Stitch Fix #9

I can’t believe this is my 9th box from Stitch Fix already! I think an update will be in order after this (of all the things I’ve kept and how I’m “styling” them, which I’m still learning as I go). My wardrobe is almost entirely Stitch Fix at this point. Every day I wear at least one item from them (usually more than one). So I’d say my mission to upgrade my wardrobe has been successful thus far!

One of the things I love about this service is that I can request specific things for special occasions too. This month I requested a dress for an upcoming wedding in Pennsylvania this May, and a necklace to go with it. And I received just that! Two dress options in fact. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of them worked out for me 🙁 But I have 1 more fix until the wedding, so maybe next month I’ll get a winner! I haven’t received a dress from them yet so I guess it’s understandable that it didn’t quite hit the mark on the first try.

The theme of this box was definitely “spring”. Pink and mint green colors, a floral print dress, shorts, etc. I’m excited to start getting warm weather clothes now. Bring on the shorts, tanks, and maxi skirts!

Stitch Fix Review April

Here’s what I got…

We’ll start with the dresses.

Item 1: Tammi Keyhole Dress (Pixley)

Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress

What I like about it: the print. That’s about it. I’ve seen this same print on a top (from Stitch Fix). I think I’d prefer the top over this dress. This is a little too big on me. The style and cut isn’t very flattering for my body shape (really loose in the chest area…and since my breastfeeding boobs are gone, we’re not quite filling out this dress lol). It does, however, look great on the hanger for someone else to wear 🙂

Stitch Fix Tammi Keyhole Dress


Item 2: Gertrude Dress (Olive & Oak)

Stitch Fix Gertrude Dress

Again, I’ll start with what I like. It seems like a high-quality, well-made dress. The fabric is soft and heavy (in a good way) with some texture to it. It has pockets (I LOVE pocket dresses). But…not sure I’m loving that mint green color. Reminds me of an Easter Egg (which is timely I suppose). But it also didn’t fit right. It’s a bit too small and short (opposite of the other dress). Here’s a better picture of it on the hanger:

Stitch Fix Gertrude Dress


Item 3: Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short (Dear John) 

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short  Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

These shorts are totally my style. I love the pinstripe and the roll cuff. But they’re too big! 🙁 Same size as all the other bottoms I’ve kept…but all sizes and brands are not created equal! I pulled these off without even unbuttoning them. The photo doesn’t capture how big they actually are because of the way I’m standing. Anyway…had they been a size smaller, I would’ve kept them. Bummer.

Item 4: Maribell Dolman Knit Top (Papermoon)

Maribell Dolman Knit Top

This top was another one of those “pleasant surprise” items. When I saw “dolman” in the description I was nervous again. Dolman-style shirts tend to be loose, with the webbed-armpits. While I’ve kept a few of them in the past, they’re still not REALLY in my comfort zone yet. So I get nervous. However, once I put it on, it won me over. I asked for something in a “blush” color and this was what I got. I do looooove this color. And the fabric. And the way it fits me. It’s so soft and delicate-looking. It’s a bit longer in the back, which I’m really starting to like (as long as it isn’t too short in the front). And what looks like a plain sweater from the front, has some really spectacular gold button detailing on the back! 

Maribell Dolman Knit Top

I’ve seen a few of these “backwards” tops before and didn’t really like it (for me). But I think it works here. I dig it.


Item 5: Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace (Romolo)

Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace

This is the necklace I requested to go with whatever dress they sent me. Fortunately, even though the dresses didn’t work out, the necklace still does! Pairs beautifully with the pink top, don’t you think? It’s “neutral” enough that it can go with almost anything. It “glams up” an otherwise very casual outfit.  I felt kind of classy wearing it. It’s not the kind of jewelry I used to wear! I like the direction we’re headed.

 So, here’s the recap and the verdict:

Item 1: Tammi Keyhole Dress: RETURN
Item 2: Gertrude Dress: RETURN
Item 3: Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short: RETURN
Item 4: Maribell Dolman Knit Top: KEEP
Item 5: Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace: KEEP

Not as many “keepers” as usual, but that’s fine, especially since I had some referral credit again. This was my cheapest purchase yet (less than $20)! And I’m very happy with it.

Stitch Fix Review





  1. Love that dolman top! I’ve been asking for something in blush for my last two fixes, hope I get this one!

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