Trunk Club Women’s Review #2

My 2nd Trunk has arrived and I’m so excited to share it with you! If you missed the first one- check it out here. As I mentioned in the first review, Trunk Club has been exclusive to men until just recently. They’re in the very early stages of their women’s offering, so I’m going to hold off for a bit before I do my official Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club post. It’s only fair that I give them a chance to work out the kinks before putting them up against the already-well-established Stitch Fix 🙂 I will, however, post a review of what they’ve got going on for Men (with the help of my husband). Stay tuned for that in the near future!

 *UPDATE* I’ve now published the Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club post and you can read it here!

For now, let’s move on to the goods. I asked my stylist for fall boots and other random Fall apparel. What I received is a good mix of weird things that aren’t my style at all (my stylist is still getting to know me, I’ll give her a pass), and holy-crap amazing things!

Trunk Club Women's Review

I’ll start right off with the boots. They are Frye boots. I’ve been lusting after Frye boots for years now but they’re so dang expensive I’ve never took the plunge. And then they arrived on my doorstep.

Item 1: Melissa Button Riding Boot (FRYE)

Trunk Club Melissa Button Frye Boots

These are gorgeous boots. They are 100% real leather. Super high quality and will last a long time (at least from what I’ve heard on reviews I’ve read). If I were to buy these, I would wear them every day until the end of time to get that “price per wear” number as low as possible. Because these cost A LOT of money. And I was certain I was going to keep them and finally make the Frye investment (I tried them on and they fit perfectly and comfortably). However, once I saw the pictures of them on me (you’ll see that I’m wearing them in every picture below) I wasn’t crazy about they way they looked. Much like the booties from my last trunk, I like the front view, but not the side view. It seems like they’re too big for me. I think I need a boot that’s more “sleek” and closer fitted to my foot and leg…if that makes any sense. For the price tag on these, I need to be 100% sure that I love them. And right now, I’m still on the fence!

Item 2: Ex-Boyfriend Plaid Shirt (MADEWELL)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This is a typical flannel. It’s soft, it fits nicely and it’s a classic red plaid print. However, I just got a flannel from Target for much cheaper and I don’t really need anymore of them in my wardrobe at the moment. If it would’ve been cheaper I might’ve considered keeping it though (can’t hurt to have 2 flannels I suppose!)

Item 3 and 4: Ottoman Knit Crewneck Sweater (CECE BY CYNTHIA STEFFE) and Diana Stretch Skinny Jeans (KUT FROM THE KLOTH)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's  Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

I love the color of this top and the fit is good. And by “good” I just mean it fits the way it’s supposed to- short. Which I don’t like. It felt like I was wearing something that shrunk in the dryer. In the “preview” I got of this trunk, the model is wearing this with a high-waisted skirt, so I guess the shortness can work with high-waisted bottoms (but I don’t really have any of those). It has texture and stretch to it, and again, I like the dark green color a lot.  But the price was NOT right for a fairly plain-looking short shirt. Not a keeper.

The jeans are great. They are super soft and well-made. But I already have 2 pairs of dark-wash jeans in my wardrobe. Also, they fit more like a straight-leg than a skinny jean, which isn’t a bad thing. But I wouldn’t wear them with boots (like I did in all these pictures).

Item 5: Stripe Crinkle Sweater (STATESIDE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

Not sure what’s going on with this shirt. It’s not a flattering fit, it’s wrinkly on purpose and way too expensive. Definitely not a keeper.

Item 6: Side Zip Sweater (HALOGEN)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This sweater isn’t really my style. It doesn’t help that I kept the brown riding boots on of course. This would look better with black skinny jeans, black booties, and a black leather jacket or something. Regardless of how it’s styled though, I just don’t like it. That gold isn’t a good color for me and the fit is a little boxy. The side zipper is kind of cool though.

Item 7: Rib Knit Tunic (TROUVE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

Not much I like about this sweater other than the color. It’s too long (not crazy about tunics). The slits on the side and on the sleeves are just weird. Not digging it.

Item 8 and 9: Petite Sleeveless Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater (VINCE CAMUTO) and Petite Alina Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans (NYDJ)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

First of all, I’m apparently petite…because both of these “petite” items fit me perfectly. I’m 5’4 by the way (I guess that’s borderline petite?) Anyway! I love the color of this top a lot. It fits me well and it’s really soft and comfortable. But I do not like turtlenecks. I love the idea of a mustard-colored sleeveless shirt though (to wear under a cardigan or…I don’t know, a black leather jacket!)

Not sure if the pants pair well with the shirt but I gave it a shot anyway (and you’ll see them in the remaining pictures below). These pants are incredible. They fit like butter (If butter were something you might wear on your legs…) I love the color! Burgundy skinny’s have been on my wish-list, so these might just be keepers. It all depends on what else I want to keep and how much $$ we’re willing to spend.

Item 10: Double Layer Crewneck Sweater (TOPSHOP)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

This is a very boring, unremarkable navy blue sweater. It has a cream-colored line around the neck. And it’s soft? No thanks, too plain. Not worth the money.

Item 11: Reversible Plaid Vest (MADEWELL) 

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

I like this vest. I love the black and white plaid (definitely my style). It’s not really warm though, very lightweight (unlike the vest I just kept from my last Fix, which is much warmer). The name claims it’s reversible and the inside pockets would suggest the same. However, there’s a very big obvious tag that would be visible if you reversed it. Soooo, I’m not sure why you’d do that. Overall, not worth the price tag, especially since I already own that awesome vest from SF 🙂

Item 12: Drape Collar Leather Jacket (TROUVE)

Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's Trunk Club Women's

And here’s the black leather jacket I’ve been hinting at! I mentioned to my stylist that I really wanted a black or brown leather jacket. I’ve pinned several of them and have been wanting one for a long time. This one right here is 100% real leather. It’s super soft, lightweight, and I love the zipper detail on the sleeves. It has a drape front, with a single closure (which I discovered later and had to take a picture of…with a flannel shirt on of course) 🙂 The price tag, however…………… as bad as the Frye boots 🙁 I don’t need this badly enough to pay that kind of money. I can hold out for a faux leather jacket that’s way cheaper and I’d be okay with that.

This next one though…………….

Item 13: Suede Leather Jacket (BLANKNYC)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's

…I am obsessed with. This one is 100% suede leather, but the price is more reasonable than the black one. So keeping this is actually a possibility. Mostly because I’m not sure I can part with it. The outside is soft, but it has a ruggedness to it. It’s heavier/warmer than the black one. I love the color. I love the zippers. I love everything about this jacket. I can forgive all the other weird tops that my stylist sent me, just because of this jacket.

Lastly, the accessories. 3 Scarves!

Item 14: Softest Knit Infinity Scarf (MADEWELL)

Trunk Club Women's

I really love this scarf. I love the color, I love the fabric and I love the infinity-ness. However, I’m sure I can find a similar one that’s less expensive. I’ve mentioned before that I’m okay paying more money for certain things (like boots or suede leather jackets, for example), but not accessories.

Item 15: Jacquard Stripe Scarf (HINGE)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's

I love the colors in this one a lot. It’s really well-made (the fabric seem durable and something that won’t easily snag). But… I don’t know what to do with all that fabric! It’s basically a blanket. So I took really awkward photos trying to figure out how to wear it (enjoy!) The price wasn’t terrible but since there other items in this Trunk that I love and want more than a scarf, I’m not keeping it.

Item 16: Textured Stripe Travel Wrap (HALOGEN)

Trunk Club Women's Review Trunk Club Women's Review

I like this scarf better than the big blanket one. It’s a reasonable length and easier to manage 🙂 I like the neutral color, albeit a little boring, but I’d probably wear it a lot. Once again though…I have my eyes on other items in this trunk and can only spend so much money, so I don’t need to keep this.

Thus concludes Trunk #2! What do you think? Seriously, I need input because I’m still deciding!

The items currently on the table are:

Frye boots
Burgundy skinny jeans
Brown suede leather jacket

If you had to keep just one of those items, which would you pick? Am I being too picky about the boots? I may need to try them on again with different outfits and take pictures at different angles before I make my decision.

Man, it’s a good thing Trunk Club gives you 10 whole days to decide. I think I’m going to need all of them.

*Just a heads-up: if I end up keeping all 3 of the items I just mentioned, there’s a good chance I’ll be taking a Stitch Fix AND Trunk Club hiatus for awhile, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing. I’d just miss writing these reviews 🙂

Comment away, people. Go!

*Disclaimer: I receive nothing from Trunk Club or Stitch Fix for writing these reviews. These are my honest opinions about the service and items I receive and I pay for everything with my own money (or referral credit). Speaking of, this post does contain referral links. If you sign up for either service using my link, I do get some credit (which is greatly appreciated of course!) but don’t feel obligated. It’s fun trying on clothes for all of you! 

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  1. Joanna Herres says:

    i love your reviews and am thinking of joining one of these clubs – i’d keep the burgundy pants and suede jacket… I also loved the black leather jacket, but understand if you only want to buy one jacket. hold out for boots you love! I bought nice boots that I realized later were too wide in the calf and have regretted that I didn’t hold out for a pair that fit my legs better. 🙂

  2. Great review, those boots are amazing and I really like Suede Leather Jacket.

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