9 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

I’m about a week late with this update (he officially turned 9 months on March 2nd). I also got really behind on his weekly photos. And that’s about how this past month has been. We’ve been battling colds, busy out and about, running errands, etc. But a lot sure has happened since his last update! Well, maybe not a lot…just 1 or 2 significant things.

Crawling! He’s a super fast army crawler, and occasionally he’ll crawl regular-style (on his knees), but still prefers army style. He transitions really well from crawling to sitting and is starting to show interest in pulling himself up to standing. He won’t actually try it…but I can see it in his eyes…he’s thinking about it. I am in NO rush. I had to reset my mind (and my living room) again once he became mobile. I can trust Gwen around certain things now, but little Ivor…not so much. Also, he’s like our cat in that he always finds himself right under our feet (or his sister’s)…he’s fast, and sneaky.

The other big thing this month (and this has been life changing for me)…he goes to bed at the same time as Gwen. You might be thinking, “why is this a big deal?” Well…because they share a room. And previous attempts at putting them down at the same time were unsuccessful. If Gwen knew her brother was in the room, she assumed it was party time. And she’d just talk and laugh and play. Neither of them would go to sleep. And eventually little Ivor would get annoyed and start screaming. And putting him down first never seemed like a good idea, because Gwen is way too loud and would wake him up during her bedtime routine. So up until this point, Gwen would go to bed at 7pm, and little Ivor would just hang out in his bouncy seat downstairs until he fell asleep. Then once I was confident Gwen was asleep, I’d sneak him up there and lay him down. But that got old. And he wasn’t sleeping well (he would wake up and get distracted being downstairs). So I determined that they were going to have the same bedtime (in the same room) and that they’d just have to adapt and get used to it. And after only a few days, they did! They might chat for a bit at first, but soon enough they both get quiet and drift off to sleep. I don’t know why I didn’t just stick out a little longer the first time I tried it. It’s SO nice to just have them both up there together at the same time, and be downstairs alone (or alone with my husband).

Regarding sleep….we’re still not sleeping through the night. It happens occasionally, but not consistently. I’ve stopped nighttime nursing altogether though. So when he wakes up I just go in, put his pacifier back in his mouth, blankey by his face, then go back to bed. It’s quick most of the time…but still rough having my sleep interrupted a few times a night :-/

His stats at his 9-month checkup: 28 inches long, 19lbs.

Oh, and we started swim lessons (both for him and Gwen). We’re doing a beginner “parent and me” class. It’s very basic, just to get them comfortable in the water. “Parent and me” means that we’re the ones actually doing the exercises with them, not the instructor (they just tell us what to do). In the future they can get private lessons, but for now we thought it’d be fun (and more comfortable for them, mostly Gwen) if we did it with them. And this little guy LOVES it. He is so happy and content in the water and floats on his back like a pro. He loves splashing with his hands (which I already knew from bath-time), now we just have to work on kicking his feet. My little water baby 🙂

Happy 9 months Ivor Baby! (what Gwen calls him). We love you!!

Ivor Alan 9 Month Photo copy


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