18-Month Update (Gwen)

Our Gwendolyn is a year and a half old now! She keeps us on our toes, keeps us entertained, and of course tests our patience on a daily basis. It’s a very challenging time, but it’s a lot of fun too. She’s learning so much every day. Using more words. But usually not pronouncing them correctly. She has something against the first letter of every word for some reason. She just leaves it off most of the time. Except for “more”…she says “mo” …and it’s adorable. But if you happen to hear her repeating “ass” over and over again…please know that she is not referring to her behind, or insulting you. It’s just how she pronounces any word with an “s” sound in it (pacifier, house, mouse, horse, etc.) We’re working on that.

She loves her little brother a lot. When he cries, she says “uh oh!” and goes over to him to cover him with a blanket, or try to put his pacifier (“ass”) in his mouth. She gives him kisses unprompted and says “hey lil guy!” She also tries to make him laugh by tickling him (like she sees me do). But she also pours water on him sometimes and let’s him know who’s boss (she’ll jabber with attitude while pointing her finger at him). He just smiles at her.

She’s recently learned how to climb furniture. So we’ve had to toddler-proof yet again. She’s all over the place.

She’s at the top of the growth chart for her age. She must get that from Ivor’s side of the family. Since I’m the tallest female in my family (and I’m 5’4…heh)

She still eats everything. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t wake up one of these days and decide she doesn’t want to eat anything anymore. I was reading somewhere that a lot of babies/kids need to be exposed to a new food 15-20 times before they’ll eat it. Gwen eats it the first time. We are so lucky! Here’s hoping little Ivor is the same way.

Happy 18-months little girl 🙂 We love you and your spunky personality so much!

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