7 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

Sigh. 7 months. I’m running low on sleep and coffee so this might be a short, incoherent post. Sorry.

He sits up really well now. Loves to play on the floor with toys. Loves to yell at his sister (in a playful way). Yelling is his favorite way of expressing happiness when he plays. He loves to grab things. Noses, faces, hair, or whatever anyone happens to be holding. Whatever is within reach, he will go for. He’s still very suspicious of solid foods and acts like I’m trying to poison him.

And recently, he’s really started to HATE bedtime.

I can’t remember the last time he slept through the night. But he WOULD at least go to bed at a decent hour and give me a few hours to myself, or with my husband, before waking up again. The past 2 nights, however, not so. The night before last, he fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep, woke up…all throughout the night. Last night, he just refused to fall asleep at all. Until about 1am I think…maybe it was 2am. We (little Ivor and I) ended up sleeping downstairs because he kept waking everybody up.

It’s been a rough few nights.

I keep hoping a tooth pops through so at least I’d know there’s a reason behind it. But still, no teeth. Maybe he’ll be a late teether like Gwen. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was almost 10 months old. And only had 2 total on her 1st birthday!

Anyway, he is a happy, playful little guy during the day. And he still melts my heart on a regular basis. I just wish he’d realize the importance of a good night’s sleep, ya know…like he did when he was 2 months old! I miss those days…

Happy 7 months buddy!

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