Tips for a Successful Fix

I said I wasn’t going to write one of these posts. Because plenty of other “stitch fix bloggers” have written a post like this and they all basically say the same thing (at least the ones I’ve read). BUT, if mine is the only blog you read (about Stitch Fix), and you’ve signed up for it based on my recommendation, I want to make sure you have all the information you need to have the best chance of getting really great fixes.

So, here we go!

Stitch Fix Tips


How to get your best fix:


1. Thoughtfully fill out your style profile, and update it as often as necessary. The style profile is pretty comprehensive. It includes your sizes, style preferences, how often you dress for certain occasions, things you’d like to avoid, and so much more. But if you’re like me, your preferences might change after awhile. So go back and update it! I mentioned in one of my most recent reviews that I wanted to start receiving jewelry. Up until then, I noted in my style profile not to send any. So I changed it and started getting jewelry.

The style profile also has pictures like this:


The top picture is very much my style. It’s said “love it” from the very beginning. The bottom picture is the “edgy” style. I used to have “hate it” instead of “like it”. But I’ve become a bit more daring after several fixes and I’m willing to try the occasional “edgy” piece now. So I’ve updated that. I like that you can customize your fixes in this way.


2. Create a Pinterest Board just for Stitch Fix. You can link directly to it from your style profile. I remember when Pinterest first came into existence a few years ago. I created a “style” board that was basically my dream wardrobe. I thought “man, I wish all these clothes would just magically appear in my closet!” Well, Stitch Fix has (basically) made that happen! This board gives the stylist a good visual of what I like to wear (or what I want to try). You can even pin Stitch Fix-specific items (which I recommend). For example, you can pin any of the pictures I’ve posted in my reviews if you like them. Read other Stitch Fix reviews and pin their pictures. A good place to find them is on Instagram or Twitter (search #stitchfix). Or follow Stitch Fix’s own Pinterest Board and pin from there. I’ve received exact items that I’ve pinned, or something very similar. A few fixes ago the stylist mentioned in her note to me (they send you a personalized note with every fix), “I noticed a lot of mustard-colored items on your Pinterest board…”…and so she sent me a sweater in that color. They do look at your Pinterest board and do their best to come close to what you’ve pinned. So take advantage of this! Here’s a sneak peek of my board:




3. Give very specific feedback after every fix. When you go to “checkout” online, they will have each item from your fix listed there. And under each item, you can indicate what you thought about the size, price, style, and fit/cut. There will also be a “comments” box where you can type in exactly what you liked or didn’t like about it. DO THIS. Don’t just say “I didn’t like this sweater”. Say, “It’s too boxy. The fabric is itchy. It was too expensive. The color isn’t very flattering on me, etc.” If you like something, don’t just say “I liked this.” Tell them why. “I loved this color on me. The cut is flattering for my body type. The fabric is super soft. This is comfortable and easy to chase my kids in, etc.” This will help them pick out better items for you in the future. Don’t be afraid to offend a stylist. If they totally bomb a fix and you hate everything, tell them exactly why so they can make it better.

check out


4. When you schedule a fix you can leave a note for your stylist. This is another opportunity for you to mention what you like or don’t like. I’ve mentioned in mine, “please don’t send super loose-fitting tops anymore. I have a small frame and it just looks like I’m drowning in those shirts.” This is also where you can make requests, like “please send a box with lots of fun colors and prints”, or “I’m going to a wedding in a few months, can you send me a dress?”Or, “I really like the Corina Striped Dolman Top on my Pinterest board. If it’s available in my size I’d like to get that!” When you make super specific requests like that one, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it (might not be available that month in your size, etc.) But they do try, so it’s always worth asking!

note to stylist


5. Be willing to take a risk! There were certain styles  I was dead set against in the beginning. But I’ve gradually developed more of an open mind. I’ve received several items now that I would’ve never picked out for myself in a store. I saw it in the box and immediately thought, “well, that one’s getting returned”. Until I tried it on. Always try it on! Ask for someone else’s opinion if you want. My Facebook friends and my husband have helped me decide on items that I was “on the fence” with. But don’t freak out if you see something in the box that’s not “your style”. Try it on. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you still don’t like it, that’s fine. But at least give it a fair chance. I like when my stylist takes a risk and sends me something that’s a little out of my comfort zone. It’s hit or miss. But when it hits, it usually becomes my favorite item in my whole wardrobe 🙂 For me, it’s these bright red skinny jeans (that I would’ve returned had it not been for others, especially my husband, telling me to keep them).

Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse


6. Style your items. One of the perks of having clothes delivered to your house, and having 3 days to decide on what you want to keep, is that you can look at what you already have in your closet to see how it all fits together. They don’t send you a box with 5 items that make a complete outfit. There’s usually at least 2 items they’ll recommend pairing together, but for the most part you’re getting 5 separate items, usually a good mix of basics and statement pieces (unless you’ve made specific requests). Take your time to figure out how you’ll wear each item, what you’ll pair it with, etc. Will you get a lot of use out of it? Or is it just going to hang in your closet? Know it’s potential before you make the purchase. If you’re used to shopping for clothes at Target or Kohl’s (like me), the price tag on these items may come as a shock. So I’m always thinking about the “price per wear” (thank you, Stacy London of What Not to Wear). In my opinion (and Stacy’s), if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it and it’s high quality (therefore lasting longer), the price is worth it.


7. If all else fails, contact Customer Service! If you’ve done all of the above, repeatedly asked them to NOT send you polka dots, but they keep sending you polka dots anyway, write to them and let them know ( I’ve had a good experience with them so far when I had a problem with one of the items I received. They were responsive, understanding and did what they could to make it right. I contacted them just this morning actually to let them know that a particular brand seems to run big (at least on me). First, they looked to see if they had a specific item I liked in a smaller size (the shorts from my last fix). Sadly, they didn’t have it. But they made a note to send me a smaller size in that specific brand in the future. They value their customers (and want your business of course) so they’re going to do what they can to make you happy. So let them know how they can do that.


Well, that’s it! Those are my best tips. For those of you who have tried it, would you add anything else to the list?

For anyone not signed up yet, if you do give it a try, please let me know how it goes 🙂

*Again, I receive nothing from Stitch Fix for writing about them. These are all my opinions. All related posts do contain a referral link, however, that gives me a $25 credit if you sign up using the link. That is all.




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