Stitch Fix #2

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, you can check out my brief explanation from my first review, or explore their website for more information.

I received my 2nd box this afternoon and I’m excited to share it with you! I was just as giddy when I opened this box as I was the first time. This box in particular though featured several items I would’ve never picked out for myself. Which is part of the reason I’m doing this whole thing to begin with. I need to dress like a grown-up, and that involves stepping out of my comfort zone with clothes.

So without further ado, box #2!

DSC_0012 copy



DSC_0020 copy DSC_0021 copy

Ok, first of all. I LOVE this outfit, in theory. I asked for bold colored skinny jeans, and bold colored skinny jeans is exactly what I got! Fire engine red? Um, hello. That’s bold (and way out of my fashion comfort zone, which I’m totally okay with). And  I love the  red pants paired with a black/white top. It’s edgy and I like it. However, these pants are SKIN tight. And I just don’t feel comfortable in them for that reason. I know skinny jeans are meant to be fitted and all, but the stretchy fabric made these more like jeggings. The size was right (fit around the hips well, and the length was perfect), but I don’t like feeling like my pants are painted on. So they’re getting returned 🙁 I will not give up hope on the bold colored skinny jean though. I know the right pair is out there somewhere. As far as the shirt goes, I wanted to like it. The print is really cool, I love the black and white, and it’s a little more fancy than the tops I’m used to wearing (it’s a blouse as opposed to a tank or tee). However, the fit was just weird on me. The front is shorter than the back, which isn’t terrible normally, but this was TOO short in the front for my liking, and it felt like it was just floating off of my body in the front…just hanging there, which I don’t find flattering on me. So, probably returning this one.



DSC_0025 copy

DSC_0026 copy

Meh. I like it, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I’ve seen pictures of this same shirt on other women and it looks better on them. It was just kind of baggy on me and the fabric didn’t feel great, kinda scratchy-like. And I’m up in the air about those studs. Overall though, it’s not really me. Returning.



DSC_0028 copy

DSC_0029 copy

WINNER! I love this. It’s a “tank” so of course I love it, it’s right in my comfort zone. The colors are great (white, gray and coral). I love the detailed coral embroidery. The fabric is light and stretchy. The hemline is fun and interesting. And I love the racerback (which is not pictured, because I’m not that coordinated). Bonus: it was the cheapest item in the box. KEEPER.



DSC_0031 copy

DSC_0032 copy

So,  I’m “on the fence” with this one. I may have let my husband get into my head a bit. When I told him I was getting a denim jacket he made several comments about the 80’s lol. Though plenty of 80’s fashions are coming back into style 😛 I just don’t know.  I’m not sure how often I’d really wear it. I’m not sure I HAVE to have it. It’s cute, it fits. But I  just don’t know. Which likely means it will get returned. Because of how pricey many of the items can be, I really need to LOVE it in order to keep it. And I need to feel confident that I’ll wear it a lot. I can’t really say that about the denim jacket. Now, maybe if it were black…hmmmm.

Well, there you have it! I think we’re getting closer to figuring out my new grown-up mom-style. In my feedback I’m going to ask for another attempt at the bold-colored skinny jean. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm!

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