8 Month Update

Miss Gwendolyn Jane is 8 month old today! She is quite the handful and keeps us on our toes. She is full of energy, loud, smiley and passionate as ever. She rarely sits still and is constantly looking around for something to play with (get into). Her favorites- my cell phone, laptop and the remote(s). Oh, and Milton’s tail (our poor cat who has no idea what he’s in for in the coming years lol). She loves to jump, pull mommy’s hair, pinch faces, pull ears, etc. She’s crawling now, attempting to climb on things, pulling herself up to standing but is still quite wobbly. No teeth yet. Still loves food and has figured out what our signs mean- we do some sign language with her during meal time (“more” and “all gone”). I know some others but always forget to use them. But she definitely figured out what “all gone” means. Whenever she finishes a bottle she immediately puts her hand in her mouth. So when I’m feeding her a solid meal and we’re all finished, I give her the sign for “all gone!”, and she immediately puts her hand in her mouth lol. Sleeping…..sigh. Not sure why but recently she started giving us a hard time going to sleep. She used to be great. We’d do our bedtime routine, lay her down (awake) and she’d just fall asleep on her own. Now….not so much. She’s clearly tired, but as soon as we lay her down and start walking away, she screams. The only thing we’ve found to work so far is music. Hearing music (something upbeat oddly enough) will calm her down and it usually takes about 3 plays before she’ll fall asleep.

I think that just about covers it for now. We’re looking forward to our her 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. There will be many pictures 🙂

8 months

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