When You’re Sick, Rest is Best

It’s been a sickly few days in the Griffiths home. I’ve been sick. I thought little Ivor had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, then Gwen got sick and had a fever.

Recap: I have a cold. This makes once a month since October that I’ve been sick with a cold. Yeah…

Little Ivor developed a rash that didn’t look like any usual rash I’ve seen on him. Little red bumps all over his diaper area, on his wrists, on the back of his leg and on his face. He didn’t have a fever or any other symptoms. But I figured, I just put him a public nursery for the first time ever, and less than a week later (which falls within the HFM incubation period), this. Turns out, it’s just a really bad eczema flare up. He’s had mild eczema since he was just a few months old. His wrists got really bad because he scratches them. His doctor is worried about it getting infected. So we’re in full scale anti-eczema mode with him.

Then yesterday, Gwen. She started crying inconsolably right around lunch/naptime. I took her temperature because she felt extremely hot. 103. Yikes. Little Ivor was downstairs crying at the top of his lungs because it was also his naptime and needed some soothing. But I couldn’t help him because Gwen was crying at the top of her lungs (because of the 103 degree fever thing), and big Ivor had already left home to go to an appointment in Berkeley, an hour away from us. With our only vehicle. So, I kind of panicked for a few mins. Thankfully I got ahold of Ivor before he got too far away so he came home right away. Eventually I got Gwen to calm down and her fever went down. Then it spiked again 4 hours later. And again 4 hours later. Currently, she hasn’t had a fever since about 9pm last night. But she woke up several times throughout the night crying. We put her in our bedroom so she wouldn’t wake up her brother (anymore than he already does wake up on his own). Then everyone woke up for the day around 6:30am. Gwen sat up and decided to play “I-spy” with everything in our bedroom. Going through her whole vocabulary. Yup, she’s back to normal.



Further proof that’s she’s herself again- running around the living room like she owns the place with her remote control.

Sigh….Welcome to parenthood during cold/flu season. (And the whole measles outbreak thing didn’t help my panic mode yesterday.)

Go away, germs!