10-Month Update (Ivor Alan)

Goodness, I’m even more behind with this update than the last one. Things have picked up this month with the business and I’ve had to keep track of all sorts of details, which is proving to be quite a challenge while running on very little sleep and living with demanding little humans. Diapers, dishes, laundry, snacks, nursing, milk in a sippy cup, water in the “wawa bottle”, Daniel Tiger, Finding Nemo, helping Ivor design light shows (which, by the way, is super fun), sending emails, more dishes, more diapers…..and on and on and on it goes. The days have been a blur.

And that’s what April has looked like so far.

And that’s my long excuse for being late with this update 🙂

But here it is!

The first week after he turned 10 months old, he decided to stop sleeping. First it started at 5am. He woke up, refused to go back to sleep. Then the next night it was 3am. Then 11:30pm. His waking up and screaming got earlier every night and it was really difficult to get him to go back to sleep. Typically if and when he wakes during the night, he’s easily pacified and goes right back to sleep. But not this particular week. It was the longest week of my life (well, since we first brought him home). Because he shares a room with Gwen, I’ve never wanted to just let him cry for very long in there. So I’d take him downstairs. I’d lay on the couch and he’d fall asleep in his bouncer. For almost a week I was sleeping on the couch (and not because of a fight with my husband….but because of a very needy fussy baby who only wanted mama, and his bouncer). But that got old quickly. And I didn’t want to encourage that sort of sleeping habit. The kid needs to sleep in his own crib. And I need to sleep in my own bed with my husband. Preferably for at least 4 solid hours. At LEAST. So we did some sleep training with him (which we never needed to do with Gwen, she was always a great sleeper). And he has slept straight through the night the last few nights in a row! I’m starting to feel a little more human again.

::fingers crossed::

So other new things (and forgive me if I’ve mentioned some of these in his last update…like I said, days blur):

He eats food. Real food. I am no longer his sole source of nourishment. He eats most everything. Except for bananas and greek yogurt. Which is funny because that’s Gwen’s favorite breakfast (that she asks for every day….with blueberries). Anyway,  except for those 2 things, he’s loved everything. Finally.

He’s starting to stand better with support. He doesn’t pull himself up yet. But he’s nice and sturdy if I hold his hands. As opposed to the jello legs he used to have when I tried it before.

Still only has 2 teeth (the bottom ones).

His little personality is coming out even more, and there are quite a few glimpses of Gwen actually – loud and feisty! That’s not his normal mode, but it comes out every once in awhile. He also has some pretty funny facial expressions. I’ve known about his flirtatious charming face (raising one eyebrow with a smirk), he’s been pulling that one on me for months. But he also shows looks of confusion, surprise, “what the…?” …like this one:


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Happy 10 months Mr. Ivor! We love you!

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