RUSHFIT, 4 Weeks In

We’re halfway there! 4 weeks down, 4 to go. I should mention that we’re doing the beginner calendar. There’s an intermediate and advanced calendar too. I think we’ll try intermediate next but I’m pretty sure advanced has like 2 workouts per day and I don’t think that’s realistic for us right now, or even in the near future. We’ll also want to time it so that we don’t miss 2 weeks when we go to Pennsylvania in May. We don’t want to start another 8-week program and have to skip 2 weeks. No slacking here!

Anyway, update time! We’re 4 weeks in and still loving it. We’re starting to see more results and it feels good. Not DURING the workout. During does not feel good. But after, after feels wonderful. I think it’s worth noting that I’m a mom of a baby who wakes up 2-3 times every night, and I am not well rested. Yet working out on a regular basis has helped give me enough energy to keep me going without collapsing at 4pm, which used to be when I “hit the wall” of exhaustion every day. But when it comes time for the workout around 7:30pm, I actually look forward to it and have the energy to push through 5 rounds and feel good after. I may have mentioned it in my first post, but I realize that’s not the most ideal time to work out. It’s just the best time of day for both me and my husband to do it together (which we think is really important. More on that later), and it’s when the kids are cooperative (Gwen is in bed, and little Ivor usually falls asleep during that time too…usually). So, that’s why we do it then. And by the time OUR bedtime arrives, I am pooped. And I sleep really well. Until the baby wakes up of course. Such is life.

So since my last post, a new workout was introduced on the calendar, in week 3: full body strength and conditioning. Holy crap. The very first round of that one is 10 air squats, followed by 5 hindu (Indian) push-ups, which look like this:

They are not easy. Especially when you have very little upper body strength. And you do as many reps of those (10 squats, 5 push-ups) as you can in 5 mins. By the end of that I am dead. Then you have 4 more rounds of different exercises. Ugh. It is rough. The first round of that one, the isometric squats in “Strength and Endurance”, that dang alligator crawl in “Balance and Agility” and the sit-throughs in “Ab and Core Strength” (which I can’t even do at all really), are the worst. There are probably a few others I’m forgetting. A couple exercises in “Ab and Core Strength” are really tough for me because of my tailbone injury. Going from lying down to sitting straight up (on the floor) hurts A LOT. So I use my boppy nursing pillow to soften the blow, which makes the exercise even more difficult. I also decided to challenge myself recently by increasing my dumbbell weight from 5 lbs to 10lbs. So the exercises I used to think were easy for me, and now no longer easy. But it’s a good thing. It makes me work harder and push myself more. And as George says in one of the videos, if these exercises are too easy for you, you need to do something harder. You won’t see the results you want if it’s too easy for you.

Here’s another little preview of what we’ve been doing. This is round 5 of “Full Body Strength and Conditioning” (the one I mentioned above with a horrible round 1):

So other than feeling great physically and having more energy, it’s also been great for my marriage. Stay with me here. This gives us something else to do together other than sit on the couch and watch TV. We still do that occasionally but for awhile we were stuck in a rut and that’s all we did. That was our time together every night. Staring at a screen. So this kind of spiced things up a bit for us. And we both benefit from it even though he’s a lot bigger and stronger than I am. The way the program is designed, using body weight and dumbbells, allows for people of varying abilities and strengths to do it together. He just uses much heavier weights than I do, and I do a lot of the modifications if something is too difficult for me. So it’s a great activity for us to do together. We challenge and encourage each other. He tells me when my form is wrong. I tell him he’s a pansy when he complains after biking 30 miles to work and then comes home to Rushfit.  And there are other pretty awesome benefits of working out with your spouse too, which I don’t think I need to spell out for anyone 🙂 All in all, it’s been a very good thing for us. And we highly recommend it.

I’ll be back with another update in 2 weeks! And in case you were wondering, the red cardio on the calendar means 30 mins and we’re now about to start blue cardio…which is 45 mins. Ahh! Here we go.