5-Month Update (Ivor Alan)

I almost forgot to post this! We had a busy week with big Ivor home on vacation, and then we all got sick, which I mentioned in my vacation post. But I don’t want to forget to do this. On Sunday he turned 5-months old! Only 1 month away from solid foods. Which is 1 month away from being half a year old. Holy smokes, time flies.

Here’s what’s going on with my hunkamunkin:

*Rolling over (this started a few weeks ago, around 4.5 months-ish)

*Being totally inconsistent with his nighttime sleeping. His bedtime varies. His waking times vary. Every so often he will give me a full night of sleep. But then the next night, up at 2am again. *I* try to be consistent by doing a routine and attempting to put him down at the same time every night, but he doesn’t always cooperate.

*Semi-consistent naptimes. I can usually count on a good morning nap, an early afternoon nap (while Gwen is napping too, yay for mommy time!!!) and a short late afternoon/early evening nap.

*Wearing 6-9 mos. clothing

*Smiling and laughing a lot, especially at his sister. Gwen loves making him laugh. It makes her laugh to see him laugh. Then they just break out into a fit of giggles. At first I sat and watched in awe of my 2 precious kids playing with each other, now I use the opportunity take a bathroom break. Yes it’s adorable and I do enjoy watching them, but I am SO excited that they’re starting to keep each other occupied so I can have a break. Even just for 2 mins.

*He does get mad sometimes. And will scream in a very high pitched yell. And will scratch himself  (on his head and face) until I pick him up and calm him down. I don’t get the scratching thing. He does it when he’s sleepy too, but not hard enough to really make any marks thankfully. I think he does it then as more of a comfort thing.

*Speaking of sleepy time comforts, he has a “lovey” in his crib now and puts it over his face. Or if he’s napping downstairs and has any other blanket nearby, he will put it over his face. That’s something I do too actually…always need the covers up by my face to sleep.

*He’s very alert and curious, as he always has been. But especially  now that he has better head/neck control. He looks all around the room. Knows when someone has entered the room and looks at them and smiles. At bathtime (which he LOVES), he stares at himself in the mirror. Smiles when meeting new people.

Overall, he’s a very pleasant, happy baby boy. But he has his moments. Usually between dinner and bedtime. And when he’s mad, he’s MAD. I get frustrated when he toys with my sleeping patterns at night. But then he looks up at me with a milk-drunk smirk on his face and a sparkle in his eye and I just melt, smoosh his face and give him kisses and all is well. He is mama’s boy.

Happy 5 months little guy!