6 Month Update (Ivor Alan)

Little Ivor turned 6 months old on Tuesday. I know it’s stating the obvious, but that’s half a year. One more half and he’ll be ONE. I was looking through my phone last night at photos from when he was just a little newborn (and even my Gwen still looked like a baby then). I cannot believe how fast time goes. I knew it went by fast with Gwen, but someone told me once that it goes by even FASTER once you have more than 1 kid. Yep.

So here’s what he’s up to these days (besides being the most adorable, ridiculously good-looking baby boy in the world):

Still rolling around all over the place. He rolls over at night in his crib, but thankfully doesn’t freak out as much anymore and can fall back to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, things are looking up again. He rarely wakes during the night. But we’re still working on pushing his bedtime up earlier. My goal is to get him  on a 7pm to 7am sleep schedule like his sister. But right now it’s still about 9:30-10pm to 7am. Which is still a decent amount of sleep.  And he naps about twice a day.

He can sit up with support, but on his own he’ll topple over. Sometimes he faceplants. Poor guy.

Started solid foods this week. He’s not nearly as interested in it as Gwen was :-/ So far we’ve only tried rice cereal and bananas. He makes faces, spits it out at first, then eventually swallows a spoonful or two. It’s still early though and very new for him. The spoon itself confuses him.  He’ll get the hang of it eventually 🙂

He’s growing well at 27.5 inches long and almost 18lbs! He wears mostly 9 mos. clothing now.

He is still the most smiley and happy boy, even with strangers. I’ve said it before and it’s still true- he’s got a way with the ladies. He makes them all melt with that sparkle in his eye,  his smile and that dimple! If you’re lucky, he’ll even give you a cute little giggle or two. He tried it this morning with the nurse at his doctor’s appointment. He tried to distract her with cuteness and giggles so she wouldn’t poke him with a needle. He delayed her for a little while but still had to get the shots. Sorry buddy. He took it like a champ though.

He’s recently started touching my face a lot when I hold him. More reason to keep-up with clipping his fingernails. Sometimes it’s really sweet, other times he pinches and scratches. Ow.

That’s all I can think of for now. Happy 6 months bubba!