Playground Newbie

Staying home is easy. I like it. No rushing around to look  presentable and get somewhere on time. I can stay in my pajamas. Be productive (sometimes) with chores, etc. Not worry about schedules and fitting in whatever “out of the house” activity we’re doing around said schedule. But then after awhile I feel like a bad mom for keeping the kids inside all day. Especially  now that Gwen is super mobile, with lots of energy. She needs to run, explore and socialize with other kids. So, I’m making an effort to put on my real clothes and get out of the house more often (and not just to go to the grocery store). But actually attend the playgroups I get invited to that I’ve been avoiding for so long. In my defense,  Gwen’s naptime was always during these playgroups. And then I had another baby. And well, I haven’t felt like doing a whole lot because I’m exhausted most of the time. But today, we went to a playground. With other moms and kids. I RSVP’d “maybe”, allowing myself the opportunity to back out, but I actually showed up. Progress!

Here is what I learned:

1. It’s stinking hot. Where is the cool Fall weather, California????? What gives. I miss PA during this time. You’re not helping me get out of the house with this heat….

2. Always remember to bring sunscreen for your extremely fair-skinned child.

3. Gwen is more interested in the wood chips, bark and dirt than the actual playground equipment.

4. She loves to walk right in front of, or behind, moving swings. But refuses to get in one.

5. She occasionally seems interested in the other kids, but is totally content wandering around and exploring on her own.

6. She likes to snoop in other people’s diaper bags and play with other kid’s toys without asking (we’re working on the whole possession thing, “this is yours, that’s his, you need to ask to use something if it belongs to someone else, etc.”…but she is only 18 months old.

7. Wearing a baby in an Ergo while chasing a toddler around the playground, in this HEAT, will cause major boob sweat. And stomach sweat. All around sweat.

8. It is a little difficult to have conversations with the other moms while trying to keep an eye on your toddler, while she’s running behind/in front of swings, eating wood chips, snooping in other people’s bags, etc.

BUT, I’m glad we did it. And we’ll do it again. Gwen had so much fun, and she was pooped by the time we got home so she took a fantastic nap! That alone is reason enough to do it, right?

And she’s just so darn cute. I love watching her explore and check things out 🙂