Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! We’re kicking off 2017 with another Stitch Fix review! But this one isn’t mine. This is our very first Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017. If you weren’t aware, Stitch Fix for Men launched just last year. I’ve personally been a Stitch Fix customer since the summer of 2014, just after having baby #2.  And I received my #27 fix (!) in December. So I was excited to see what they had to offer for Men and signed my husband up for early access. A service like this is perfect for him because he likes to dress well but hates to go shopping! Therefore,  it didn’t take much convincing to try it out 🙂

He actually received his first fix a while ago last year, but because of the craziness of pregnancy/giving birth/having 3 kids, we never got around to writing that review. He kept a great pair of shoes from that one! The other items he received were great too (very much his style) but either the fit wasn’t right or he just didn’t have a big need for the item. Well, his stylist listened to all of his notes from that fix and sent him an INCREDIBLE 2nd fix. Seriously, she nailed this one.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made using one of the links, I receive a small commission which helps support this blog. That said, all opinions are 100%  my own  (or “our” own in this case)! We love to share our experience with products and services we love with all you lovely readers 🙂 – Krystal & Ivor

Before jumping into the fix, let’s quickly go over how Stitch Fix for Men works (hint: exactly the same as  Stitch Fix for Women):




1. Create an account online and complete a style survey. This will give your stylist a good idea of what clothing styles you like and dislike, your sizes, how much you’re willing to spend on certain items, etc.

2. Schedule a fix.  You can sign up for automatic fixes, or schedule them on demand whenever you want. Once your fix is scheduled, you can leave a note for your stylist with any specific requests you might have. For this fix, my husband asked for items similar to those pictured in an email he received from Stitch Fix called  “weekend vibes”:

Stitch Fix Men Review

3. When your fix ships, you’ll be charged a $20 styling fee, which is credited toward your purchase if you keep anything.

4. Once your fix arrives, have 3 days to try on your items at home and check-out online. At checkout, you can (and should) leave detailed feedback about each item so they can make any improvements for future fixes.

5. Then use the already-labeled shipping bag included in your fix to send back any items you don’t want (free shipping, both ways!)

That’s it! Very easy and very convenient. Things we love 🙂

So let’s get started with my husband’s fix! You may notice that it looks quite similar to what was pictured in the email above, per his request!


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017

With each fix, you receive a personalized note from your stylist. Here’s his:

Stitch Fix Men Review


Item 1: Mateo Textured Chukka (TOMS)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he saysThey’re extremely comfortable.

-a man of few words  🙂


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she saysI loved these as soon as I saw them. While I can’t comment on how they feel (Ivor took care of that above lol), I am a big fan of how they look.  I like the  “chukka” style on him  for a casual shoe. It’s not TOO casual but not too dressy either. He has a similar pair in brown so it’s nice that he now has a pair in grey- another neutral that will go well with many outfits.  And the textured print thing just makes them a little more interesting.  I approve!


Item 2: Hunter 1/4  Zip Textured Pullover (TAILOR VINTAGE)


Stitch Fix Men Review Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: It’s soft and a great weight for California evenings/winters.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she saysFirst of all, I got a smile out of him! Win. Second of all, this is a great sweatshirt. While there’s nothing particularly special or unique about it (and let’s be honest, my husband isn’t quite as concerned about such traits in his clothing as I am lol), it keeps him warm, it looks good, it’s another neutral so he’ll wear it with everything, and he doesn’t have another shirt like it already. Keeper.


Item 3: Marina Jean (A GOLD E)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says:  I like the fact that they’re a classic denim, with no stretch. I think the wash is great.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says: Like he said, I love the classic denim look.  A lot of jeans have some stretch to them (even men’s jeans), and while there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just nice to have some variety. The medium wash is really nice and they look great on him. These were a little pricey but good denim is totally worth it. Especially since he only really owns 2 pairs of jeans (now 3) and wears them out until they’re no longer acceptable to wear in public  🙂


Item 4: Ontario Button Down (ORIGINAL PENGUIN)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017 Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: I like the pattern and it works really well with the jeans and other items I received.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says:  This is a classic “Ivor” shirt. He has a ton of  button down shirts and a large portion of them are plaid/checkered. While he doesn’t necessarily need another one, I like the colors of this one in particular (he doesn’t have one like it) and I know he loves this brand (Original Penguin). It’s just too tight for his muscular chest.  Not a bad problem to have really 😉


Item 5:  Kolt Four Pocket Jacket (EZEKIEL)


Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017  Stitch Fix Men Review- January 2017


What he says: Like the pullover, it’s the perfect weight for California weather (spring/summer nights, all day fall/winter). It’s comfortable and soft and I love how well it works with the other things I’m wearing.  The stylist did a great job putting together an entire outfit.


Stitch Fix Men Review


What she says: I LOVE this jacket! The whole look together is perfection (he’s wearing 4/5 items in his fix…you just can’t see the shoes). The funny thing is, he was just telling me the same day his fix arrived, that he really needed a coat like this. Something heavier then a zip-up hoodie, but lighter than a heavy winter coat. It was an item that was missing in his outerwear collection, so he was thrilled to get this! It looks fantastic on him. It’s a dark navy blue color (which is more obvious outside in natural lighting. Inside it looks much darker, see pic below).


Stitch Fix Men Review



He kept everything for the discount (you get 25% off for keeping an entire fix), even though the button down shirt is a little too small. He really loved everything else and it was cheaper to just keep it all with the discount, then buy the other 4 items by themselves. Stitch Fix does now offer exchanges but sadly they were out of stock in the size he needed. So we’ll be selling the button down shirt!

What do you think? Would the man in your life be interested in something like this? Sign him up 😉

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