Stitch Fix #17- Holiday Party Fix

Stitch Fix Review Holiday Party

For the first time in 4 years, my husband’s work is having a holiday party that I’m actually invited to! Needless to say,  I’m pumped. Of course I need a new dress for the occasion! So I requested an entire fix filled with different dress options, and an accessory to go with it. Sadly, this fix did not work out for me. It’s my first “total bust” with Stitch Fix. I didn’t get the same stylist I had last time, which is surprising since I kept the whole box . And up until now that was never an issue, but I think it might’ve been this time around. Who knows. But it’s okay…after 16 really great fixes, a dud was bound to happen! I received 4 dresses and a coat. I was bummed they sent a coat when I asked for an accessory (a necklace or earrings was really what I had in mind, I should’ve been more specific I guess). The dresses either aren’t my style, or had some fit issues. But they’re still great dresses that would look fantastic on someone else I’m sure 🙂 So if you have a holiday party of some sort coming up, maybe you’ll see something here that catches your eye and you can request it! I’ll give you the pros and cons of each item.

Item #1: Poppie Dress (EVERLY) $64

Everly Poppie Dress Everly Poppie Dress

PROS: I love the bold red color, the texture of the dress and the scalloped neckline. It’s my favorite style-wise out of all the dresses I received. However…

CONS: Doesn’t fit well. The top is too loose, and I think the skirt is a tad too long. A smaller size might’ve looked much better. But I think it’s probably better for someone with more curves up top 😉 Beautiful dress though!

Everly Poppie Dress Everly Poppie Dress

Item #2: Marge Dress (COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS) $88

Collective Concepts Marge Dress Collective Concepts Marge Dress

PROS: Stretchy, comfy, POCKETS. A great LBD (for the right person)

CONS: Again with the fit. Way too baggy/loose up top and does nothing for my figure. Like the one above, I think this would look much better on someone with more curves. The gold zipper in the back is cool though.

Collective Concepts Marge Dress Collective Concepts Marge Dress

Item #3: Dessa Dress (IVY + BLU) $118

Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress

PROS: Beautiful color (blue/green?), seemed high quality. I like the flutter sleeves. It’s lined.

CONS: A little plain jane- not quite the stunning look I’m going for. Also, the fabric is VERY unforgiving. There’s all sorts of sucking-in going on in that photo!

Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress Ivy + Blu Dessa Dress

Item #4: Euna Dress (COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS) $88

Collective Concepts Euna Dress Collective Concepts Euna Dress

PROS: Out of all the dresses, this one actually felt like it fit me properly. I like the black/metallic thing and the texture of the dress (makes it a little more forgiving, since it’s pretty form-fitting).

CONS: I don’t like the style of the dress with the “t-shirt” top (high neckline and short sleeves). The slit/wrap thing at the bottom is also weird to least from the front. Side view isn’t terrible. But overall, just not what I’m looking for. Also, this was the dress my stylist recommended after seeing my Pinterest board…which greatly confuses me…since none of the dresses I pinned look anything like this.


Collective Concepts Euna Dress Collective Concepts Euna Dress

Item #5: Chelston Oversized Wool Coat (SEE U SOON) $168

See U Soon Chelston Oversized Wool Coat See U Soon Chelston Oversized Wool Coat

PROS: Gorgeous burgundy color. Super high quality. Very warm.

CONS: I didn’t ask for it, nor do I need it. And I really don’t like “oversized” anything on me. This coat swallowed me whole. I’m borderline petite with a small frame, so wearing oversized items makes me look like a 6-year old trying on my mom’s clothes.

So that’s everything! Did you see anything you like? I’m disappointed nothing worked out for me, but I’ll keep looking. I think we are probably going to suck it up and just venture to the mall and go in actual stores to find the perfect dress. I say “we” because I really value my husband’s opinion and I want his help picking it out (AND he volunteered) 🙂 I’ll be sure to share the final look with all of you! I’d give Trunk Club a try but I’m waiting for some referral credit to be applied first 😉

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  1. I love that Euna Dress on you. I think it looks so great on your petite frame. With red shoes and bold jewelry i think it could work for a christmas party!

    • Thanks Jessica! That one definitely had the best overall fit for me. I just would’ve preferred a scoop or v-neck and sleeveless (I’m picky, I know lol)

  2. I LOVE the color of the Poppie dress on you! You have such a cute figure, I don’t think you are picky – I think that this fix was just a bust. Do you have time to try again?

  3. LOVE the red dress! I thought it looked great on you, just needed a smaller size!!

  4. Too bad the red dress didn’t fit. It’s gorgeous! Good luck at the mall 🙂

    • Thanks Kerry! I actually decided to give SF another try at the dress. It’s scheduled just a few days before the party, so even if it doesn’t work out the 2nd time around either, I’ll still have a few days to shop 🙂

  5. I got the Euna Dress and adored it but they sent me 6P which I had already sent back one 6P in the previous box. I was looking on line to see if I could find it and order it as they said they had no more in stock and came across your page:) happy hunting

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