Rushfit, Completed

On December 20, 2014, my husband and I started Rushfit, an 8-week high intensity training program. It’s a “functional fitness” program, meaning, it’s designed to help your body function properly by working out your whole body (as opposed to just specific muscle groups), with an emphasis on core strength and stabilization, which is crucial to everything you do. From getting in and out of the car, to bending over to pick up your kids, to walking up the stairs, etc. You use your core and stabilizers to do all those things. Functional fitness benefits every body type. Which is why my  husband and I could do this program together. Same exercises, just different weights. And our results were different. Yes, you can absolutely lose weight through this program (my husband did), but you can also maintain your weight while building lean muscle mass (which is what happened for me). And we both improved in all of the areas this program addresses (strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, etc.)

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Ok, so now that we are done. Here is my official review. I LOVE it. Partly because of what I already mentioned above. It’s beneficial to everyone no matter what your body type or ability is (you can read more about that in the “functional fitness” link above). It didn’t require a gym membership or fancy equipment. It only required about an hour of my time each day, and some dumbbells. It starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down. Both are very important and should not be skipped. If there is one “con” to the program, though, it’s that the same warm-up and cool-down video is used for every workout…and after a while you start to memorize the dialogue and it can just get boring. But that’s not much of a con. We had fun with it by talking along with them in Georges St. Pierre’s accent and broken English 🙂

Anyway, moving on to the results! There are aesthetic and non-aesthetic results. For my husband, the aesthetic is more obvious since he actually lost weight. For me, it’s not quite as obvious, though my arm muscles and abs are a lot more defined than they were when we first started. But the non-aesthetic results are more important (again, this is designed to help your body function properly and optimally, not just look good). Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that I can now do more than 2 real push-ups!

::Pause for applause::

Part of the warm-up includes “walk out push-ups”, and I could only ever 2 do real ones before needing to go down to my knees. But by the end of the program, I could do the entire warm-up without any of the modifications. Other improvements have been mentioned in my previous posts (holding the back bend longer, being able to do most of the core strength exercises properly, without cheating, etc.) One of the greatest victories for me though was finally being able to hold the isometric squat the entire time..however long that was. Might’ve only been 30 seconds, but it felt like an eternity! If there is one exercise where you will truly “feel the burn” it is that one. It looks simple, but I assure you….it is not. I had to find a happy place and sing songs in my head to get through it, so I wouldn’t focus on the fact that my thighs were on fire and my legs were about to collapse. But I did it! Bam. And there are plenty of other improvements that I don’t need to list. But it happened.

To make this more practical and apply it to real life: picking up my almost 20lb son, or my 30+lb toddler is A LOT easier for me, and safer. Instead of bending over and putting stress on my back, I can squat and lift with my legs. Also, I have more endurance and energy throughout the day. And overall, I’m a lot  less-stressed and in a better mood…usually. Which is what working out on a regular basis can do! And now that we’re done with the 8-week program, my body is still craving a good workout every night. It’s driving me crazy not doing anything. Which is why we’re already planning our next program. We were going to jump right into the intermediate level of Rushfit, but I think we’ll come back to it later. We’re going to focus more on strength training (with dumbbells and weights). We’ll still do a Rushfit workout 1 or 2 times a week probably, to keep up our core strength and stabilization of course. But I really do love this lifestyle of regular exercise. It certainly helps having a spouse to do this with, who’s just as committed to it (even more so…..he likes to bike 50 miles round trip a few times a week…crazy person!) I’ll get my cardio in by chasing our kids 🙂

One thing I wanted to mention that I learned through this program….is that I’ve been stretching wrong my entire life! Seriously. It matters more how you feel the stretch in your leg than whether or not you can touch your toes. You can touch your toes and not feel much of a stretch at all. But if you sit up straight (posture is important) and just lean forward holding your arms out straight with your palms up, while contracting your leg muscles and pulling your toes back toward you, you will feel a CRAZY stretch. At least I did. But that is my biggest flexibility weakness. Sorry if that description is hard to picture…couldn’t find a video of it.

In conclusion, we highly recommend this program. There’s something else about it that I like though. It doesn’t seem to be a “fad”. Erik Owings and Georges St. Pierre actually seem genuine and knowledgeable and not like a crazy salesperson on speed (like Richard Simmons and some of the other trainers I’ve seen from other programs). Just sayin. I like that. I also like that it has an MMA (mixed martial arts) fight component. Georges is a world champion MMA fighter, Erik is his trainer. Not sure if I mentioned that before. The fight workout was my favorite and one of the better ones for me. Turns out I’m pretty scrappy, who knew?

Anyway, if you don’t try this specific program, at least try to exercise on a regular basis. Make it part of your lifestyle. I know I sound like a doctor or trainer. But they’re not lying to you. It is good for you in so many ways. Find something that works for you, find someone to do it with, stick with it. It gets easier as you go!





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