11-Month Update (Ivor Alan)

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This guy is almost a year old. Seriously. How. Does. That. Happen?!

11 months. Here we go!

Temper. Like his sister, dude can throw a tantrum. This morning was the best (meaning worst, by far). I took the remote away from him, so he screamed, laid face-down on the floor and when I handed him something else to play with, he threw it across the room.

Eating like a teenage boy. He must be going through a growth spurt because no amount of food seems to satisfy him recently. At some point I just have to cut him off, and then he goes into a food coma with that “ughhhhh I ate too much…..why did you let me eat that much?!” look on his face.

Speaking of food, he does the sign for “all done” (except in the above scenario), but we’re still working on “more please”. His way of communicating “more” is by kicking his feet with a very excited look on his face and clicking his tongue.

He’s still nursing…but I’m really hoping to wean him soon. I actually tried about 2 months ago but he is very resistant to change and refused. No bottle. No sippy cup. No formula. Just me. Sigh… We’re going to try again soon and when we do, it will probably be cold turkey. He shall be cut off completely from the boob. It’s time, little man.

He’s sleeping so much better, consistently (thank you Jesus!). He and Gwen both go to bed at 7pm and sleep until 6:30-7ish am. He fusses occasionally, but can quickly go back to sleep without needing me to go in and soothe. Huge difference from a few months ago!

Still mama’s boy and quite the cuddler.

Does really well in the church nursery and at MOPS (so I can get a break).

Well, let’s bring on the final month of his first year!

::quietly sobs::




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