9 Month Update

Gwendolyn is 9 months old today! We had her 9-month check up a few days ago and I was so happy to hear how much she’s grown. She’s still on the smaller side of the growth chart but she has made so much progress since her 6-month check up when we were having weight/milk supply issues. To recap quickly: I got pregnant and my milk supply tanked. Gwen wasn’t gaining weight (even lost some!) so we decided to supplement with formula. I was hoping to get back to exclusive breastfeeding eventually once my milk supply got back up, but once I found out I was pregnant I had to stop taking Fenugreek (one of the main things I was using to help my supply). Fenugreek is a no-no during pregnancy. Gwen was less and less interested in nursing and was doing really well on formula. Also, my OB discouraged breastfeeding while pregnant (even though I read that it should be perfectly safe). I probably would’ve fought harder to keep doing it if it had still been going well. But since she was doing well on formula, my supply was still low, and she didn’t seem interested anymore, I slowly weaned her off. She’s 17 pounds (32nd percentile) and 27.5 inches long (50th percentile) now. Much better than being off the chart completely (in weight). Way to go baby girl!

I was telling her pediatrician how amazed I’ve been at how much happens developmentally between 6 and 9 months. She’s doing so much now I can hardly keep up! She crawls all over the place like a pro. But she’d much rather stand. She pulls herself up on everything she possibly can and even walks along while holding onto things. She has no fear. Occasionally she thinks she can stand or walk without holding onto something and will just let go! Cue mommy heart attack. She got her first boo-boo while attempting to pull herself up on something. She tripped over something on the floor and face planted into our DVD case, catching her eye on the shelf. She had just a little mark on corner of her eyelid but I thought she’d wake up the next morning looking like Rocky Balboa, with a big puffy black and blue eye, and everyone would see her and judge me for being a horrible parent. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought (I tend to assume the worst). She’s a tough cookie.

She also talks up a storm. Yells and growls. She can make “maaaa” sounds and “daaaa” sounds, but won’t repeat it when we ask her to or say “mama” or “dada” when we ask her to. She mostly says “ba ba ba ba ba ba” over and over. She occasionally has tantrums that include shaking her little fists at us. Yep. Can’t wait til she’s a toddler……

She’s our sweet little fireball and we love her so much!

gwen 9 months


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