“Ya Ya Elmo’s Wooooord!”

This post is all about my 20-month old, who’s going through a major developmental explosion right now. She’s learning and doing and saying so many new things, so fast, I don’t want to forget it. I’ve mentioned before that I treat this blog like my online baby book. I know far-away family members really appreciate it, so if you’re not family, this¬†might not be very interesting to you. Sorry ūüôā

Here we go!

The title of this post is what I hear every….single….day. Several times a day. The girl is obsessed with Elmo. I don’t even know how it happened. She saw him on TV once or twice. Then she started wearing a pair of hand-me-down Elmo PJ’s that had just started to fit her. She saw them one night, pointed and yelled “Elmoooooo!” and hasn’t looked back since. “Ya ya Elmo’s Word” is how she mispronounces the theme song to “Elmo’s World”. Ya = La.

She is a little foodie. Not just because she likes a variety of foods, but because she finds so much joy in it as well. I kid you not, the girl literally fist-pumps when she likes the food she’s eating. And it’s usually accompanied by an “Om-nom-nom”. I don’t know where she got that from…. ūüôā

First day of solids! She loved her homemade rice cereal ūüôā

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Can you even stand how little she was?? Ah! I need to move on before I start sobbing.

She counts. She recognizes numbers and can almost count to 10 perfectly. 6¬†and 7¬†trip her up sometimes and when she gets to 9, it sounds like 1, so she starts back at 2. But, close enough! One night Family Feud ¬†(I think) was on TV and there was a countdown at the bottom of the screen (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)…she looked and started counting down with them.¬†I sat there staring at her in awe/shock. “Ok, so you count now apparently. Um, What??”

She knows a few colors now too. “Wewwo” (yellow), “Boo” (blue), “Neen” (green), “Peenk” (pink), “Ren” (red), “Back” (black), etc. She’s a big fan of coloring, and prefers to color with a buddy.

She plays soccer in the house with daddy (yes…I know. I figure it takes¬†a lot of skill¬†to keep the ball on the ground and not break any¬†“obstacles”, so it will benefit her one day making her an awesome soccer player! This¬†is what I tell myself). Anyway, recently she’s been insisting that daddy wear a¬†silly monkey hat while playing soccer with her. Only he can wear it, not her. And yesterday she made me wear it, “wew it??” then said “Ball???”. So¬†according to her rules, when playing soccer with her, we must wear a silly monkey hat.

Speaking of soccer, she’s improved a lot with her dribbling. She takes her time, focuses, keeps her body square with the ball. And loves kicking the ball into the makeshift goal we set up for her. She yells “Goaaaaaal!!! Mice!!!” while clapping for herself in celebration. Mice = Nice.

Other things she says¬†throughout the day: “Oh no!” “Yes, okaaaay”. “Peas?” (please). “Atoo” (thank you). “Buh-bye!” She also says “eye-oo” (I love you) and “toooo” (I love you too).

Oh, and “poyee” for “potty”. I recently bought a little potty seat, step stool and an Elmo potty book just to start introducing the concept to her, with no intention of actually starting to train her. But she is very excited and enthusiastic about it lol. I don’t think she’s figured out that what you do in your diaper is what you should do in the potty, but she sure does like to sit on it. And she’s quite chatty while she’s at it. She sits there and goes through her entire vocabulary with us. Anyway…I’m not ready to train her yet. But at least once a day she’ll ask to go sit on the potty. And so, we do. But eventually we have to say¬†“crap or get off the pot”, lest she think the potty is just for fun ūüėČ

One random/insanely funny moment: At bedtime she kind of falls back as we gently lay her down in the crib. Well, one night I think she was SO tired, that she forgot no one was holding her and helping her¬†lay down. Because we¬†had already put her in the crib, and she stood back up. So¬†I told her it was bedtime and that she needed to go to sleep now. She then proceeded to fall back, trust-fall style, onto her crib mattress. Thank God her head didn’t hit the crib rails, but it was hilarious! I’ve never seen my husband laugh so hard in the 5+ years I’ve known him. And I almost peed my pants. Then after several minutes, I regained my composure and had to explain to her how dangerous that was and that she could’ve hit her head and gotten hurt and to never do that again. Unfortunately because of our reaction, she’s tried to do it a few more times, just to make us laugh. Sigh…. #parentingfail

As an aside, parenting brings a lot of tears. Sad/frustrated tears- because parenting is stinking hard, but also¬†happy/funny tears because toddlers¬†are¬†hilarious and amazing little beings. Like I mentioned above, some of the biggest laughs Ivor and I have shared together, have been over Gwen. Kids can be hard on a marriage, but they can also¬†bring you together. We’ve had many nights, after the kids are in bed, where we just sit there and recount all the things Gwen (and now little Ivor) did or said that day¬†and¬†we laugh.

There’s a¬†lot more I could write, but those are the current highlights. She is one feisty, passionate, sweet and¬†fierce little¬†girl.¬†She makes us laugh so much and keeps us on our toes. We love you, Gwen!


Did I mention she’s recently gotten into tumbling?