Stitch Fix #11

Came home from our trip today to a wonderful little Stitch Fix box with my name on it ūüôā Of course, instead of unpacking and doing laundry I decided to immediately try on my clothes, take pictures and write this blog post.

If you’re keeping track (or, reading the title of this blog post) you know I’m on fix #11 already! If you’d like to see fixes 1-10, look here:

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And that brings us to 11.

This month I requested “summer staples” (shorts, tanks, a maxi dress or skirt and a lightweight cardigan for cooler nights). My stylist delivered¬†all of them! However, there are a few I’m not so sure of…so I’d love your input!

Stitch Fix Review

Item #1: Vernon Back Strap Detail Top (Papermoon)

Vernon Back Strap Detail Top Vernon Back Strap Detail Top

Papermoon and I get along well. I think I’ve kept almost every Papermoon top I’ve been sent. I really love this tank. The plaid look with the “denim” pocket is super cute and casual. It has a high-low hemline (pretty common with Stitch Fix tops I’ve noticed). I LOVE the back straps. And I like that I can wear a regular bra with it and you can’t see the straps (I requested no spaghetti straps and they listened!) I’ll wear this a lot. Keeper for sure!

Item #2: Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan (Olive & Oak)

Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan  Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan

I need opinions on this one. My initial impression is that I don’t like the style of it in the front. It has that “cable knit” thing going on that I’m not crazy about. Seems a bit “old” to¬†me. However, the sheer back is definitely cool and NOT “old”. So I’m torn. I don’t really like the way the front fits. I prefer the “open” cardigan style that drapes and hangs lower in the front on the ends, if that makes sense. I’m not crazy about the cream color. It would, however,¬†go with a lot of different outfits…but I’d kind of prefer a different color I think. Leaning towards returning….but I’ll keep an open mind about it.

Item #3:  Jesse Maxi Dress (Loveappella)

Jesse Maxi Dress

This dress is soooooo comfortable (crazy soft fabric). The print is cool and I like the color a lot. It’s a great casual summer dress. Not much else to say about it other than: keeper.

Item #4: Enna Short (Skies Are Blue)

Enna Short Enna Short

We’re striking out with shorts, Stitch Fix. Sigh. These ARE¬†adorable. The stripes, the bow, the little cut-out detail thing on the front, etc. But I’m not a fan of the baggy, loose-fitting shorts. Not on me, at least. On another body type, these would probably look great. It has a nice elastic waist in the back (so it kind of reminds me of the shorts I put on my toddler lol). Returning.

Item #5: Favio Split Neck Top (Fun2Fun)

Favio Split Neck Top

I requested a specific white/black polka dot top and sadly they didn’t have it this month, so they sent me this instead (which is similar…sort of). I was unsure of¬†this one when I first put it on. Something about the loose sleeves and split-neck ruffle thing….I wasn’t really into it at first. However, it is growing on me. It gives it a feminine feel. And speaking of “feel”, the fabric on this one is really soft too…so that’s a plus in the “pros” column. Since it’s black and white and “ruffle-y”, I could easily dress this up. Probably keeping this one. Since it’s also pretty inexpensive.

So that’s that. What do you think?? Should I return the shorts and cardigan? Those are the 2 I’m not really sold on. Here’s another look at all 5 items:

Enna Short Enna Short


Kolla Mixed Material CardiganKolla Mixed Material CardiganJesse Maxi Dress Vernon Back Strap Detail TopFavio Split Neck Top

Don’t forget, if ¬†you’d like to give this is a try and you use my referral link to sign up, I’ll get $25 credit towards a future fix! To give you an idea of how beneficial the referral program is, I have $100 to put towards this one! Woot!


  1. So cute!!! Love the tank and the b&w blouse. If I were you I wouldn’t keep the shorts. Elastic shorts with toddlers that are learning to walk = getting “pants” a lot! I remember Levi almost pulling my shorts down in public on a few occasions ūüôā

  2. No to the shorts. They’re definitely too baggy. I like the cardigan though. I would wear it open, maybe with the blouse or the dress. You received very cute pieces!

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