Stitch Fix #10

We’re into double-digit fixes now! Woohoo! Stitch Fix number 10.

No time for small talk today, sorry.  Let’s get right on into this fix.

Stitch Fix Review  DSC_4976 copy


Item 1:  Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace (Bancroft)

Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace

Well, this is a statement necklace for sure. I’m usually drawn to smaller, more dainty necklaces. This says “BAM I’M WEARING A NECKLACE. LOOK AT IT!”. Not that it’s a bad thing. I kind of want to have at least 1 statement necklace in my collection. But, is this it? What do you think? It’s neutral enough to go with a variety of different outfits and you can adjust the length for different necklines. So I like that about it. But I don’t know if it’s really my style or how often I’d wear it. Need to think on this one….

Item 2: Kadyn Dress (Gilli)

Gilli Kadyn Dress  Gilli Kadyn Dress  Gilli Kadyn Dress

This is another dress they sent to wear for the wedding I’m going to in a few weeks. Much better than the last 2! This is super comfy, stretchy, light, and casual enough that I can get more use out of it. Pretty sure this one’s a keeper! I paired it with the necklace above. Not sure how I feel about it. I’d probably wear the necklace from my last fix with this. Thoughts?

Item 3: Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt (Margaret M)

Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt  Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt  Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt

I was surprised to see a pencil skirt in this fix. I don’t have many occasions to wear such an item. If I were still working in an office, yes. But not so much as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. They sent it as another option for something to wear to the wedding. And I do LOVE it. I love the print, the color and it fits great. But other than the wedding, and date nights, I’m not sure where else I’d wear this. So is it worth the purchase? Ugh. I don’t know. I really like it.

Item 4: Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse (41HAWTHORN)

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse  Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse  Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

They suggested pairing this top with the skirt. The colors totally work. I’m not sure if I tucked it in properly lol…this type of outfit is totally new to me. So I put on my favorite jeans with it and felt much more comfortable 🙂 This top is a keeper. I’m a sucker for the coral color. And it has so many little details that make this somewhat plain-looking blouse a little more special. The buttons, the shape of the hemline, the ruching at the sleeves, etc. It’s light. It fits. I see myself wearing this a lot.

Item 5:  Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top (Mavi)

Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top  Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top  DSC_4968 copy

I had about 10 of these on my Pinterest board so I was pretty pumped to see one arrive in this fix! Yes, the “Chambray” is a current trend. And I jumped on board. I just love the versatility of it. And THIS one in particular is awesome. If only you could feel how soft the fabric is. It’s glorious. It has a little stretch to it which is always good. I love it with black skinnys. It could also go with my red skinnys. To me, it’s a wardrobe staple and will get a lot of use. It’s a great layering piece too. Keeper keeper!

So what do you think? What should I keep? I’m on the fence with the necklace and the pencil skirt. The necklace because of the style/look of it. And the pencil skirt because of it’s usefulness to me right now. Help me decide!!

Here are the style cards for this fix:

Gilli Kadyn Dress Sumner Embroidered Pocket Top Christiana Floral Print Pencil Skirt Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse






  1. First of all this blog is great!! Makes me keep eyeing Stitch Fix and wanting to give it a try.Love the necklace and the dress (but I am a statement necklace junkie). The coral top is looks like the perfect color and weight for spring!

  2. Love both of the tops! The skirt looks awesome on you but I think I’d feel the same way you do…can I justify spending the money if I don’t get as much use out of it. I think it would totally depend on the price for me.

  3. My thought is if you love it, you should keep it! I was toying with one item that I just didn’t know if I would wear it enough to justify it. I decided to keep… so glad I did! I have found more occasions that I thought I would. Also, you can always MAKE an occasion to wear it!

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