A Mini-Trunk of Shoes!

After my last Trunk Club, I asked my stylist to focus on shoes for now. I have a pretty solid wardrobe, thanks to 16 fixes! (review #16 is forthcoming, FYI), so she put together this little trunk of shoes for me.

Trunk Club Shoes

Can I just take a minute to say how awesome it is to get a box filled with shoes, delivered to my doorstep? Seriously. I was giddy. I even knew what was coming because of the “preview” thing TC does. But still. The excitement was there.

Trunk Club Shoes

Moving on!

I was pretty bummed that the Frye boots from my last trunk didn’t work out. I’ve always wanted Frye boots because they look gorgeous and they’re really well-made (therefore lasting a long time), and I even had those specific boots pinned on my Pinterest board for years. But I am apparently very picky when it comes to riding boots. While they certainly did live up to my expectations of gorgeousness and quality (from what I could tell), I just didn’t like the way they looked on me. I’m 5’4, so borderline petite basically. So I’m finding that most boots look too clunky, bulky, clown-shoe-y on me. I want a “slim” boot, maybe a softer leather, not so structured, etc. So I was a little stumped as to why my stylist sent these:

‘Adel’ Tall Zip Boot (ECCO) 

'Adel' Tall Zip Boot Trunk Club

I have the same issue with these that I had with the Frye boots, but these are way worse than the Frye boots 🙁

'Adel' Tall Zip Boot  'Adel' Tall Zip Boot  'Adel' Tall Zip Boot

I felt like I was wearing rain boots, which is not what I want in a riding boot. If I wanted rain boots, I’d buy rain boots. Also, after trying the Frye boots, these seemed really cheap-looking, and feeling. Not much I’m liking about these boots.

The search for the perfect riding boot continues…..

Next up, a pair of flats!


‘Brannon’ Smoking Loafer (DOLCE VITA)

'Brannon' Smoking Loafer  'Brannon' Smoking Loafer  'Brannon' Smoking Loafer

These are insanely comfortable and I dig the burgundy color. However, I’m not a fan of the loafer style flat. I prefer “ballet” style. They were also more money than I’m willing to spend on flats. Especially since I fell in love with the next 2 items….


‘Gwynn’ Wedge Bootie (DOLCE VITA)

'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie

Um, yes.

'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie  'Gwynn' Wedge Bootie

This is the kind of bootie I like! Unlike the first two I received in my first trunk. These have height, and a better curve/shape on the foot. They’re comfy, they’re soft. They’re exactly what I was looking for.

And so are these…


‘Hillsy’ Almond Toe Ankle Bootie (VINCE CAMUTO)

Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie

They weren’t photographing well here, but it’s a soft, suede-like leather, slightly distressed.

Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie  Hillsy' Almond Toe Ankle Bootie

I love the dip in the front- it’s unique and it sort of elongates the leg (which us borderline petite gals can appreciate). I love the cowgirl/western style too. They were a little tricky getting on at first because I have super high arches. But thankfully these booties have convenient bootstraps that helped me get them on! And it’s much easier now that I’ve been in and out of them a few times.

Final Verdict: Returning the riding boots and flats. Keeping BOTH booties!

What do you think? Which is your favorite/least favorite?

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