Bliss & Bale Premium Gift Sets

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (in case you’re doing some last-minute shopping this week), I want to introduce you to a friend of mine and her business, Bliss & Bale. Andrea Cwik founded Bliss & Bale in 2015 out of her own love of putting together coordinated gift sets for her friends and family. Now she’s making her gift of “gifting” available to the public 🙂

Bliss & Bale offers a variety of different pre-designed gift sets, or if you want to get creative (and more personal) you can work with Andrea to create custom sets, perfectly suited to your needs (and your budget). She offers sets for “him”, for “her”, weddings, babies, and any other occasion you can think of! If you run your own company and want to send “thank you” gifts to your clients, Bliss & Bale is perfect for that sort of thing.

Bliss & Bale Andrea Cwik Curated Gift Sets

I had the opportunity to visit Andrea in her shop to watch her in action as she put together a few of these gorgeous gift sets by hand. She was even kind enough to let me sample a few things, so I can say officially say from experience that the items she selects are top-notch, high-quality items. These are gift sets filled with items you’re actually going to want to use (or eat!) My personal favorites were the peach bellinis, champagne gummy bears, and the chocolate (can you tell I’m pregnant?) 🙂 If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday coming up, this should do it.

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

Andrea hand-selects and tests everything first to make sure it meets her high standard of quality before including it in her inventory. She often uses items from other local Bay Area businesses too, which I love! Hooray for small-business owners supporting each other 🙂

Andrea Cwik Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

One of my favorite things about Bliss & Bale is just how thoughtful and personalized these gifts sets are. The day I visited, Andrea was hand-writing the “thank-you” notes for a particular order of custom gift sets. Hand-written notes! That’s the kind of “personal touch” that sets a business apart in my opinion and makes the purchase worth every penny.

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

So let’s talk about a few of the gift sets!

Obviously, Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. If you’ve waited until now to start thinking about a gift, fear not!  Bliss & Bale has you covered. There are a few different sets available especially for V-Day that you can browse here. If you’re local, you also have the option of adding fresh flowers to your order, which I highly recommend (who doesn’t love fresh flowers?!) One of the other recommended sets is the “Sweet Box” (which is what I linked to earlier for my birthday suggestion). You clearly can’t go wrong with a box full of sweet treats. My husband knows that’s the way to MY heart. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

Here are a few other sets that I got to see in person. Be sure to check out the online shop to view the full selection! And remember, if you don’t see something there that strikes you as absolutely perfect for the occasion, work with Andrea to create a custom set that works within your budget!

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

This one is perfect for the cocktail connoisseur in your life! Or just the average fan of drinking cocktails, like me! (when I’m not pregnant of course)

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

Perfect for a little girl’s birthday party, this one is ADORABLE! I’m in love with those colored pencils. In love.

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

This one is great as a new baby gift (for a baby shower, or to bring to the hospital when you first visit the little one). That little lamb is SO so soft, as is the grey swaddle blanket included.  And of course, there’s a yummy chocolate bar for the hard-working mama 😉 Love this one!

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

This was a custom set Andrea put together for a wedding photographer to give to couples as a “thank you for your business”, personalized with the photographer’s logo on all the blankets.

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets

And this beauty is the “Welcome Home” gift set. The perfect housewarming gift for your friends, or your clients (if you were the realtor) 🙂

Now for the exciting part! Andrea has agreed to offer my readers a special, limited-time discount! Use promo code: KLGMOM at checkout and you’ll receive 10% off your entire order. Offer expires on February 23, 2016, so don’t miss it! 

Bliss and Bale Gift Sets




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