After watching this video at MOPS last week and hearing her mention how easy it can be to edit and polish our online lives for others to see (on facebook, blogs, etc.), I was inspired to make sure I keep my posts balanced, writing about some of the messy, hard stuff- not just the happy highlights all the time. I’ve tried to do that before but I don’t know that I’m always successful. Yes we’ve been blessed with 2 babies in 2 years, but we’ve also experienced loss. Sure, we live in beautiful California and my husband works at Google, but if you saw our bills and how much housing costs, you’d realize that we’re in no way wealthy or well-off (not in the earthly sense anyway). With the good, happy moments, there are always struggles too. A messy house with dirty kitchen floors (seriously, it’s disgusting what I sweep up everyday….and let’s be honest, I don’t sweep everyday).  Cat vomit upstairs on the floor. And toddler vomit in the middle of the night.

Yes, last night was our first experience with toddler vomit. Real vomit. Not spit-up. I was brushing my teeth before bed and thought I heard Gwen in the monitor but couldn’t quite make out what I was hearing. When I went in to check on her, she was awake sitting up in her bed. Strange, but not the first time that’s happened. Upon closer examination though, I saw that there was a pile of vomit in front of her that looked quite a bit like her dinner and smelled…..foul….just foul (I think I can still smell it in the air this morning). Cue mommy freak out/gag reflex. Ivor ran into the room and we got her and everything all cleaned up. Threw everything in the washer, put new sheets on her mattress, new PJs on her. Took her temperature- no fever. And she wasn’t at all upset or concerned. In fact, she was super happy to see us and thought it was playtime since we were all in her room. Like vomiting in her crib was no big deal. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out what caused it. Since she didn’t appear to be ill, the only thing I could think of was just that she ate something that didn’t agree with her. Maybe the combination of food she had all day didn’t sit well in her tummy. Maybe I gave her something that was spoiled, though I’m  pretty careful about that. Still, the thought crossed my mind. And she didn’t try any new foods recently so I don’t think it was a reaction to anything. Either way, it was my fault 🙁 Since I’m in charge of feeding her. Something I gave her made her vomit in her crib. #momfail

Anyway- that happened. Vomit happens. And since this was Gwen’s first time, it’s considered a milestone right? Thus, making it onto the blog 🙂

But to leave you with something not so gross, here’s a little video I took before the vomit incident, of a very active little boy in my belly.