Containers and Cases

You may not know it walking into my house sometimes, but I really do love organizing. It’s kind of like therapy. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders afterward. I have a clear, sound mind. I can take a deep breath and relax. When things are disorganized and cluttered, so is my mind. That’s just how it works for me.

It’s not much, but I wanted to share 2 things I’ve done recently that have made a huge difference in our house. Both ideas I got from other people and they’re so simple, yet so genius. Maybe these aren’t issues in your home, but they were in mine!

First problem: Tupperware Lids. Solution: Contain them. That’s it. Get a container, and put all of the lids inside. Maybe I was the only one not doing that to begin with, because it seems so obvious. Previously, I tried to keep them in neat stacks in the cupboard right next to the tupperware, or underneath them (we had the kind that snap on the bottom, but we just never took the time to do that). So they never stayed neatly stacked. I could never find the right size lid I needed, and it just made the cupboard look messy. Drove me crazy. Now all the lids are in a basket in the same cupboard, and I can always find what I need quickly and it makes the cupboard look clean and organized. Bam. Done. The basket was something we just had around the house that collected junk- this is a much better use for it. And it looks pretty 🙂 If you don’t have something suitable already in the house, take a trip to the Container Store, enjoy spending hours browsing and thinking about all the possible things you can contain in your house hehe.

DSC_1647 copy DSC_1648 copy

Next problem: DVD Collection. When we moved into our current place, we couldn’t find a good place for our DVD shelves. We also had a baby/soon-to-be-toddler who loved to explore and play with things she shouldn’t be playing with. And since we rarely watched DVDs anymore anyway, we decided to just put all of our DVDs in a storage bin and shove them in our closet. The shelves are still out  in our garage being used for other things. But those 2 large plastic bins were taking up a lot of space in our closet, and I desperately needed something to store all the kids clothes in that they were growing out of so quickly. And…I just wanted to start watching DVDs again. So a friend of mine mentioned a CD Binder as a solution. Of course! And just like that, 2 large plastic storage bins have become a single, space-efficient case with all our DVDs inside, in a drawer in our entertainment center. Now, if you have a thing for displaying DVDs, getting rid of all your DVD cases and putting the discs in a binder might not be of interest to you. Or if you have the space to display them, by all means, go ahead and display away. I decided I no longer cared about a DVD display. The cases have no use to me. And we just don’t have the space for it. So into the recycling bin they went.

DSC_1654 copy DSC_1664 copy

Don’t judge me by my movie collection. Rather, don’t judge my poor husband. Most of the movies you see here are mine. And no, I didn’t get around to organizing INSIDE the binder just yet. But I will someday 🙂 Note: I did not include the LOTR collection inside the binder because each movie has like 3 discs (extended edition!) and I was running out of room in the binder. Plus, it’s a pretty case. I can deal with keeping that one. We only purchase movies digitally now, so I don’t really need to worry about buying more binders. Also, that drawer still needs to be organized. I could probably fit 3 binders inside. That said though, still fits!

Anyway, those are my 2 tips. My house has a long way to go still, but my husband will be taking the rest of his paternity leave soon, and I have a list of projects 😉