Top ($54)


My Favorite Things From Stitch Fix- 2016 Ceaton Contrast Front Knit Top My Favorite Things From Stitch Fix- 2016 Ceaton Contrast Front Knit Top

Last but not least, a favorite from my most recent December fix! This gorgeous striped floral top is so soft and so pretty. I had nothing like it in my wardrobe (until now). Whenever I immediately wear an item out in public that I JUST received, I know it’s going to be a wardrobe fave. This was one such item.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews this year and I look forward to what 2017 will bring! I’m working on a major blog redesign and other improvements to make your experience as a reader even better! I can’t wait ūüôā

Before you leave, I’ve linked up with some other bloggers to share our¬†most recent fixes (hosted by the lovely Maria from “Crazy Together”). Check it out!

Until next year,