Rushfit, 6 Weeks In

2 weeks to go! Ah! I can’t believe we’re almost done. If you’re just tuning in, 6 weeks ago Ivor and I started an 8-week, high intensity training program called Rushfit, and we’re almost finished with the beginner calendar. After a little break, we’ll jump right into intermediate. You can read my other posts about Rushfit here, and here.

These past 2 weeks have been a little rough, because our whole family got hit with a variety of illnesses. So we had to switch some days around, take some time off, and catch back up. Since all that’s scheduled for tomorrow is the “stretch for flexibility” workout (which is easy peasy…just stretching), I’m going to do one of the other workouts I missed in addition to that. Then we’ll be back on track.

You can tell working out is making a difference in my life when I couldn’t WAIT to jump back in after taking some time off. Even though I was sick and miserable and really needed a break until I was healthy, it felt SO good when I could start again.

Last night I did the Abs & Core workout and was able to do several different exercises better than ever before, and hold things for much longer (like the back-bend for example). I was really encouraged. It’s always nice to see hard work pay off and see results like that. Especially after 6 straight weeks of workouts (I’d be pretty bummed if I didn’t get better at a few things after that long).

So this week a new workout is being introduced, “Explosive Power Training.” Here’s a little preview:

Pray for me.

I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a recap of the whole program once we’re finished 🙂


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