Stitch Fix #4

DSC_0701 copy

My 4th fix arrived today (I skipped a month in case you were wondering). I was a little nervous when I first peeked at what was coming (once your fix ships, you can click on the “checkout” link and see the list of what was sent. Then do a quick Google search of the description and you can almost always see pictures of the item from other people’s fixes). That said, 2 of them I couldn’t find via Google so I was legitimately surprised. And the others I didn’t really like when I saw the pictures online. However, now that I’ve tried them on in person, I am more pleased 🙂


Item #1: Bree Striped Split-Back Mixed-Material Sweater

DSC_0719 copy

DSC_0734 copy

This is my least favorite item in the box. I don’t like how loose it is. I may have to make a note to my stylist for the next fix to start sending me more fitted tops (which is what my style profile says anyway). I like it sometimes (like the previous striped shirt they sent me), but most of the time it just looks like fabric hanging on me, instead of fitting me properly. A little more fitted is more flattering for my body type I think. The 2nd picture is what the back looks like (I just held it up because I couldn’t get a decent picture while wearing it). It’s weird. And it just has that one piece of cream colored blousy fabric hanging there.  I don’t like it. And it’s kinda pricey.


Item #2: Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan

DSC_0722 copy DSC_0724 copy

This one surprised me. When I Googled it and saw it on other people I really didn’t like it. But I’ve changed my mind now that I’ve tried it on. The back is kind of fitted (which, as I’ve said, I really prefer). I like how there’s a different print on the inside. The fabric is soft and stretchy. And I like the navy/white color (can wear with my red pants! woo!) I’m thinking this is a keeper.


Item #3: Hanlee Airy Knit Raglan Sweater

DSC_0725 copy DSC_0726 copy

Another one I didn’t think I’d like. Even when I first tried it on. It’s shorter in the front which I didn’t think I’d like, but the more I look at the picture the more I don’t mind it. The color is very fall-like. It kind of reminds me of a gym class pinny. Not sure if that’s a deal breaker or not. It’s very soft. Would be great with a fall scarf. I’m on the fence with this one…


Item #4: Priya Plaid Print Mixed Material Top

DSC_0728 copy DSC_0730 copy

I like this one. It’s a “me” top. I like the plaid print. I like the 2 materials (the back is like a jersey knit, while the front is blousy). It’s comfortable. It fits. It’s a year-round wear (with a cardigan for fall/winter). Leaning towards keeping.


Item #5: Raina Dark Denim Jacket

DSC_0731 copy DSC_0733 copy

I wasn’t expecting this since I already received (and kept) a fall jacket in my last fix. But I did mention awhile ago that I’d love a dark denim jacket (and it was still on my Pinterest board). That said, I really like it. The cut, the fit, the color. I could be in trouble with this box. I think I could keep 4/5 items right now. But then it would be cheaper to buy all 5 because of the discount. But I really don’t like that first sweater. Gahh…not sure what to do.


Here’s the style card included:

DSC_0741 copy


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