Gwendolyn is 5!

For Gwen on her 5th Birthday:


FIVE. 5 years ago you came into this world and lit up our lives with your bright blue eyes and enthusiasm for life. Ever since you were just a tiny tot you’ve loved learning and exploring, yelling and laughing. It has been fun, exhausting, draining and life-giving all at once to watch you grow. (Parenting is hard, and you’re our first so we’re figuring it all out with you, kiddo).


You’re strong-willed and stubborn. A stickler for the rules and the proper way of doing things (and making sure others do the same). You stick up for others. You’re friendly and outgoing. You are musical and creative– God has given you a gift, girl! I hope you never give that up. I hope you explore and grow in it, but most of all, have FUN with it.


You have been mommy’s big helper A LOT this past year, stepping up into your big sister role like a boss. You love to help take care of your siblings (and younger friends). You make your own lunch. You love to help with dishes and laundry (even though mommy sometimes gets a little OCD and wants to do it herself…I’m working on that). You love cooking with Daddy. You love school and playing with your friends.


Speaking of school, I am SO excited for you to start Kindergarten this Fall. I know that sounds weird, because most moms are sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll cry, for sure. But I am truly excited to see you learn and thrive in that environment and for all the opportunities that are about to be available to you and all the fun adventures ahead. New friends. Field trips. Extra- curriculars (sports and music!) etc. I can’t wait to see what passions and talents you develop and how you’ll use them for God’s glory.


Five is a milestone. You’re about to leave your preschool years behind and become an elementary school student. 5 days a week! You’re no longer a baby, or a toddler or a preschooler (well, you are for a few more months I guess). It’s bittersweet, and I’m doing my best to focus on the “sweet.” It helps that I still have your siblings in the toddler and preschool stage 😉 I do have some fears about the next phase of childhood though (school bullying, academic struggles/pressure, the fact that your body will change and you might start comparing yourself to others, and so on and so forth), but we’ll deal with those things as they come. Don’t grow up too fast please!


No matter what, I pray that you will always be kind (to yourself and to others) and do the right thing. You are loved fiercely and we will do our best to help you navigate this next phase of childhood (and pray like crazy!!) I hope you always know how much you are loved and valued, by your family and friends, but most of all by God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your identity and security is in Him. He’s got you! 


Happy Birthday Big Girl! We love you 🙂 



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