Our Cup Has Overflowed

There’s a poem I heard (or read maybe) with this line that has always stuck with me- “I’m drinking from my saucer, cause my cup has overflowed”. The general idea is that the writer has been blessed beyond what he deserves. His cup has overflowed with blessings, so he’s drinking from his saucer. Well friends, the Griffiths family cup is overflowing! We are expecting another little blessing in early June and we are so excited and happy!

Now let me back track and tell you the story of how this came to be. Not the pregnancy…we obviously know how that came to be lol. But my current excitement/attitude about the pregnancy. Because I have to admit, it was not my first reaction.

Yes, we wanted kids close in age. But, we really didn’t expect them to be THIS close (about 14 months). We realize that it’s becoming a bit of a trend to have kids later in life, and that’s fine. But we decided that we wanted to go through the baby and toddler years while we’re still relatively young. So that’s why we didn’t really take many precautions to space them out or anything. My cycle returned after 3 months of giving birth so we knew we’d have to at least start… paying attention to things if I didn’t want to get pregnant again RIGHT away. But my cycle was pretty irregular. AND I was exclusively breastfeeding at the time, which should’ve made it difficult to get pregnant (we knew it was still possible, but we thought, “what are the odds??”).

Well, on October 4th while driving home from MOPS, I started to notice something. I had been unusually emotional that week. I’d cry at the drop of a dime. Get easily irritated and upset, and oh yeah …I was late. But I didn’t think much of that since I was so irregular anyway. So I told Ivor, who was working at the time, “….I think I should take a pregnancy test”. He thought I was crazy but said to go ahead. So I immediately packed Gwen up and we went to the grocery store, bought the test, came home, took the test, totally expecting it to be negative, and…..


Um, what?? Cue nervous hysterical laughter and then…sobbing. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. I called Ivor who knew I was pregnant as soon as he saw me calling. I’m not sure I even got the words out. I remember walking over to Gwen, still crying and saying to her “how am I going to handle 2 of you??”

Two under two. Yep. The thought terrified me. For 2 days was having an emotional breakdown. I felt guilty for my reaction. My poor little baby is growing inside me and here I am dreading his/her birth and how it’s going to affect my life (only thinking of the negative of course). I needed prayer and I asked for it. And thankfully God changed my attitude quickly!

After the 2-day initial reaction, I started focusing on the positive. Gwen has brought so much joy to our lives. Having a baby has increased and deepened the love for my husband and taught me so much. So adding to our family will only increase it even more. Double blessings! And again, this is my child we’re talking about. A new life. A miracle. How could I not be thrilled about that?? And there are a lot of advantages to having them so close together (cons too of course, but there are pros and cons to every possible scenario of child spacing right?).

Yes, it’s going to be chaos for awhile. Yes, it’s going to be hard. But ya know what? THIS:

And please don’t tell me “well, God knew you could handle this so that’s why he’s giving you this challenge”. If you know me, you know I HATE that unbiblical, misinterpretation of scripture. I absolutely canNOT handle what is ahead of me. And that’s the point. It will show me my need and dependence for God. Yes, I will survive. But only by God’s strength, not my own.

So without further ado, here are some first pictures of Baby Griffiths #2:

From today’s ultrasound (about 12 weeks pregnant, profile):



Amazing how much you can see in these things (even if they do look a little…creepy)

We can’t wait to find out if Gwen will be having a little brother or sister but, alas, we must wait until January!

Stay tuned to find out with us 🙂


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