RUSHFIT, 2 Weeks In

Two weeks ago I started an 8-week high intensity training program called Rushfit. We’ve had the program for years because Ivor has gone through it before (I mostly just sat and watched him) 🙂

But after having baby #2, I was really motivated to do it myself.  Why? Not to lose weight (though it’s certainly a great program for that). But I’m doing it to be in better overall shape, feel stronger (actually BE stronger), and have more energy and endurance throughout the day.

Fitness isn’t just about your physical appearance. Yes, there are some aesthetic results I’d like to see at the end of the 8 weeks: some muscle mass/definition on my scrawny little arms and legs, and my backside certainly hasn’t been the same since popping out kid #2! But what’s more important (obviously) is your health and overall well-being, which fitness contributes to. Nutrition is also a huge part of it, but that’s for another post on another day.

So back to this specific program, Rushfit. I love that I can do this at home, in my living room, while the kids sleep and the only equipment necessary is my body and occasionally a set of dumbbells. It doesn’t require a lot of time. Most workouts are about 30 mins long, give or take, and they include a warm-up and cool-down session each time. It really is perfect for a mom (being able to do this at home, in a short amount of time).

It’s working every…single…part…of my body. Each night a different part of my body is sore (in a good way). There are some things I’m really good at and other things I’m terrible at. There are a few things I can’t even ALMOST do, so I have to modify it just to be doing something instead of sitting around (planks or glute bridges are my go-to’s). But I’ve already seen improvement in just 2 weeks. My squats and lunges are deeper. I’m a little more flexible, and my balance is getting better.

Oddly enough, the fight conditioning workout is my favorite. Striking, kicking, level changes, sprawling, etc. I’m pretty quick with my movements and quick on my feet. Makes me want to delve more into the whole boxing/kickboxing thing after this is over (not in a real match with another person, mom, don’t worry, just with a heavy bag in our garage). Though if anyone wanted to mess with me or my family, it would be nice to be able to do some damage, just sayin.

My core strength is okay…and getting better. But those stinking pushups are killing me! My upper body needs a lot of work. I can do about two decent pushups, then I have to drop to my knees. I’d like to not be doing that by the end of this thing.

Another thing I really like about this program is that it’s difficult. It pushes you to your limits and challenges you. I like the mental toughness it builds. It’s almost comparable to childbirth (*almost* lol). You get to the point where you just want to give up and collapse. When you don’t think you’re capable of even one more push…up (see what I did there?) But powering through it when it’s the most difficult and the most painful, is when you get the best results.

This is not my New Years Resolution (though the timing might make it seem that way). And I’m sharing my experience with you all in case anyone is interested in trying it, or needs some motivation or encouragement to get into better shape.

We have “before” pictures and we plan to take “after” pictures too. I say “we” because Ivor is doing this with me (I probably wouldn’t be doing this at all without his support and participation). I don’t know if we’ll share those pictures publicly but we’ll be sure to report back on our results 🙂

I’ll check back in with another update in about 2 weeks.



*You might notice we skipped a cardio day and switched up our “rest” day the week of Christmas. But we’re back on track now!