Stitch Fix #7

Before going into my review of this fix, I just wanted to mention something: I receive nothing from Stitch Fix for writing these reviews. All of the items I’ve kept, I’ve purchased with my own money. What you’re getting is my 100% honest opinion of the service and the specific items I receive. Why do I do it? Mostly because it’s fun! I’ve never really been into fashion, until I became a mom and realized that I needed a major wardrobe upgrade and didn’t want to go shopping with 2 kids. So an online personal styling service seemed like a worthwhile thing to try, and I enjoy blogging about it. And reading other blogs about it. Stitch Fix does have a pretty awesome referral program though, so you will see my referral link in all of my reviews. If you use the link to sign up and order your fix, I get a $25 credit to put toward a future purchase. Don’t feel obligated to use it of course, but if you do, I’d certainly appreciate it 🙂 And then you can use your own referral link to get your own credit, thus spreading the Stitch Fix goodness.

Ok, on with the show!

DSC_2183 copy

For this fix I requested either Melody or Tracy to be my stylist. Melody styled my very first box, which I loved, but nothing fit (except for the one tank I kept). And Tracy styled my last fix (the one where I kept everything!) My request was granted and I got Melody! Apparently she’s working out of the Indianapolis location because that’s where my fix shipped from this time (instead of San Francisco). Overall, not a bad box. Not another 5/5 winner, but my wallet is okay with that 🙂

Let’s start with the bad, shall we?

Axelle Colorblock Jacket

DSC_2221 copy DSC_2222 copy

This jacket is just not my style. It’s REALLY warm (which isn’t necessary right now in CA). And I don’t need anymore jackets in my wardrobe (I’ve already purchased 2 from Stitch Fix). Also, it’s clearly too small. And I don’t like the neckline…I felt like I was suffocating. VERDICT: Returning

Tamar Lace Detail Sweater

DSC_2237 copy

DSC_2236 copy DSC_2231 copy

I like the idea of this one. “Let’s take the ultimate casual/comfy grey sweatshirt and add some lace detail to make it more fashionable.” But it doesn’t work for me. If this was indeed a *sweater* (like it’s named), I probably would’ve kept it. But this is not a sweater, it’s a sweatshirt. I just didn’t feel great in it. And it was slightly damaged (some threading on the inside of the sweater was loose). VERDICT: Returning

Okay, now for the good!

Saxby Scoop Neck Top

DSC_2214 copyDSC_2217 copy

This is simple and casual and very “me.” It’s thin, so perfect for spring and summer. I like the coral colored stripes. And it fits. VERDICT: No-brainer keeper.

Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse and Connely Skinny Jean

DSC_2226 copy DSC_2225 copy DSC_2229 copy

First, the blouse. I LOVE the color. It’s bright and bold and will look fantastic with other pops of color (necklaces, scarves & other accessories). It has interesting ruching on the sleeves and I like the pleating on the shoulders. It’s a classic, versatile piece. I have to admit, when I looked it up (before actually receiving it), I thought it would be pretty boring and not at all flattering on me. This is one of the reasons I love Stitch Fix. I would’ve never picked this out for myself at a store. Actually seeing something on your body, instead of the hanger, can make a big difference! VERDICT: Keeping

Next, the black skinnys. I’ve been requesting these for awhile. I think they’re a staple wardrobe item. These fit and feel amazing. VERDICT: Keeping. 

Also, that outfit makes me feel like a grown-up. And I like it.

The End 🙂







  1. Hello,

    Great blog.

    I was wondering where you got your top ”Saxby Scoop Neck Top’. I’ve searched everywhere for such a top thats thin and has a wide neck like that but I cant find one.

    Was wondering if you could also let me know the name of the materiel iis?


  2. Wow, that last outfit looks amazing on you! I love the idea of both the jacket and the lacy sweatshirt. I don’t own a pair of black jeans, and I never thought to be so specific with Stitch Fix… I like your box better than mine, haha! Maybe I’ll give it another go around!


  3. Wow I love the jacket and sweater! They are so unique.

  4. Hello!
    I’m the senior marketing specialist at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago, and we’re interested in using a photo from this blog post on our website, to highlight one of our winter trends; lacey sweaters – although the lace details sweater was not a keeper for you, it’s perfect for our blog! We will be providing proper credit and linking directly back to your website. Please feel free to contact me if this is at all an issue and we will gladly remove the content.

    Thanks so much,

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