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The Kelly Moore bag. I found this bag while searching for a purse that would be big enough to accommodate my camera and a lens. I really hate carrying multiple bags when I go out and about. When we take day trips or weekend trips somewhere I always want to bring my camera along, but don’t want to bring the whole camera bag (in addition to my purse, a diaper bag, etc.) So I’d end up shoving my camera in my purse (which was definitely not big enough for it, and provided no protection for my very expensive camera and lens). I didn’t realize they made camera bags that are so stylish they can double as regular purses like these do. It just so happened that I was also in need of a new purse, as the straps on my current one are very close to ripping (it was a cheapo). So I was pretty excited when I discovered Kelly Moore bags!

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

I decided on “2 Sues” in Walnut. There were a few other styles I liked, but this one met all the requirements for me. 1. It’s  large 2. Has the “posey pocket” (which is now my wallet, so I don’t need to worry about fitting a separate item in the bag) 3. Comes with a longer shoulder strap (so I can sling it across my body while shooting). And while I was tempted to get a bright, bold color, this one is way more practical for me. It will go with everything I wear. I don’t want to have to worry about my outfit clashing with my bag (and I would worry about it).

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

Here’s a view of the back with the “posey pocket” (aka: built-in wallet!) It has several little spots for memory cards too.

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

There are so many other compartments (pockets with snaps and zippers). Everything that was in my old purse is now in here, hidden nicely and not spilling out everywhere (the keys hanging out is just to show you where they go…obviously). My essentials are in the front 2 pockets: Cell phone, hand sanitizer, and keys.

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

And now for the inside….

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

You can see that it’s pretty deep, so there’s room to put stuff on top if you need to (like a diaper and some wipes!) Those pads are removable though, so if I just want to use it as a purse and/or diaper bag I can do that easily.

Kelly Moore Bag 2 Sues

I’ll have to update everyone after it gets some use, but so far I’m thoroughly impressed with this bag. It’s super stylish and seems to suit my needs. The quality seems to be good too (it better be for the price I paid!) I don’t want to be replacing this for a while. It seems like it’s going to hold up, but only time will tell.

DSC_3400 copy

Glad someone thinks so 🙂



  1. Hey! So I’m also researching the crap out of camera bags, and I’m kind of in love with this one. But I noticed the walnut listings on like, amazon are kind of a yellowy caramel color. Your photos look more like the kind of brown that I want. So would you say these are pretty true to its in real life color?

    • Hey! Yeah the colors on Amazon are not a good indication of what it really looks like. The photos on the Kelly Moore website are much more accurate. I was pretty pleased with how it looks in person. It’s a great bag!

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