Stitch Fix #8

Stitch Fix Review March 2015

Stitch Fix #8 is here! This month I requested more colors and prints to spice up my wardrobe a little and get ready for spring. I also decided to start adding jewelry to my fixes (just one per fix). I made a note not to send any up until this point because I had plenty. Then I looked at what I actually had and realized that my jewelry/accessory collection could use a bit of an upgrade too. I’ve avoided wearing jewelry since having kids, for obvious reasons. But sometimes a girl just needs an accessory to feel a little more put together. I’ll take my chances with the grabby baby and toddler hands (I may regret saying that). But if anything, I’ll save the dangling earrings for date nights 🙂

So let’s get on with the review, shall we? Since my husband is home on paternity leave, I had him take the pictures again. While I did manage to get some makeup on my face this time, my hair was quite unruly. Can’t have it all.

Let’s start with the bad.

Item #1: Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean

DSC_3089 copyDSC_3084 copy

I was happy to see a pair of straight leg jeans in this fix. Just to try something other than skinny jeans (which is all they’ve ever sent me). But these are definitely not the jeans for me. They’re too big, first of all (in the waist, and all over…like baggy 90’s jeans). And the back pockets reminded me of men’s jeans. They did absolutely nothing for my bottom half. I felt like a scrawny teenage boy wearing these (or a skater girl). Either way, NOT the look I’m going for. I’m not opposed to the straight leg or boyfriend style jean if they actually fit well and don’t have “man pockets” 🙂


Item #2: Kimberly Mixed Material Abstract Print Top

Kimberly Mixed Material Abstract Print TopKimberly Mixed Material Abstract Print Top

Gah, when I look at these pictures I regret my decision. Because it looks good in the pictures. The pros: really cool print. I like the color. It was inexpensive. I like the “mixed material” (jersey knit in the shoulders and part of the back, and “blousey” in the front). But what I didn’t like about it,  you can’t really see in the pictures. It’s another one of those “floaty” tops. Where the fabric just floats away from my body (in the front and the back). I don’t like that. It’s fitted nicely in the shoulders, but from my boobs down, the fabric just hangs there. I know it would drive me crazy every time I would wear it. And so…


Item #3: Adela Embroidered Split Neck Top

Adela Embroidered Split Neck TopAdela Embroidered Split Neck Top

First, these 2 pictures are a great example of the difference lighting can make in a photo 😉 Outside in natural lighting, you can see the “true” color of this top, coral. Inside, it looks a bit more orange. Anyway, this top was a pleasant surprise. And another great example of why you should always try everything on, even if you don’t think you’ll like it. In my “stitch fix blog” browsing I saw that some people DON’T try everything on that they get in their box. I don’t really understand that. I strongly encourage you to try everything on. I’ve received a few things now that I would’ve never picked out for myself, but loved it once I tried it on. This top is one of them! In a store, I would’ve never given this top a second glance. But since I’m not in a store, I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror and I loved it. It is a beautiful color. The dot embroidery doesn’t look as weird as I thought it would. The fabric is surprisingly soft and has some stretch to it. It’s light and breathable. Perfect top for spring!

Verdict: KEPT

 Item #4: Layna Spade Earrings

Layna Spade Earrings

My first jewelry fix is a winner. These are so my style it’s not even funny.  I actually pinned these exact earrings (stylists do pay attention!) I love the vintage gold look they have. And I love that I can pair them with almost every casual outfit I wear. I especially loved them with the coral top above. You may notice I’m wearing them in all the other pictures too.

Verdict: KEPT

Item #5: Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse

Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve BlouseKieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse

I’ve been really drawn to polka dots lately. I found myself pinning almost every polka dot top I saw on Pinterest. So I specifically requested one for this fix and got it! I love this one. It can be dressed up, or dressed down. It goes well with colored pants, which I want more of. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it has cute ruching on the back, between the shoulder blades. The fabric is nice. And I like that it’s a bit longer than most of the blouses I’ve been getting. And this top begs to be accessorized with pops of color. I think I want more polka dots in my life. Next, white with black dots.

Verdict: KEPT


Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean: RETURNED
Kimberly Mixed Material Abstract Print Top: RETURNED
Adela Embroidered Split Neck Top: KEPT
Layna Spade Earrings: KEPT
Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve Blouse: KEPT

3 out of 5 ain’t bad! Here are the style cards for the tops I kept:

Kieraly Dot Print Short Sleeve BlouseAdela Embroidered Split Neck Top

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  1. I agree with the flowy top….they remind me of maternity tops! I love the stuff you kept. Very cute! BTW- what’s that green stuff you’re standing on? 😉

  2. Angela Leonard says:

    I received the Adela Embroidered Split Neck Top in my Fix yesterday. Mine is navy blue, and I’m already in love with it!

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