Cloth Diapering Update

I think it’s time for another post about cloth diapering and how it’s working for us. We’ve entered a new phase, what with solid foods and all. Solids…change things. With the risk of giving TMI, ah whatever…you chose to read a post about diapering so you should expect poop talk. If not, you’re welcome to leave at any time ūüôā

For those of you still with me, solid foods obviously change the consistency of the poo. So sometimes the poo is solid enough that I can just plop it in the toilet, ya know…where everyone else’s waste goes. It just seem right. Natural. Then we wash the diapers like we usually do. For the poos that aren’t quite solid enough, we’ve considered getting a diaper sprayer. However, we’ve been managing without it successfully so far. If there’s A LOT of poo, I’ll grab a tissue or piece of toilet paper and remove the majority of it and flush it. This seems to be just fine. The washing machine does just as good a job cleaning them as they did before. No stains, no odors.

We did encounter some leaking issues in the past month or so. Especially overnight. She would soak right through the diaper and her pj’s. So first I tried double-stuffing (putting a 2nd insert in). Didn’t work. Then I tried the stripping thing. I used these instructions.¬†I definitely saw a small difference during the daytime, but it still didn’t quite work for overnight. So I did some more research and heard that hemp inserts are a great solution for overnight heavy wetters. We bought these.¬†¬†And so far, they are working great!! The nights we’ve used them, no leaks. Last night I forgot to use one, leak. So that indicates to me that the hemp inserts are working. Horray!

She’s also getting bigger so we’ve adjusted the size of the diaper and put in the larger inserts to replace the newborn size. This has seemed to help too. The larger inserts snap adjust so right now part of it is folded over, sort of doubling the¬†absorbency. You can sort of see what I mean in the picture here.¬†The larger inserts of course make the diaper more bulky, but I think it’s adorable. And her clothes still fit over them so it’s really not an issue.

All of that said, I recently found out about an infant potty training class at a local baby boutique. INFANT potty training, people. I am all over that. I’m not sure if there’s another class open in 2013, but I’ll definitely be checking it out as soon as there is one. I’ll be sure to post about it.

In the meantime, check out this new print from bumgenius!! I may have to pick this one up….



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