Stitch Fix #1

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix before, I’ll explain what it is and why I’m trying it out. Then I’ll tell you all about my first impression of my first fix!

Stitch Fix is like having your own personal stylist. Well, it’s not “like” having your own personal stylist, you really do get one. You sign up online and fill out a style profile. You can even give them a link to a Pinterest board if you’ve created one for outfits you like (which I have), so the stylist assigned to you can get a visual of what you like to wear. You can leave notes like “I hate floral patterns, I only want tops, don’t send me pants, I need a date night dress, etc.”. The stylist picks out 5 items especially for you and it gets sent directly to your house (free shipping). You try them on in the privacy of your home, pay only for what you keep, return the rest, also free of charge (they send you a pre-paid return envelope and you just drop it off at nearest USPS drop off location within 3 days). Easy peasy.

So why am I doing this? Well, I heard about Stitch Fix over a year ago and while I thought it was a really cool idea, I had been talking myself out of it because of how pricey the individual items can be (note: they do try to work within your budget, but let’s be honest, when you shop mostly at Target for clothes, you’re going to have a bit of sticker shock when you get your first fix). But ultimately I decided to do it because you’re not only paying for an article of clothing, you’re paying for the convenience of having a personal stylist (who does fashion for a living) pick out clothes for you and send them directly to your home. As a new mom of 2 very small children, this is SUPER appealing. The thought of taking Gwen and Ivor shopping with me right now gives me anxiety. Secondly, I really need a more grown up wardrobe, with quality pieces that won’t fall apart. Most of the clothes in my current wardrobe are from the juniors department at Target or Kohls. And they have holes in them or buttons missing, etc. I’m almost 30, with 2 kids. It’s time for a better wardrobe that looks my age. And I want clothing that will last and that I’ll get a lot of use out of. But I would have no idea where to start if I tried to do this myself (even though I’ve watched every episode of “What Not To Wear”, I’m no style expert). So that’s where the professional Stitch Fix stylist comes in. In my style profile I mentioned that I wanted a more sophisticated mom wardrobe, and I have to say, she really nailed it. She gets me. I think we could be friends.

Which brings me to the first fix that arrived today!


When I first took the items out of the box I got a little giddy (it was like Christmas!)


Then I saw that little note from my stylist about why she chose each item for me- how cool is that?


Without even trying anything on I was so happy! I love all of those colors and prints, and the fabrics are so soft. I was not expecting to like everything in the first fix, but just based on a first glance at that neatly folded pile of clothes, I thought I might keep everything.  But not everything fit (and honestly I can’t afford to keep everything so it was probably for the best lol).

So, quick run down of what I got: the top item is a tank top which you’ll see pictured below (this is the item I kept). Second, is a white cardigan. Third, a blue and white striped maxi skirt. Fourth, green ankle-length skinny jeans. And fifth, those super cute earrings.

This top, I love everything about:



The picture doesn’t really do it justice. I love the colors, the pattern, the fit and the fabric. It’s sooo comfortable and fits perfectly. Definite keeper. The stylist includes this little card to give you ideas on how to “wear” each item (things to pair it with). Here are the recommendations for this top:


Regarding the other items that I’m returning: the white cardigan was okay, I just wasn’t crazy about the way it draped on me…didn’t seem super flattering. But the fabric felt great and had really cool hidden pockets. The maxi skirt I REALLY liked but it was a tad too long. And the skinny jeans were too big and were mid-rise, which don’t seem to work for me. The earrings I love, but I decided that I already have quite a bit of jewelry and don’t really need more right now. So I’m going to tell my awesome stylist Melody, to hold off on sending any jewelry unless I specifically ask for it. I did ask for another pair of bold colored skinny jeans for my next fix cause I’ve always wanted a pair- was bummed that they didn’t work out this time.

So overall, I’m really impressed. I got an awesome top that will get a lot of use and didn’t cost that much money after all (one of the cheaper items in the box).

If you want to find out more information or try it out for yourself, use my referral link and I’ll get a $25 credit towards my next fix 🙂