16 month update (Gwen)

I don’t give very many official updates on Gwen anymore but every once in awhile I just have to write down the things she does. Because she’s awesome. And I want to remember it.

Shoulder shrugging. Recent development. Sometimes it’s a double shoulder shrug, conveying something like “whatever…it’s cool…nbd mom”. Other times it’s a single shoulder shrug, shoulder touching her chin, with a sneaky smile like, “yeah…I’m cute…and I’m going to get away with whatever I just did that you may or may not know about.”

Being in the water. She’s always loved bath time, but swimming in pools and rivers is not quite the same thing. I was nervous about how she’d like it, but she loves it.! After being in the River for awhile last week she decided she had no fear, and actually tried swimming away from me! What?! No. Not yet grasshopper.

Kissing her brother unprompted and going over to him whenever he’s crying. She won’t say “baby” or even attempt to say “Ivor”….instead she calls him “Da-Da”. Not to be confused “DAA–EEEYYY” (which is “daddy”, she just doesn’t pronounce the 2nd d sound).

The facial expressions. A new one every day. Lord help me when she starts talking in real words and sentences. The girl has things on her mind and opinions to express!

Sitting in her chair and crossing her feet while she “reads” to herself. Books are her favorite.

Running. She gets her little arms going, leans forward ever so slightly and it’s the cutest sight ever. Until she crashes into you and her very hard head hits your shin, because she doesn’t have enough control to stop herself in time. Ow.

She’s growing up and developing a little personality that challenges and inspires me. She is fierce. She is passionate. She is full of life and energy. She is my Gwendolyn and I love her so!